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Reality Bytes: 10.0
by Sheira


Heero tensed slightly as the shuttle neared the
colony. Duo leaned over in his seat and squeezed his
hand slightly.
“It’ll be okay, Heero.” Duo murmured and Heero nodded
fractionally. He heard Wufei and Meiran bickering
behind him and he turned around to look at the two.
“What’s your problem?” Heero asked frowning.
“Her!” Heero, to his credit, remained expressionless
at the two speaking in sync and he turned back to Duo.
The American grinned and winked at Heero.
“Must be love…” Duo said in a sing-song voice.
“Shut up!” Wufei and Meiran said in sync and Duo
grinned wildly.
“Duo, stop goading them.” Trowa interupted. “We’re
almost home, can’t you three stop fighting for a
little while longer. When we’re off the shuttle,
/then/ you can fight to your heart’s content.”
“Spoilsport.” Duo wrinkled his nose at Trowa and the
taller boy shurged unpreterbed.
“At least he’s not as hyper as before.” Meiran
murmured to Wufei.
“That’s because he’s got Yuy to distract him.” Wufei
muttered sourly as he looked out the window. He was
dreading returned to L2, because once there, he and
Meiran would perform the ceramony that would tie their
clans. And then…then Meiran would have no need to
associate with him, because then she wouldn’t be
obligated to marry him. The thought of losing Meiran
scared Wufei a lot more then he was willing to admit.
“Meiran, should we inform our clans of our plan for
the mutual adoption when we get back to L2?” Wufei
asked softly in Chinese, not wanting the others to
eavesdrop on their conversation.
“I don’t know.” Meiran said also speaking in Chinses,
a delicate frown on her face. “I kind of want to tell
them in person you know.”
“Yes, it can wait until this term is over with. We’ll
go back to L5 together and we can perform the ceramony
there.” Wufei said, an odd lump in his throat. “Until
then, since the whole matter of this ridiculous
‘courtship’ is over with. We can go about our own
business, right?” Meiran’s eyes flashed angrily and
she stood up abruptly.
“Yes.” Anger and ice threaded through Meiran’s tone as
she pushed her way past Wufei. “I wouldn’t want to
encrouch upon your lifestyle anymore then I have.
Excuse me, I must use the ladies room.” Meiran told
the others as stalked down the aisle.
“You hurt her feelings.” Heero observed quietly. “You
insulted her by calling your courtship ‘ridiculous’.”
Duo looked over at Wufei with disbelieving eyes.
“You didn’t say that to Mei-chan!?” Duo demanded
scowling, then the realization that Heero understood
what Wufei had said struck him. “Where’s you learn to
speak Chinese!?!?”
“I picked it up.” Heero said softly. “Wufei, you have
to apologize to her, hurt feelings will only cause you
both pain later on.”
“It doesn’t matter, Yuy.” Wufei whispered. “No matter
what I do, I’ve lost her. Come the end of the term,
there won’t even be an official reason for Meiran to
see me, let alone talk to me. And when we get back to
L2, she and I are free to persue whomever we wish, I’d
rather he be happy with someone she actually likes.”
Wufei’s ebony eyes were ancient and filled with deep
sorrow and regret, along with a soft wistfulness
rarely seen in the Chinese boy’s eyes.
“Oh, Wu.” Duo breathed, finally understanding what
letting Meiran go was costing Wufei.
“You have to tell her.” Heero said firmly.
“No, out of the question.” Wufei scowled. “I won’t
have her feeling guilty or thinking about me when
she’s with some other guy, I’d rather she didn’t know
how I truly felt.”
“You’re a fool.” Heero said softly, his eyes tiger
“That I am Yuy, that I am.”


When they departed the shuttle, Wufei made no move to
follow Meiran as she hurriedly gathered her luggage
and walked out of the shuttleport.
“What’s the matter with Meiran?” Quatre asked confused
as Wufei walked ahead of the others.
“She and Wufei got in a fight.” Duo said frowning at
Wufei. “He’s under the impression that now that he and
Meiran no longer have to marry, she won’t want to be
around him.” Duo said as he angrily picked up his
suitcase. “So now he’s trying to ‘free’ her, in a
twisted and convulted sort of way.”
“I see.” Quatre said as he watched Wufei walk away.
“He’s got it all wrong.”
“Yeah well, what can I say? He’s an idiot.” Before Duo
could continue, he saw Father Maxwell make his way
through the crowd of people.
“Duo!” He called and Duo waved to him even as he
sighed in dispointment. There went whatever private
time he had with Heero before they had to go home.
