Reality Bytes 7.0 by Sheira



"Thought ya might like something cool to drink." Duo explained with a smile as he held out a cup to Heero.

"Thanks." Heero murmured as he took a big gulp of his drink and sighed. "Ahhh I needed that." Heero smiled at Duo and glanced at his watch. "It’s nearly time to start towards this amusement park." Duo nodded and started to walk out of the park. Heero followed along silently, occasionally siping from his drink. But he was otherwise silent.

"You don’t talk much do you." Duo suddenly turned around and looked at Heero. "Ya know, in the month since you’ve been helping us, I don’t think you’ve ever really talked." Heero smirked.

"Heh, you talk enough for the both of us." Duo chuckled.

"Yeah, well what can I say?" Duo smiled. "Really, I’ve been meaning to ask you, how did you convince your guardian to help us?"

"I told him that it would look great on a college application. They really go for community involvement and all that."

"But that was after he had you beaten right?" Duo asked softly, his face expressionless. Heero blinked and swallowed.

"I...I..." Duo calmly lifted his shirt and displayed a set of whip marks across his back. They were old and white, stretched out with age. "Who..!" Heero snarled.

"It doesn’t matter, he’s dead." Duo said in an emotionless voice. "I saw you the next day. You were pale and I thought you’d faint when Relena all but jumped into your arms." Duo looked over at Heero, his eyes alight with an inner brightness, a burning fire. "It’s not to late Heero. It’s /never/ too late to esacpe from that kind of tyranny."

"No offense Duo, but how would you know?" A touch of bitterness colored Heero’s tone as he scuffed at the dirt with his shoes.

"I understand better then you could ever think Heero. And I guarantee I’ve seen more then you have." Heero reached a a hand and stopped Duo.

"What do you mean?" Duo looked at Heero with blasted eyes, and the Japanese boy shuddered as he saw the shattered remains of Duo’s innocence and faith reflected in his eyes. ‘The windows to the soul...’ Heero mused silently. "Please Duo, I want to understand." Duo sighed and continued to walk.

"Fine, I’ll tell you a story. There once was a little boy who had been abandoned on the streets when he was four. The man who abandoned him admitted he no longer wanted the child and that the child was too much. For nearly a week, the child cried, and he cried and cried until finally, he realized that crying wouldn’t put food in his belly or keep a roof over his head. Now the child was very smart for his age, he was cagey, and had an instintive distrust of adults. So the child wandered around the streets until he met another child just as alone and abandoned as him. The other boy was a few years older then the child, but they struck a pact to help each other survive. And for nearly two years they kept that pact. The other boy would protect the child from molestors and sickos, for the child was a very beautiful one. Even beneath the dirt and grim people could see his unnatural beauty, and they wanted to possess that beauty.

One day, while the other child was away, the child was captured by some men and he was tortured for the pleasure of their boss. Just as he was about to be violated, the other child showed up and rescued him. But at a stiff price, he took the place of the child so to speak."

Heero gasped in shock but Duo continued on as if he had not heard Heero, his voice dead and his eyes lost deep in the past.

"The child tried to nurse his friend back to help but his friend would not get better. And shortly after that, the boy caught a random plague and died in the child’s arms. As the child sat in that dirty street with tears pouring down his cheeks, begging for someone to help his friend, people just ignored him and continued on their way. It was then that the child swore he’d never let anyone close to him again. That he’d never love again. Foolish, painful words uttered in the heat of the moment, but they gave the child the courage he needed to avenge his friend’s death. Shortly after that, the men who had tortured the child and his friend were found dead. But no one paid that much mind, after all on the streets, death was an everyday thing. It was shortly after that when the child was found and taken in by a kind priest and a small parish. They didn’t have much but the priest and his parish offered their love and house to the small child. The child grew up and he smiled to hide his pain. He learned the gift of gab and became a master at steering a conversation away from sensitive parts to him. He also re-confirmed his belief that there was no God but the God of Death. And most important, he never cried ever again."

Heero couldn’t stand it anymore and he pulled Duo into his arms and hugged him tightly. Duo trembled slightly and Heero laid his head on top of Duo’s.

"Yamero Duo, that’s enough." Heero whispered, his voice harsh with emotions he couldn’t quiet comprehend. Duo hiccuped and his shoulders shook with silent sobs. Heero stroked his hair softly and tried to lend comfort to the other boy. Duo sniffled and buried his face into the crook of Heero’s neck. "There’s no shame in crying, and there is no reason to spend your life miserable. Your friend would not have wanted that, he would not have sacrificed his life for you. If you don’t live your life to the fullest, then you cheapen the gift he has given you. Life."

Duo nodded and Heero felt a bit of moisture soak through his shirt. People were pausing to look at the sight of two boys openingly embracing and Heero glared fiercely at them. They moved on, unable to withstand the intensity of those cobalt eyes.

