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11 Apr 2000








Reality Bytes 8.0 by Sheira



Heero sighed as he pulled along by Duo, not that he really minded of course. He actually kind of liked having Duo’s hand in his own all afternoon long.

"Quatre!!" Duo called happily as he waved enthusiastically at the blond boy.

"Duo!" Quatre shouted as he motioned for Duo and Heero to join him in a little boxed off area. Duo looked around and saw that Wufei and Meiran were already seated. "So now that everyone is here. How was your day?"

"How could I enjoy it with that male?" Meiran asked

"How could I enjoy it with that female?" Wufei asked at the same time. The two glared at each other and Quatre scratched the back of his head.

"Bakas." Heero muttered. "Minna-tachi no baka." Duo snickered and patted Heero’s shoulder.

"What did you say Yuy?" Wufei demanded.

"Males!" Meiran scowled and Heero looked at her calmly.

"Oi, everyone let's just chill okay?" Duo asked, trying desperately to keep the peace.

"Yes let's." Quatre said standing between Heero and Wufei. "So Duo, Heero how was your day?" Duo grinned hugely and glanced over at Heero.

"I now absolutely /love/ roller coasters and I got Heero here to thank for that." Duo laid his hand on Heero’s shoulder and Iria looked at the Japanese boy curious.

"How did you get Duo over his fear of rollar coasters?" Heero blushed slighty and thanked the darkness and his dark skin.

"Ano...." Heero looked down at his feet uncomfortably. "I just distracted him and took his mind off of his fears." Heero searched desperately around for something to draw the attention away from him. "Trowa, where did you get the stuffed lion?"

"Quatre. He wouldn’t let me take one of the real ones home." Amusement shown in Trowa’s usually blank emerald eyes. Quatre smiled and patted the stuffed lion on the head.

"And I don’t have to fight for Trowa’s attention with this lion." Trowa smiled and cuddled his lion closer. Everyone laughed at the exasperated look on Quatre’s face. "You can take the boy out of the circus, but you can’t take the circus out of the boy." Quatre said in resignation.

"Circus?" Duo asked intrigued. "You’re from a circus Trowa?" Trowa nodded slightly. "That’s so cool! So what are you doing in L2? Aren’t you from like L3?"

"Yes, I’m here on a gymnastics scholarship. Next year I’ll go to St. Jude’s."

"That’s really impressive Trowa." Heero murmured. "Wufei, Meiran. You’re both from L5 right? So why come to L2?"

"Our families wanted us to experience more than our own culture. So we could be wise leaders of our clans." Wufei explained.

"Than and our constant fighting was driving them up the walls." Meiran piped in smiling.

"Mei-chan! You smiled!!" Duo cried and Meiran frowned at him. Duo sighed. "Sheesh. Tough crowd."

"Very." Heero murmured to Duo as they say down.

"Quatre, what about you? I’ve been dying to know why the heir to the Winner family would be on such a rinkydink

colony.""My father, he thinks kind of like how Wufei and Meiran’s parent’s think. He wanted me to see all aspects of life; not just the rich and affluent parts of the world. And Duo, that colony isn’t as poor as you think."

"Wanna bet." Duo muttered, but only Heero heard him. Heero stood up.

"Quatre, would it be okay if I watched the holographic show somewhere away from all these people? Not you guys, just this crowd." Heero motioned to the large chattering crowd around them.

"Sure Heero, will you meet us after the show?"

"Better idea. How about I go with Heero then we can all meet back at your house and play some more." Duo said standing up. Wufei studied them with interest and Trowa cocked a curious eyebrow, but he remained silent.

"Of course, that’s an even better idea. Heero, how long are you here for?" Quatre asked politely.

"As long as I want, just so long as I’m back in time for school on Monday morning." Heero said softly.

"Well I’m assuming you’ve got a place to stay?"

"Yeah, I’m booked into a hotel nearby."

"Well you’re certainately welcome to stay at our summer house. It’s where we’re all staying and there’s plenty of room. Besides, it’d save on room and board." Quatre smiled sunnily over at Heero.

"........I’ll think about it." Heero said after a long pause. He nodded to everyone and he and Duo left the small

box."Very, very interesting." Quatre murmured softly.

