Warnings: A.N.G.S.T Allusions to torture/beatings. Pretty much, Duo finds out how bad Hee-chan's home life is. Does anyone else wanna hunt Doctor J down and rip him apart slowly? Along with that bastard guy that beats Hee-chan? Hmmm what else...OH! A challange to all artists out there. I challange you to do a pic of all of charas in the bathingsuits I described. I'd do it myself but I'm a terrible artists :::sweats::: All artwork will be grounds for glomps, chocolate, pocky, smooches and chibis












12 Apr 2000















Reality Bytes 9.0 by Sheira









The week passed by swiftly for Duo, too quickly. And as the last day before they left approached, Duo found himself falling into an irregular fit of depression. He was going to miss this place. He’d never been in a place that grew on him so quickly and he attributed that to the people, some of his closest friends and of course there was Heero. Maybe that was why Duo loved this place so much, because of the memories he had, memories of himself and Heero. Duo sighed and looked broodily out his window.




"Duo, are you ready to go?" Heero called from the otherside of the door.




"Yeah." Duo ran to his bathroom and grabed the huge beach towel Quatre had given him last night. He gave his reflection in the mirror a fleeting glance. His long chestnut colored hair was pulled back in its usual braid and Duo had to admit with a small amount of vanity that the black swim-trunks he was wearing went very well with his pale skin and blue-violet eyes. Now if only Heero would notice.....

"Duo." A small amount of annoyance colored Heero’s voice and Duo grinned as he bounced over to the door and opened it abruptly. His jaw dropped. What was any self respecting boy supposed to do when he opened his door and found a small crowd of gorgeous people waiting for him. Trowa was wearing dark green trunks with a lighter green tank that matched his eyes. While Quatre just had on a pair or aquamarine/white colored swimtrunks and a towel around his neck. Meiran stood towards the back wearing a simple white bikini that accentuated her slender and long limbed body. Wufei also wore white swimtrunks and a black muscle shirt. But the one who had Duo’s mouth drying up was Heero. The Japanese boy was wearing a pair of blue swimtrunks that rivaled his eyes for intensity. Duo’s hands itched to run across that perfect body and find out if Heero’s skin was as soft as it looked. Although he wasn’t tall, Heero’s frame was compact and completely toned1. At least the part that Duo could see thanks to the tight tee shirt Heero wore.

"I’m ready!" Duo said regaining his composure. He grinned at everyone and they all walked down stairs and piled into a large vehicle.

"So what exactly do you do at the beach aside from swimming, Quatre?" Duo asked.

"Well, you can sunbathe, play volleyball. There are usually some beach trollers and skaters too.

"Cool, sounds like fun."

"I think I’ll stick to sunbathing." Meiran annouced as she looked down at the boys. "There’s no way you are going to get me in the water with you pack of gorillas." Duo made monkey noises and Meiran lightly smacked him on the arm for his sarcasm. Duo smirked over at Heero.

"Ne, you wanna go swimming Heero?" Duo asked. Heero’s eyes clouded over a bit and he shrugged.

"I’ll try it." The rest of the trip to the beach was in silence. The beach wasn’t really a beach at all. It was a fairly large salt-water lake with a sandy bottom. Duo was the first out of the car and he ran to the water’s edge. He giggled as the waves crashed around his ankles.

"This is so cool!" Duo cried to the others. Heero set his and Duo’s towel out and sat down on his as he watched the American play in the water. Meiran and Wufei set their towels out a ways down from him and Quatre and Trowa hung out on the tailgate of the vehicle. "Heero come swim!" Duo cried and Heero shook his head.

"Maybe later." Heero laid back and winced slightly as he felt the barely healed wounds on his back strain.

"Heero, are you okay?" Trowa asked. "That’s a nasty bruise you have on your arm." Heero looked down at the bruise that was visible because his shirt had riden up.

"Yeah I’m fine, just had a bit of a spill." Trowa looked at him unconvinced but he left it at that. If Heero didn’t want to talk about it, he wouldn’t push the Japanese boy. He knew how it felt when people dug out the skeletons in your closet.

"Come on, Trowa, let’s go swim." Quatre said smiling as he dragged his lover away. Heero sighed and covered his eyes with his arm. He heard Duo laugh and he sat upright when Meiran screamed. Heero bit back a cry of pain and he saw Wufei bodily carry Meiran into the ocean.

"CHANG!!!!!" Meiran screamed and Wufei grinned like a madman as he dunked Meiran. "CHANG WUFEI!!! YOU’RE A DEAD MAN!!!" Wufei laughed and took off running down the beach with Meiran close on his heels screeching things at him in Chinese.

"Aren’t they cute?" Duo asked laughing as he plopped down next to Heero. Heero smiled slightly and nodded his head.

"Yes they are. It’s difficult to see the flirting beneath all their fighting."