“Hey.” Father Maxwell walked over to Duo and nodded to
Heero as he took Duo’s bags.
“You ready to go?” Father Maxwell smiled over at
Heero. “Hello, Heero. I had no idea you were going
with Duo and his friends.” Father Maxwell said, a
confused question in his eyes.
“Yes, I met up with them by chance on L4. After that I
simply hung out with them.”
“Ah, I see. God must have been smiling down on you, to
think you’d meet Duo and his friends on that one
colony at the one time.” Father Maxwell laughed.
“That’s quiet a coinciecance huh?”
“Yes, sir.” Heero said softly, not meeting Father
Maxwell’s eyes.
“You’re embarrasing him!” Duo growled as he tugged on
Father Maxwell’s arm.
“Oh, sorry Heero, I didn’t mean to.” Father Maxwell
scratched his head self-conciously and looked down at
Duo. “So are you ready to go?”
“Actually, I kinda wanted to hang out with Quatre and
the others a little longer.” Duo looked pleadingly at
Father Maxwell.
“Duo, you’ve got school tomorrow.”
“Please….” Duo gave Father Maxwell his best puppy dog
look and the priest sighed.
“How will you get home?”
“I can give him a ride home.” Heero interjected. “It’s
on my way home.” Duo looked over at Heero and his
blue-violet eyes twinkled.
“See? Heero’s offering to give me a ride and
everything.” Duo pleaded.
“Alright, alright.” Father Maxwell sighed. “I guess
you’re old enough to see that you get home at a decent
time, and I do mean /decent/ Duo. No later then ten
o’clock, you /do/ have school in the morning.”
“Yes, sir!” Duo cried grinning hugely as he
impulsively hugged Father Maxwell. The taller man
smiled and hugged Duo back briefly. Duo grabbed his
bags from Father Maxwell’s hands and turned to Heero.
“Come on, let’s catch up with the others.” Duo waved
to Father Maxwell and Heero bowed his head before
running after the American boy.
“Duo! Matte!!” Heero cried as Duo raced to catch up
with Quatre and the others. Father Maxwell shook his
head and smiled indulgently.
“That boy, I swear.”


“Quatre!” Duo yelled as he came barreling up to the
blond outside of the shuttleport. The Arabian boy
looked at Duo in surprise.
“I thought you’re adoptive father picked you up.”
Quatre murmured; a puzzled look on his face.
“He did, but I convined him to let me hang out with
you guys before going back home.” Duo grinned over at
Heero as the Japanese boy came to a stop next to him.
“I think this is one of the few private times Heero
and I are going to have for a while.”
“Ahh, I see.” Quatre said nodding his head sagely.
“Trowa and I might be able to give you some pointers
on how to steal moments.”
“Ohhh, please do!” Duo said, his eyes alite with
hopefulness and Quatre couldn’t help but smile.
“Well let’s all go back to Trowa’s and my dorm and we
can discuss it in privacy.”
“Count me out, please.” Wufei interupted. “I don’t
feel much like socializing tonight, sorry.” Everyone
stared at the Chinese boy as he shouldered his bag and
hailed a taxi.
“Another thing we need to discuss ne?” Heero asked
softly as the Chinese boy climbed into the taxi.
“Yeah, definitely.” Duo said frowing slightly as they
walked through the shuttleport parking lot.
“Come, we’ll talk back at the dorm.” Quatre said as
Trowa pulled the door of a dark car open.
He smiled brightly at his silent lover and climbed
into the car.
“We’ll meet you at the dorm.” Heero said as he grabbed
Duo’s arm and led him through the parking lot to his
own car.
“Yeah we’ll see you there!” Quatre shouted out the
window as Trowa drove off. Heero opened the door and
placed his and Duo’s luggage in the trunk.
“Ready?” Heero asked as he slide into the driver’s
“You bet!” Duo said hoping into the passenger’s seat
and he buckled his seatbelt. Heero smirked slightly
and fastened his own. He turned the key in the
ignition and the car came to life with a rumbling pur.

“Let’s go.” Heero put his car into first and took off
in his usual break-neck pace.
“I’m surprised you’ve survived, driving like this!!”
Duo shouted while laughing maniacally. The rest of
the….short…trip back to Quatre and Trowa’s dorm was
relatively quiet and the two boys made their way up
the stairs to Quatre and Trowa’s dorm room in silence.
Heero knocked on the door and Quatre opened it
“Come on in, you just barely missed us.”
“Sorry, we actually got lost.” Duo admited ducking his
“Yeah, because someone told me to take the B terminal
instead of C.” Heero said sardonically.