"Quatre dear, I know what you’re planning." Iria whispered warningly at her younger brother as she stood up. "I’m really not feeling too well, I think I rode too many rides." Iria kissed Quatre on the cheek. "I think I’ll catch a taxi home and go lay in bed." Iria smiled lovingly at her brother. "Behave yourself and all of you come see me at my apartment sometime okay?" Iria smiled and shook Wufei’s hand and gave Meiran a gentle hug, much to her surprise. The Iria turned to Trowa and hugged him tightly. "It’s like having another little brother to look after." Iria whispered in Trowa’s ear. "But I want you to look after my little brother when I can’t, Trowa." Trowa nodded.

"I will." Iria smiled and patted his cheek.

"I knew I liked you." Iria smiled at everyone and walked back towards the enterance of the front gates.

"Look Chang!" Meiran whispered excitedly as the show began. "You can’t see everything from here." Meiran frowned like a disgrunted kitten and grabbed Wufei’s hand. "Come on, let’s go find a better place to watch. See ya Quatre!" Wufei looked over his shoulder confused as Meiran drug him away.

"Woman! Unhand me this instant!"

"Hmm we’re all alone." Trowa noted and he snuggled Quatre closer to him.

"What a shame." Quatre said without a stich of guilt in his voice as he beamed up at his lover. Trowa smiled and kissed Quatre sweetly. Then the two turned back to the holographic show and watched entranced as animals and and all the colors of the rainbow seemed to dance across the sky.

"Oh no." Quatre muttered as a lion pranced proudly across the sky; Trowa was completely enthralled. "Tossed over for an over-grown housecat again!" Quatre groused.

Duo and Heero wandered through the crowd effortlessly until they reached a small hill and climbed it. Heero sat under a tree and Duo sat next to him just as the holographic show began. The two boys watched the show in silence and a slightly chilly wind blew across their skin; Duo shivered and scooted over close to Heero. The Japanese boy smiled and wrapped an arm around Duo’s waist and pulled him to his side.

"I’ll keep you warm." Heero whispered as he turned back to the show. But he really wasn’t watching it; he spent half his time glancing furtively at Duo. Although there is so much Heero wanted to say to the American, he couldn’t find it in his heart to interupt the boy when he seemed to be having so much fun. Once the show was over, Heero stood up and held out his hand for Duo. "Let’s take a short walk." Heero offered as Duo climbed to his feet. The American could sense Heero’s agitation but he didn’t want to push the boy into saying something. He’d just have to wait and see what Heero had to say.

"Now why did you drag me all the way out here?" Wufei asked testily. "And I know it isn’t because you wanted to watch the holographic show." Meiran sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

"No reason, just thought Trowa and Quatre would like some time alone."

"They’ve had all day together alone." Meiran rubbed her head as if she had a headache.

"Men, I swear you are all obtuse."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Wufei asked scowling.

"It means you...." Meiran bite back her insult. "Look, let’s not fight Chang. Just for one night lets call a truce?" Wufei looked at Meiran confused but he nodded. "The reason I wanted to leave Quatre and Trowa alone was because it’s such a beautiful night and it’s got great potential to be a romantic night. So I wanted them to have it." Meiran shrugged and sat down on an empty bench. Wufei sat down next to her and looked at her a little awestruck.

"I didn’t think you thought about such things as romance Nataku." Wufei whispered and Meiran flushed slightly.

"Oh not the Nataku thing again!" She groaned. "Are you /ever/ going to let me live that down? You’ve been lording it over my head since we were 10."

"What? You mean the fact that you tried to beat me because you wanted to be Nataku? And lost I might add." Wufei asked innocently. "Or the fact you even went so far as you say you /were/ Nataku, of /course/ I’m not going to let you live that down. You hurt my pride you know."

"I did?" Meiran looked at Wufei in surprise.

"Are you kidding? You almost beat me a couple of times; of course you hurt my pride. What would I have told my father if I’d been beaten by a scrawny knock-kneed girl?" Meiran snorted.

"Well how do you think I felt? I got my butt whooped by a /boy/. And a wussy little scholarly one at that, of course I was hurt and ticked." Meiran looked at Wufei and they both burst into laughter.

"It seems we are forever doomed to insult each other Nataku." Wufei said laying his forehead against Meiran’s.

"How can be married and set a good example for our clans if all we do is fight Chang?" Wufei frowned slightly and picked up Meiran’s hand.

"I’ve been thinking about this. I don’t know about you Meiran but I don’t want to be pressured into some wedding."