"It’s how they flirt. Some people are like that." Duo said as he toweled off. He grinned widely over at Heero. "Would you put some sunlotion on my back?" He asked innocently and Heero swallowed.

"Evil." Heero muttered as he took the sunlotion Duo offered to him. "On your stomach." Duo did as ordered and Heero squirted some of the coconut scented stuff in his hand. "And you like this stuff?" Heero asked wrinkling his nose. He gently applied the sunlotion as ordered and made certain to massage it in well. Duo sighed and closed his eyes in enjoyment as Heero’s hands progressed lower down his back. He shifted a bit uncomfortably and he noticed Heero’s smirking face.

"Jerk." Duo muttered good naturedly as he closed his eyes and willed his body to behave.

"Heh, serves you right." Heero muttered as he closed cap of the sunlotion. Duo smiled and lay in silence for a while.

"Ne, Heero, come swim with me." Duo looked at Heero pleadingly and Heero sighed.


"Come on man, this is probably going to be the only time I’ll ever get to swim with you. You can’t pass up on a chance like this." Duo sat up and started to rub some sunlotion on his arms, chest and legs.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because there’s no way we can continue on like this once we get back to L2." Duo said, his eyes grim. "I don’t even wanna think about what would happen if our parents or the school ever found out about us." Heero sat up and faced Duo."Is there an ‘us’?" Heero asked softly and Duo smiled softly.

"Yes, if you want there to be." Duo lifted a coconut scented hand to Heero’s face and lovingly stroked his face.

"I do." Heero nodded firmly and he stood up. "Come on, let’s swim."

"Aren’t you going to put some sunlotion on? Your shirt is going to get soaked if you swim in it."

"It’ll dry." Heero said in monotone. "And I don’t need sunlotion, I don’t plan on swimming for that long." Heero explained ‘Correction, I don’t think I can /handle/ swimming for that long. Not with all that salt-water.’ Heero through grimly as he walked with Duo into the ocean. He stopped when the water was up to his waist. Each time a wave lapped against his back, a wave of searing pain shot through him.

"Hey Heero, catch me if you can!" Duo shouted as he dived under the water. Heero looked around and he saw a chestnut braid snake past him a moment before a strong pair of hands grabbed his claves and pulled him under. Heero cried out underwater as the salt water touched his entire back. When he surfaced, his face was a study of agony and he turned away from the shore so no one looking on could see his face. But Duo did see his tortured expression and he was immediately at his side.

"Heero, are you okay??" Duo asked laying a hand at the small of Heero’s back; causing the Japanese boy to wince and clentch his teeth in pain.

"I’m fine." Heero ground out but Duo looked at him with narrowed eyes. The American lifted the edge of Heero’s tee shirt and peered at the skin of his back critically. It was covered with criss-crossed scars and half-healed, red welts and cuts.

"I had no idea it was this bad Heero." Duo whispered, his eyes darkening with rage. Duo was surprised that he was shaking slightly as he tried to restrain himself. He grabbed a hold of Heero’s arm and led him back to the shore. "Quatre!" Duo called, his voice almost devoid of emotion. "Heero’s not feeling too good I’m going to take him back to the house."

"Heero are you okay?" Quatre asked concerned. "Should we all go?"

"No, it’s okay Quatre." Heero said softly. "I’ll be alright, I’m just not feeling too hot. You guys enjoy yourselves okay?" Quatre frowned but Duo nodded slightly

"I’ll take good care of him, don’t worry." Trowa nodded and tugged on Quatre’s arm.

"Okay, but have the cook make you something to eat okay Heero?"

"Hai, I will." Heero whispered as Duo gathered up their towels. Duo led Heero to the road and he hailed a taxi. He helped Heero into the car and gave the driver the address. After that, Duo put up the privacy window and helped Heero out of his tee-shirt.

"It’ll hurt less one we get you out of this salty tee-shirt." Duo whispered as he gently drapped Heero’s towel over his shoulders so as to cover the wounds.

"Actually, the wounds have now just kinda gone numb." Heero whispered as he sat up straight, not sitting back in the seat. "Listen Duo..."

"Later." Duo said with barely restrained violence in his voice. "We will talk, but later. After I finish doctoring your wounds and maybe after I calm down a little." The taxi stopped outside of Quatre’s summer house and Duo paid the taxi. Duo picked up his towel and led Heero through the door.

"Master Maxwell, Master Yuy, what are you doing back so early? Was there an accident?" Quatre’s manservant, and all around helper, Rashid asked concerned.

"Yeah, Heero’s not feeling too well, Rashid. Could you have the cook mix up something for him"

"Certainly." Rashid said nodding, as he eyed Heero narrowly. "Shall I have her make up a compress? Master Yuy seems to be moving stiffly. There’s an old poultice that will numb and heal wounds. I can have some made for you."