“Well it’s a good thing we did, otherwise with you’re
driving we would have gotten here before them.” Duo
said with a good-natured grin and Heero rolled his
eyes. “So it all worked out alright in the end, ne?”
Duo said winking and Quatre nodded. He motioned for
the two boys to come in and shut the door behind them.
Duo and Heero sat down next to each other on one bed
while Trowa and Quatre took the other.
“Well now the first thing you have to remember is that
most people won’t be to cool with your relationship.”
Quatre cautioned.
“Yes, even in this day and age, people are biased
against anything that goes against their sense of
normalcy.” Trowa said softly. “Some will even hate you
for daring to love another male.” Duo frowned and
clutched Heero’s hand.
“Hey, don’t let that get you down, there’s always a
measure of risk in every relationship!” Quatre said
smiling slightly. “Just be careful with who you let in
on the true nature of your relationship okay?
Obviously Trowa, Wufei, Meiran and I are cool with it
but there are others who won’t be, that’s all I’m
“It’s stupid, why should we have to hide how we feel
at all? Why do people have to be so stupid and
narrowed minded?” Duo grumbled and Heero wrapped an
arm around his waist.
“Because people are stupid and narrow-minded.” Heero
reminded him and Trowa chuckled.
“True. Duo, just consider it a safety precaution,
imgaine how your adoptive father would feel if he
found out about Heero and you.” Duo’s eyes widened and
he looked at Heero with panicked eyes.
“He’d….I don’t know what he’d do. He might even hate
me for it because it goes against the Christian
religion.” Duo looked so afraid at the concept, Heero
hugged him to his side and stroked his arm soothingly.
“Then we won’t let him find out.” Heero said
confidently and Duo nodded his head slowly.
“But…Quatre, how can we spend any time together if we
have to keep our relationship hidden? Heero and I
don’t share a dorm room, at least you and Trowa have
your room to retreat to.”
“Well that’s the tricky part, you have to make the
time. Last year, we didn’t have the same room so we
had to find the time and the place. A good excuse to
be together, is studying together. Especially if one
of you has a lot of privacy at your house, as in, no
one bothers you when you’re in your room. Another good
way to snatch time together is by hanging out with
your friends who do know about you. Another option is
to lie about where you’re going…”
“No.” Duo and Heero said together and Quatre grinned.
“Well, don’t lie, say you’re coming over to Trowa and
I’s dorm and do come over, for a few minutes, then go
off on your own. It’s…creative storytelling.” Quatre
said with an innocent and angelic look on his face.
“Also, you two might want to scout out a place where
you know you’re going to be alone and you can meet
there every now and then. But that can get kind of
dangerous because there’s always the chance someone
could stumble across you.” Quatre blushed slightly.
“That almost happened to Trowa and I last year.” The
green-eyed boy nodded, his cheeks a bit tinged with
color and Quatre laughed. “I’ve never been so scared
in all my life, I swear my heart nearly jumped out of
my chest.” Duo grinned and nodded his head.
“I can imagine.” After that, the talk slowly started
to center around everyday talk and the four boys
ordered pizza for dinner. Heero and Duo had taken up
space on the floor and Duo was giggling as he fed
Heero a slice of pizza, he missed a lot of times and
flecks of pizza sauce covered Heero’s face. The
Japanese boy was taking this treatment with his usual
sotic attitude but amused tolerance shown brightly in
his cobalt gaze as he looked at Duo. Someone knocked
on the door and Duo missed again. Heero grabbed a
napkin and Duo moved from his place in Heero’s lap. He
grinned cat-like and finished off Heero’s piece of
pizza neatly as Trowa stood up and opened the door.
“Meiran.” Trowa nodded his head in greetings and
opened the door wider for the Chinese girl to walk in.
“I was wondering if Chang was here.” Meiran said as
she looked around.
“Mei-chan!” Duo cried gleefully. “Pull up a spot of
carpet and have some pizza.”
“Thank you for the offer, Duo. But I really do need to
find Chang, he wasn’t in his dorm and I was wondering
if he was here. I guess he’s not.” Meiran frowned
slightly in annoyance.
“Try the garage.” Duo suggested as he grabbed another
piec eof pizza. “He’s probably working on his car, he
does that when he’s upset.” Heero elbowed the
loud-mouthed American in the side none-too-gently and
Duo scowled at him.
“The garage? I’ll try that, thank you.” Meiran said.
“Are you sure you don’t want any pizza?” Quatre asked.
“Maybe you can take a slice to Wufei as well? Knowing
him, he probably skipped dinner completely.
“Well….” A tiny smile flitted across Trowa’s lips has
he handed Meiran a paper plate stacked with a few
slices of pizza.