"But Chang, we can’t break off the betrothal, we’re the entire reason our clans have reached peace and prospered. That and tradition...."

"Forget about tradition, it’s the past and this is the future we’re talking about. /Our/ future we’re talking about. And as for our being the ones who are holding our families together, there’s got to be a better way then that this."

"So you’re saying to don’t want to get married?" Meiran asked softly, the barest traces of hurt finding it’s way into her voice.

"No! I don’t mean that!" Wufei said quickly. "What I mean is I want to find a way to bind our family but still free us to make what choices we do. Not what our parents and what tradition says." Meiran frowned in thought and settled back to puzzle over what Wufei had said.

"I’ve got it!" Meiran leapt to her feet. "What if you were abopted as a member of my clan and I was abopted as a member of your clan. That way the tie would still be there and we’d be free of the betrothal!" Wufei thought about it and grinned as he stood up.

"It just might work." He said softly. Meiran laughed and hugged Wufei.

"This is great! Now we don’t have the threat of betrothal over our heads and we are free!"

"Yeah free." Wufei murmured. ‘If we’re free, why do I feel so crummy and like I’m losing the most important thing in my life?’ Wufei wondered silently as Meiran grinned happily and grabbed his hand, and they walked back to


Heero and Duo walked down the road silently.

"You sure you don’t want to take a taxi?" Heero asked Duo who shook his head

"No way, it’s such a beautiful night, even if it is artifical."

"Aa." Heero glanced up at the artifical stars and cleared his throat. "Look Duo, about earlier.." Duo shook his head sadly

"If you’re going to apologize, don’t waste your breath." Duo said turning to Heero, a smirk blossoming on his face. "Unless you found what happened utterly disgusting and you don’t want me to get within three feet of you." Duo grinned outright and Heero pulled him closer and grasped the end of his braid.

"That’s just it." Heero rasped. "I did like it, too much so in fact." Duo looked at Heero with wide, quizing eyes, silently urging him to go on. "I don’t know what’s happening to me Duo." There was an almost desperate tone to Heero’s voice. "Why can’t I stop feeling like this? I thought I had mastered my emotions a long time ago, but now I’m not so sure. Why do I feel like this??" Heero whispered, confused and scared perhaps by things he couldn’t quite comprehend. He looked so lost and scared, Duo couldn’t resist the urge to hug Heero close to him.

"I’m sorry, Heero." Duo whispered as he buried his nose in Heero’s soft hair. "I thought you were comfortable with all this. If I had know you were so confused, I would never have pushed you."

"I’m not least I don’t think so." Heero frowned in frustration. "I’ve never been attracted like this to anyone before. Not girls, so that’s when I started to wonder if I But I never really found a guy I was attracted to either. But then I met you and now everything is all turned around and upside down and I don’t know which way is up." Duo chuckled softly and soothingly massaged Heero’s tense shoulders. "But I’m not confused on what I want Duo. And I /am/ comfortable with all of this, I’m comfortable with you. I just...wasn’t sure how you stood on all of this is all."

"Sou ka." Duo whispered and he held Heero at arm’s length. "I’ve got a suggestion. Why don’t we spend what’s left of this little vacation and try and figure out what we want. We might decide we both just want a fling, or maybe a relationship. I’ll be honest Heero, I’m not certain on what I want yet. I know /who/ I want." Duo grinned at Heero. "But farther then that is in the open still. Is that okay?"

"Yes." Heero nodded and he tugged on Duo’s braid. The American smiled and stepped into Heero’s embrace and the two stood there for a long moment.

"Hey, if this ever gets too much for you, feel free to call it quits okay? I don’t want to rush you into anything and then have you regret it."

"Okay." Heero nodded and stared into Duo’s eyes as if searching for something there. Duo looked at him confused and his brows drew together as he peered at Heero.

"What’s wrong?"

"Nothing." Heero said softly as he cautiously lowered his head. Duo smiled and his eyes drifted shut. But when Heero didn’t kiss him he cracked them open.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Duo asked smiling as he closed the distance between them.

"Chang, look." Meiran pulled Wufei into the shadows of a building and he looked to see what had caught Meiran’s attention, and nearly had a heart-attack.

"Maxwell and Yuy???" Wufei rasped, unable to take his eyes off the two boys embracing. "Gods, I would have never...."

"Heh, not too surprising." Meiran said smirking.

"Oh?" Wufei asked sardonically. "And just how did /you/ figure this out?"