"That’d be great Rashid. Thanks a bundle." Duo smiled at the huge man gratefully.

"Not a problem." Rashid bowed slightly and walked towards the back of the house where the kitchen was. Duo led Heero up to his room and instructed the Japanese boy to lay on his bed. Heero closed his eyes, feeling oddly shamed as Duo looked him over critically. He then heard the American shuffle through the bathroom and heard water being poured into something. A few moments later, Heero felt Duo’s weight settle onto the bed next to him.

"This might hurt a little." Duo murmured as he dipped a washcloth in the basin of water he’d laid on Heero’s bedside table. "Normally I wouldn’t bother, salt water supposedly helps wounds heal, but who knows what else was in that water." Duo explained as he gently wiped at the welts and cuts on Heero’s back. The edges of a few of the cuts were already red and Duo feared that infection had set in.

The American performed his job with an almost clinical detatchment. He calmly noted that all the scars were clustered to the small and middle of Heero’s back. The places not likely to be seen unless Heero took his shirt off. He also noted the large and fading bruises on Heero’s arms and shoulders. His hands started to tremble again and Duo set the washcloth in the water and took a few moments to compose himself. Rashid knocked softly and let himself in without awaiting permision to enter. Heero struggled to cover his back and he whimpered when the movement strained the skin.

"Lay back, Master Yuy." Rashid said, his voice grave as he surveyed Heero’s back and Heero closed his eyes, an embarrased blush burning his cheeks. Rashid handed Duo a small bowl filled with sharp smelling crushed herbs ground into a paste. "Spread this over the wounds, it will numb the pain and help the wounds to heal faster." Rashid caught Duo’s eye and nodded to the door, indicating he wanted to speak with Duo outside. He also handed Duo a small packed and a glass of water. On the packet was a short message. ‘To help him sleep’ Duo nodded.

"Thank you Rashid." Duo said subdued as he spread the poultice across Heero’s wounds. He then emptied the packet into the water and handed it to Heero. "Here drink this, it’ll help you sleep."Heero glared at him rebellious and Duo glared right back. "Would you rather spend the next four hours in complete agony or sit through me bandaging your wounds?" Heero glared but swallowed the water.

"Don...Don’ let Rash’d tel Qua’re about this." Heero slurred out as the drug took affect.

"I won’t." Duo promised as he bandaged Heero’s wounds as gently as he could and put a clean button down shirt on him. After he was finished cleaning up his mess, Duo walked out of the room and found Rashid leaning against the wall.

"Is he resting?"

"Yes, how long will that knock him out for?"

"For a normal person? Three hours, but I’d venture no more then an hour and a half for Master Yuy." Rashid motioned for Duo to follow him and the two walked down the hallway. "It’s as I thought." Rashid said after a time. "Master Yuy has the look of a trapped and goaded wild animal sometimes. I’ve seen the same look in many a man’s eyes and nearly all carried scars of their own." Rashid clentched his hands into fists. "It’s the same look I’ve seen in Master Barton’s eyes." Rashid admited. "When he’s ready to talk, I’d suggest you talk to Master Barton, I imagine he could help Master Yuy as much if not more then you. If only for the simple fact that I’m willing to bet they’ve had similar experiances."

"I understand Rashid." Duo said in a deadly quiet voice.

"Yes I imagine you do." Rashid admitted. "You keep the animal within you well-chained and hidden, but that wildness is still there all the same."

"All men carry scars Rashid." Duo pointed out.

"True, but all of you are too young to have seen the dark side of life at such a tender age."

"To quote a wise man, Rashid. ‘Shit happens’." Duo said bluntly as he shrugged. "I’ll take care of Heero and I’ll do my damndest to protect him from that bastard."

"Yes, I imagine you will." Rashid agreed as they walked into the kitchen. It was empty so Rashid went to the counter and poured by he and Duo a cup of coffee. "Can I suggest you take this time to get rid of your anger while Master Yuy is asleep. It will do neither of you good when to talk to him later."

"Hai." Duo agreed, his hands tightening around his mug. "I’ll do that. Thanks for the poultice Rashid. Could I convince you to teach that too me?"

"Certainly, maybe pounding herbs will help to exude some of that anger?" Rashid asked with an ironic tilt of his head and Duo grinned ferally.

"Oh yeah, combine that with some visionary techniques and you’ve got one great stress reliever." Rashid chuckled, convinced that Duo was calming down enough to deal with his anger as he went to fetch the necessary herbs.

When Heero woke up, he was surprised that his back wasn’t on fire still.

"Here." Duo said softly as he held out a cup of coffee for Heero. "It should be safe for you to sit up." Heero nodded and sat up slowly, still afraid of straining his wounds but he felt barely even a twinge.