“No buts.” Trowa said firmly. “Make sure Wufei eats
something okay?”
“Okay.” Meiran nodded and accecpted the pizza. “I’ll
see you guys later.” Meiran called as Trowa shut the
door behind her. Meiran tossed her long hair over her
shoulder and walked down the stairs of the dorm until
she reached the outside. It was a little hard to
manuver the doors with her hands loaded with pizza but
she managed and walked down the sidewalk to the school
garage. Meiran noted that there was one light shining
inside the garage and she switched the plate of pizza
to one hand and tired the door, it was unlocked so she
walked in without knocking. A rock band played on the
radio and Meiran saw Wufei’s bright red car positioned
on some blocks. She saw two feet sticking out form
beneath the car and smiled as she walked over.
“Chang.” She said softly as she turned the radio off.
Wufei sat up abruptly and hit his head on the
undercarridge. He climbed out from under the car
scowling and cursing softly.
“Dammit woman! You startled me.”
“Well sorry!” Meiran shot back, “It’s sad you’r
instincts are so bad you couldn’t even hear me walk
“Hey!” Wufei scowled and Meiran grinned cheekily at
“Here, a peace-offering.” Meiran said holding out the
plate of pizza. Wufei’s dark eyes lit appreciatively
and he happily accepted the pizza. Meiran snagged a
piece and sat down on the fender of Wufei’s car. “So
what are you doing out here so late?”
“Working.” Wufei said around a bite of pizza and
Meiran looked at him sceptically.
“Like you’re precious car needs any work? I find that
hard to believe Chang, you treat this like your baby.”
Meiran stroked the shiny red finish of of the car and
Wufei shrugged.
“I was adjusting somethings on it I’d been meaning to
do for a while. I couldn’t have Nataku throwing a belt
or worse because I didn’t adjust the timing right.”
“Nataku?” Meiran asked, her dark eyes wide with
surprise and Wufei flushed slightly.
“Yeah, I named it Nataku, it’s a strong name, a good
one. A warrior’s name.” Meiran felt like she was oddly
being complimented and she looked at Wufei
“You always called me Nataku when we were children,
you still do sometimes….” Meiran said softly.
“Yeah.” Wufei said, his voice noncommental. “The name
suited the car, I guess it reminds me of you.”
“Oh.” Meiran said softly. “I’m honored you think so
high of me Chang.” Wufei nodded his head but still
refused to meet her eyes. “Well, I should be going off
to bed. I’ll see you around.” Meiran left the garage
without a second glance and Wufei stared after her,
pain and longing apprarent in his eyes. If only he
could get up the nerve to tell his precious Nataku how
he truly felt…


Heero and Duo waved goodbye to Trowa and Quatre as
they walked down the hallways of the dorm. It was
around eight-thirty and Duo didn’t have to be home for
another hour and a half and Heero was glad for the
time alone he had with Duo.
“So what do you want to do?” Heero asked Duo as they
walked to his car.
“Dunno, maybe go some place and hang out?”
“Aa.” Heero said as he unlocked the car. He climbed
into the driver’s seat. “I think I know of a good
place.” Heero said as Duo buckled his seatbelt.
“Yes, it’s at the far end of Doctor J’s estate, an old
pond that no one goes to anymore. It’s one of the few
places on the ground with little lighting and no
security cameras.”
“Cool.” Duo said smiling as he grabbed Heero’s hand.
“Let’s go.” Heero looked over at him and the tips of
his mouth turned up in the beginnings of a smile.
“Aa.” Heero said as he started the car. Duo let go of
the Japanese boy’s hand so he oculd shift gears and
Heero pulled out onto the main street. The short hair
boy drove to the far edge of Doctor J’s estate and
pulled the car over into a small drive hidden from the
main road. He parked the car and turned to Duo. “We’ll
have to jump a small fence to get to the pond..” Heero
informed Duo who nodded his head and climbed out. The
American looked around at the small grove of trees
they stood in slightly awed. He’d grown up in the
heart of the colony, the slums, and they’d been lucky
to see one scrawny tree. But to see a grove of them
was almost like seeing the famed Central Park of old
back on Earth. Heero tugged on the end of Duo’s braid
and he looked over at the Japanese boy. “Ready to go?”
Heero asked and Duo nodded; grabbing Heero’s hand. The
two boys walked through the small grove of trees
silently, their bodies occasionally brushing together.
When they reached the short fence, Heero boosted Duo
over it and leapt over hismself smoothly. The clearing
they were in was ill lite with only one safety light
far away. The artificial stars overhead didn’t really
cast any light and the small mood hadn’t risen yet.