Duo sniffled and slowly backed away from Heero. He kept his eyes on the ground and pretty much avoided looking at the other boy.

"Daijoubu?" Heero murmured. Duo nodded.

"Yeah." Duo murmured. Heero reached out his hand and lifted Duo’s tear-streaked face to his own.

"Remember what I said Duo." Heero whispered and Duo closed his eyes just as another tear trickled down his cheek.

"Thanks Heero." Duo murmured as he wiped his eyes. "But right now I think I need to find a restroom. If I show up at the amusement park like this, Quatre and the others are gonna want to know what happened and I really don’t want to talk about it." Heero nodded and lead Duo to a small café.

"Where’s your restroom?" The Japanese boy asked a waitress. She pointed to the far corner of the café and Heero lead Duo there. "I’ll be right out here if you need anything." Duo nodded and closed the door. He walked over to the sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were red and puffy from crying and his whole face felt stick because of the tears.

"I /hate/ crying." Duo muttered as he washed his face with cool water. After a few minutes, Duo proclaimed he was decent enough to leave the bathroom and he opened the door. "Let’s go have some fun." He declared, a smile on his face. Heero looked at him critically and nodded.

"Sure." The two boys walked to the amusement park and Heero paused when they came in sight of the front gates. "I..Duo what if they don’t want me to come." Heero looked over at Duo uncertainly.

"Why wouldn’t they?" Heero Looked at Duo. "Look Heero, I really don’t think they’re gonna be mad at you just cuz of the people you hang with."

"Wanna bet?" Heero asked cynically.

"Sheesh you’re to young to be so jaded!"

"Realist and cynic are two different things." Heero pointed out. "And I know your friend Wufei won’t like me, if only for the simple reason he’s protective of you."

"Protective of me?? Are you joking? I don’t even think he /likes/ me half the time." Heero looked at Duo in surprize.

"For one who can be so astute sometimes, you are blind to other things." He said, his voice and face troubled. "Do you really think that Duo?"

"Well...not really but he sure doesn’t act like he can stand me."

"I wonder why?" Heero said drily.

"Hidoi!" Duo cried dramatically. "You’re mean Hee-chan!"

"Hee....chan." Heero said shellshocked. "Don’t you dare call me Hee-chan Duo!!" Duo laughed.

"Hee-chan! Hee-chan! Hee-chan!"


Duo continued to dance around Heero chanting ‘Hee-chan’ as the Japanese boy tried stoically to ignore the braided baka; it wasn’t working.

"DUO!!!! Omae o korosu!!!!!" Heero shouted and and started to chase Duo around. Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, Meiran and one of Quatre’s sisters, Iria showed up just as Heero managed to catch Duo by pulling on his braid.The Japanese boy had Duo in a headlock and was whispering something to Duo in Japanese, something that sounded like ‘omae o korosu’ and ‘Duo no baka, shi-ne’ But it could have been anything.

"What is going on here!?!?" Wufei demanded. The two boys looked up and Duo grinned.

"Hi guys!" Heero smirked and released Duo abruptly, causing the American to fall flat on his face.

"Hidoi Hee-chan!"

"Yamero!" Heero barked, glaring fiercely at Duo. Trowa looked at the Japanese boy and cautiously moved himself between Duo in case Heero actually /did/ try and kill the American.

"Umm....." Iria interjected. "Am I missing something here?"

"I think we all are." Quatre observed, a cute look of confusion on his face.

"What’s not to understand." Wufei asked. "Yuy was about to put Maxwell out of our misery permanently."

"I was not!" Heero protested. "That baka wouldn’t stop calling me ‘Hee-chan’!" Everyone looked at Heero and suddenly snickered. "Urusai!" Heero heard what he thougtht was a giggle come from behind Trowa. "And just what’s so funny?" Heero asked coldly.

"They don’t speak Japanese, they have no idea what -chan means." Heero got a contemplative look on his face.

"So you mean Wufei doesn’t know that the sufix -chan is used when addressing little girls?"

"What!?!?!?" Wufei shouted. "MAXWELL!!!!!!" Heero smirked and Trowa actually cracked a smile.

"Can we please continue this inside?" Quatre pleaded as he noticed the crown gathering. "Heero, I am assuming that Duo invited you?"

"Yes." Heero nodded as he watched Duo being chased around by Wufei. "Hey Duo! You do know that -chan is also used by girls when they address /other/ girls of the same peer group right?" Duo and Wufei both froze and Duo glared fiercely at Heero.

"Yuy! You’re a dead man!" Duo shouted as attempted to catch Heero. The Japanese boy laughed and easily evaded Duo.

"It’s going to be a long day." Quatre murmured to Trowa.

"Yeah but I doubt it’ll be boring." Meiran commented and she and Iria laughed.

"Okay, so what do you guys want to do first?" Quatre asked as they all lounged in the shade of some trees.

