Title: Don't Want You Back
Author: Shin Kaze Kin'youbi
Song by: Backstreet Boys
Pairings: None with this one
Warnings: None with this one
Notes: I don't own Gundam Wing or Backstreet Boys. It would
nice if I owned either one of these. I would have lots of money and
have the guy of my dreams. But that's another story. ^_^ This is
Heero and Duo's parity of the song "Don't Want You Back" by the
Backstreet Boys. If you don't catch it in the song, they are singing
to Relena and Hilde. I know I know, it might be more obvious that
Heero's singing to Relena but not that Duo's singing to Hilde, I
couldn't come up with good enough lyrics to change it a lot, so I
only changed it a little and this is the finished product.


Don't, don't want you back

You hit me faster than a bullet
You saw me in my Gundam's back alright!
And you were more than just a vice foreign minister
But how you fooled me, I'm not amazed, babe
But I should have know that I would be
Another victim of you sensuality
But now we're done and over with

Don't, don't want you back

*Don't want you back
Cuz you're no good for me I know,
That's all I say, don't want you back
Here's my honesty,
You gotta go
I, I don't want you back.

You started going out with so called friends,
But I was blind and so I lost all common sense
But there were things that made realize
Like all the hundred, no, thousand guys


Heero and Duo:
Baby, don't bother telling me your reasons why
Just let us sing this story
`Bout you and I

**Don't want you back, that's all I know
All I can say
Don't want you back, you know you gotta go


I, I don't want you back