The whole place kid of unerved Duo so he stood close
to Heero. The Japanese boy grasped Duo’s braid in on
hand and Duo’s hand in the other.
“Where are we going now?” Duo asked whispering.
“To a small gazebo. It’s kind of run down but it’s
standing.” Heero said as he led Duo to the small
structure made of wood.
“So you mean no one comes here?” Duo asked looking
“No one, the security dogs rarely even come here. And
even if they did, they wouldn’t give us any trouble.
They’re familier with me.”
“Yeah but what about /me/. I’m sure they’d love to
make a nice little snack out of me.” Heero chuckled
and brushed the back of his hand across Duo’s cheek.
“I won’t let them hurt you, I promise.” Duo smiled
slightly, the cornor of his mouth turning up as a
tender look crossed his face. Heero sat down on a
bench and pulled Duo into his arms. The Japanese boy
wrapped his arms around Duo’s body and laid his head
against Duo’s shoulder. With a happy sigh, Duo leaned
back into Heero’s embrace and the two just sat there
for a while lost in their own thoughts.
“Hey, Heero…do you think we can do this?”
“Do what?” Heero asked softly.
“Make this relationship work. I’ll be honest with you,
I’ve never been in a serious one and it doesn’t sound
like have either.”
“If we can’t make it work, so be it. But I’d rather
give it a try instead of quiting without at least
giving it a try.”
“What’s on your mind Duo?” Heero asked, a concerned
look on his face.
“I was just wondering how we’re going to keep this a
secret from everyone else. I mean, what about your
friends? The love to torture me at school, how are you
going to react to that?”
“That’s simple, I won’t let them do that anymore.”
“It’s not that simple, Heero. If you defend me they
might turn on you.” Heero shruged.
“Let them, they’re not my real friends anyway. I’m
really considering just telling them off and hanging
out with you and the others. In one week, you guys
have proven to be better friends then they have in one
lifetime.” Duo looked over at Heero, his blue-violet
eyes bright with pain.
“I’m so sorry Heero.”
“For what?” Heero asked confused.
“For your life, you’ve missed out on so many things.
Friendship, love, a familiy…all the things most of us
take for granted and you’ve never even had them.”
“Duo, it’s okay.” Heero tightened his grip on Duo.
“I’ve got you now and I’ve got a new group of true
friedns. As for familiy, there’s more to familiy then
blood, it’s the bonds we all share that makes a
family. So in essence, you, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei,
Meiran, you’re all becoming a family of sorts to me.”
“I shudder at the thought.” Duo said with a dramtic
shudder and Heero looked at Duo not understanding. “If
we were related, I couldn’t do this to you.” Duo said
grinning as he kissed Heero in a distincly
/un-brotherly/ fashion. Heero smirked at Duo when they
broke away.
“Yes, I guess that wouldn’t be kosher would it.” Heero
said, amusement in his eyes.
“Yeah, nor would half the ideas that go through my
head when I’m near you.” Duo admitted, a slight blush.
“Only half?” Heero asked with a sardonic look on his
face as he bent to nuzzle Duo’s throat.
“Okay, maybe more then half.” Duo admitted
breathlessly as he Heero nuzzled his throat.
“That’s more like it.”


Heero glanced over at Duo as he drove down the
American’s street. He pulled over in front of the
church where Duo lived and grasped his hand.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Heero promised as he squeezed
Duo’s hand. “I’d give you a kiss goodnight, but I
don’t think you’re parent’s would like that.”
“Heero!” Duo cried embarrased. “I’d think not.” He
hissed and Heero smirked at him. “Goodnight, baka.”
Duo said rolling his eyes as heclimbed out of the car.
“Night.” Heero said as he unlocked the trunk for Duo.
“You got everything alright?”
“Yeah, see ya tomorrow at school, Heero!” Duo said as
he waved to Heero. He walked up the path to the door
and knocked on it. Sister Helen opened it nearly
immediately and hugged him.
“I missed you.” Sister Helen said as she released Duo.
She glanced over at Heero and waved to him. The
Japanese boy waved back and pulled away from the curb.
Duo watched him drive away and turned back to Sister
Helen with a manic grin.
“So wat’s for dinner?” Duo asked as he walked into the
brightly lit church. Sister Helen chuckled and shut
the door behind Duo. Heero drove past the house one
last time, his gaze wistful when he saw the warm and
brightly lit church shining almost like a beacon of
light in the darkness. The Japanese boy looked one
last time and drove away, heading back to his own dark
and cold home.


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