"Women’s Intuition. That and the fact that anyone with eyes in their head could see it by the way Heero and Duo kept looking at each other. Besides I thought I saw them kissing on the Dragon’s Tooth but I wasn’t sure. They could have been talking, but I’d definitely have to say they were kissing now."

"Impressive." Wufei murmured as he looked at Heero and Duo with a thougthful look on his face.

"Chang, are you okay with this?"

"Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be?"

"Well I figured you’d rant about injustice and the immorality of two boys..."

"Nataku, I’ve known about Duo longer then you have and has that ever bothered me?"

"I don’t know, has it?" Meiran asked bluntly and Wufei smiled.

"Yes I was a little surprised and weirded out at first. But I’d never stop being Maxwell’s friend, especially over something so trivial as his sexual preferences." Meiran smiled and laid her hand against Wufei’s cheek.

"You really are a good man. Do you realize that, Chang Wufei?" Meiran’s dark eyes glowed with warmth and affection. It took all of Wufei’s willpower to resist the urge to hug her and kiss her right then and there. That would /definitely/ screw things up! "Come on, lets get back to Quatre’s." Meiran said as she walked back the way they came. "I don’t want to disturb them, so let’s just get a taxi instead of walking."

"Okay." They appeared in a small square and Wufei hailed a taxi. He held the door for Meiran and she climbed in gracefully.

"Where to sir, ma’am?" The taxi driver asked. Wufei handed him the address.

"Here please."

"Not a problem, I’ll have ya there in a jiffy." The taxi driver lifted the privacy window and Wufei turned to look at Meiran. She was staring out the window at the artifical sky.

"What are you thinking about?" Wufei asked.

"About our colony actually. I haven’t seen a sky this magnificent since we left our home." Wufei looked out the window and nodded.

"You’re right, it is very beautiful. It’s odd that we never really notice the things of beauty in our lives till they are gone." Wufei looked at Meiran as she continued to stargaze.

"The colony on L2 is nice, but it’s too small to have a really good night sky."

"That’s because it’s a schooling colony. Some of the best schools in L2 are on that colony and it’s twin."

"I know, but that doesn’t help when I want to gaze at the stars." Meiran turned and looked at Wufei. "You want to know something Chang? Call is a secret dream of mine if you want."

"Yes, I’d be honored." Wufei said, his breath catching in his throat as the starshine and artifical moonlight fell across Meiran’s hair, silvering it.

"One day, I want to see the stars from Earth. And the moon, I want to see it at a distance to see it as it was seen by our ancestors back in China. Back when mankind dreamt of reaching out to the stars. I want to see the night sky of Earth. Does that sound like a silly dream to you?" Meiran cocked her head to the side and looked at Wufei. He shook his head.

"No, not at all. It sounds like a wonderful dream, one I’d like to share with you, if you’d let me." Wufei moved closer to Meiran and cautiously wraped his arm around her shoulder. With a small smile, Meiran settled against Wufei’s side and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Maybe someday we’ll see it together."

"That sounds like a plan to me." Wufei leaned his head against Meiran’s and they stared out the window as the taxi drove on. They turned down the drive and drove past to figures who could only be Duo and Heero. An artifical meteor flashed across the sky and burnt out in a trail of fire.

"Make a wish." Meiran whispered.

"I already did."

"Look Trowa, a shooting star." Quatre pointed as the star flashed across the sky. He smiled and kissed his lover quickly. They stood on the front porch of the house and were holding each other to fight off the chill night air. "Make a wish."

"My wish has already been granted." Trowa whispered as he gathered Quatre closer in his arms.



"Ohhh." Duo breathed as he saw the shooting star. He gripped Heero’s arm. "Quick, make a wish." Heero looked at him puzzled and closed his eyes and made a wish.

"What did you wish for?" Heero asked as he entwined his and Duo’s fingers together.

"You’re not supposed to tell your wish, if you do, it won’t come true."

"Oh." The two walked up the drive to Quatre’s house, their bodies brushing with every step. Duo looked up at the sky and smiled.

‘I wish for love.’ Duo repeated his wish silently as he looked over at Heero.

‘I wish for happiness with Duo.’ Heero thought over his wish and caught Duo’s eye. They smiled at each other and kissed sweetly a moment before they came in sight of the house. Things were looking better. And overheard, a star winked down at the people of the colony.