"Arigatou." Heero murmured as he took a sip of his coffee. He eyed Duo over the rim of his mug warily, as if trying to gauge his mood. The American had pulled a chair up to his bedside and he sat there, looking calm and almost relaxed. But Heero wasn’t fooled by the wild glitter in Duo’s eyes or the tightness around his mouth that spoke of restrained agitation. Heero sat against the headboard and set his mug aside. "You want to talk?"

"Yeah." Duo said nodding. "Just one question before we got started. How did you manage to hide this all week long? That’s been bothering me for over an hour." Heero looked down.

"Mostly I don’t let the pain show but sometimes when it’s bad, I’ll use a numbing cream like that poultice Rashid made. I ran out the day before yesterday and have just kind of suffered silently I guess you would say."

"Why the hell would you get into salt-water even though you knew it would hurt."

"I didn’t expect to get dragged under and like I said Duo, I can ignore a lot of pain." Duo sighed and hung his head.

"Tell that to my guilty conscience." Duo said dryly as he moved and sat next to Heero. "So, do you want to tell me what happened? And for how long this has gone on?"

"Why did this instance happen?" Heero asked softly. "Doctor J, he wanted me to spend Spring Break with Relena." Heero grimaced slightly. "Well I wanted to meet you so I told him I was going here instead. He didn’t like that and he had me ‘disiplined’ as he puts it. He never beats me himself, he has others do it. Right now he’s got this hulking gorillia with a sadistic streak in him to do his dirty work." Heero’s hands clentched into fists. "I hate him. He always taunts me even while beating me and that’s what really angers me. He calls me things like ‘My pretty’ or ‘Girly Boy’, just stuff like that to screw around with my head." Duo covered Heero’s hand with his own and the Japanese boy looked at him with grim eyes. "As for how long this has gone on? That one is easy, ever since I came into Doctor J’s possession when I was a kid. When I was younger, I was too terrified of him to tell anyone and by the time I’d grown up enough to outgrown that fear, it was too late. He already had legal guardianship over me. For a while, I rebelled against him and that’s when he hired this guy. He likes to use both his fists and a whip."

"Heero some of those scars are years old."

"Yeah, I rebelled when I was ten."

"You’ve been whipped like this since you were ten?" Duo exclaimed, shocked.

"Hai, but I’m not always whipped, just the times when I really anger Doctor J. Usually for minor infractions I just get worked over pretty roughly. But like last month, when I forgot to tell Doctor J where I was going, he had me whipped then and then last week since I openly rebelled against him he had me whipped."

"That’s evil." Duo said softly, hatred thick in his voice.

"Yes it is, but I’m almost out of there. Just a few more months till I graduate. Then I’ll have enough money in my account to get me through school and I’ll be living in a dorm. I’ll be out of his reach then."

"A few months is a long time away, Heero!" Duo protested. "You said you had money, why don’t you move out now and then go to school."

"I don’t have that much money Duo, not for the schools around here. Besides, I’m still underage. He can put a freeze on my bank account this minute and I wouldn’t be able to touch it."

"You’re smart, you can get a scholarship."

"No I can’t. He’s got too much influence with the colleges."

"Dammit this sucks!" Duo snarled, his hands clenching.

"Yes it does, but I’ll be fine, Duo." Heero said trying to reassure the other boy. "I’ll just have to be careful and not anger him is all. I’ll turn eighteen next month and maybe by then I’ll have enough money to forward my plans and move out then." Duo bit his lip and leaned his head against Heero’s shoulder.

"I don’t want to see you go back there at all." Duo whispered. "Hell you could stay with us if you needed a place to go. Heero chuckled a bit and looked at Duo.

"No I don’t think you and I living under a church roof together would be the best of ideas. I definitely don’t think your adoptive father would agree with our relationship."

"Oh shit Heero, what about us?" Duo said sitting bolt upright. "Should we not even see each other? I don’t want to get you into trouble and I’d hate to think about what that bastard would do to you if he found out about us." Heero shook his head and pulled Duo up against his side.

"No." Heero whispered as he kissed Duo lightly. "I’ve let him rule me my entire life and I’ve gone without so many things because of him. True friends who understood me, happiness....but I don’t let him get between you and me, Duo. I won’t." Heero’s eyes glittered and Duo understood what Rashid meant about seeing the wildness of an animal in Heero’s eyes just then.

"Okay." Duo whispered as he wrapped an arm about Heero’s waist. "I won’t let him get between us either." Duo suddenly slid down the bed and pulled Heero close to him. The Japanese boy lay on his stomach and threw a leg over Duo’s as he laid his head on Duo’s chest. Heero curled his arm across Duo’s chest and the American ran his fingers through Heero’s silky hair gently. "We’ll get through this Heero." Duo murmured and Heero nodded, closing his eyes. The two boys laid there in silence, each lost in their own thoughts as they lent comfort to each other.

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