"Ride the rides!" Duo shouted.

"That sounds like a good idea to me." Trowa added. He and Quatre were standing next to each other while Heero and Duo were seated on a bench side-by-side along with Iria. Wufei was leaned against one tree what Meiran leaned against another.

"Okay, well if no one has any objections. So...which ride?"

"The Sky Twister!"

"Reality Crunch!"

"The Tsunami!"

"Dragon’s Tooth!"

"The Bumper Cars!" Everyone sweatdroped and looked at Duo.

"What?" Duo looked uncomfortable.

"Ummmm...well since it seems everyone wants to go to different things. Why don’t we split up and then meet back at a certain place at a certain time?" Quattre suggested.

"Sounds fair to me." Wufei admitted as he glanced at Meiran. "I still want to go on the Dragon’s Tooth."

"And I want to go on the Tsunami." Meiran said, a stubborn look appearing on her face.

"Guys you’ll have times to ride /both/ rides and so much more as well!" Iria pointed out.

"True." Wufei nodded.

"Okay, well who’s going with who?"

"I’ll go with Wufei."

"I’ll go with Meiran." The two said together and both blushed. Duo chuckled and made kissing noises.

"Maxwell!" Wufei and Meiran cried in sync.

"Pretty cool isn’t it." Duo murmured to Heero. "I can get them to talk in sync."

"Shut up!" Wufei and Meiran said together. They both glared at the wildly grinning Duo.

"So who else is going together?" Quatre asked, trying to prevent bloodshed.

"Oh! I think I see one of my friends over there!" Iria shouted happily as she raced over to a group of people. She happily hugged a brown haired girl and tugged her over to where Quatre and the other were.

"Quatre, I’m going to go play with them. So you guys have fun okay? I’ll meet you at the booth for the show okay? Bye!!! Quatre nodded and Iria went off with her friends.

"Well that was quick." Quatre said in a daze and Trowa smiled slightly.

"I’ll go with" Duo said smiling apologetically at Heero.

"I guess that leaves Trowa and I." Quatre murmured, amusement bright in his eyes. "Well what do you guys say we meet back at the front gates at sunset? Then we can all watch the holographic show together?"

"Holographic show?" Heero asked confused.

"Yeah, since fireworks aren’t allowed in the colony like they are on Earth, the park puts on a holographic show every night. It’s really, very beautiful."

"Hm, sounds interesting."

"Does everyone understand?" Quatre asked and everyone nodded his head. Wufei and Meiran started to walk towards the oriental themed part of the park while Heero and Duo started towards the American part.

"Shall we visit Europe?" Trowa asked with an ironic tilt of his head. Quatre laughed and nodded.

"Yes, let's."

"There is no /way/ I am getting on that ride! Are you nuts woman!?" Wufei demanded. Meiran whirled on him and glared.

"If I have to ride that stupid Dragon’s Tooth, then you have to ride this! And I don’t intend to stand that line in this hot sun for an hour with not way to cool off."

"So your answer is to stand in /this/ line for an hour so you can get /soaking/ wet and /then/ go stand in /that/ line!?"

"Exactly!" Meiran said smiling. "I’m so glad you understand my logic." Meiran smiled and grabbed Wufei’s hand. "Let’s go!"


"Ano...Duo don’t you think you’ve had enough cola?" Heero asked as Duo finished off his sixth super giant cola.

"Nope! I don’t want to get dehydrated while waiting in those lines. Another refill please." Duo said smiling innocently at the poor man at the drinkstand. It was at times like this, what the man wished they /didn/t sell the cups where you got a unlimited free refills.

"I’m sorry sir but I’m out of cola." The man stuttered.

"Hidoi!" Duo grabbed Heero’s hand. "Come on! We gotta find another refreshment stand."

"Duo! I’d like to ride some of the rides you know!" Heero growled.

"Fine." Duo looked around. "Yay! The bumper cars!!!" Heero blinked.

"Bumper cars?" The Japanese boy looked over at the high speed rollar coaster to his left. "I was talking about something like /that/!" Duo looked over and paled.

"Uh huh, I ain’t getting on that."

"Why not?"

"Do I look crazy to you?" At Heero’s sardonic look he scowled. "Answer that and die." Duo looked around. "Please! Can’t we go on the bumper cars?" Heero sighed and nodded his head.

"Okay but we will go on some of the /bigger/ rides later right?" Duo giggled and ran towards the bumper cars. It took the technicians three hours to get one of the bumper cars out of the tree.....

"Oh! Trowa look at that." Quatre said, his eyes alight with pleasure as he looked at the bird perched outside of a amphitheater. The sigh said ‘Jungle Adventure’ "Let’s go there Trowa!"

"What kind of ride is it?"

"I don’t think it’s a ride, I think it’s a show. Can we go?" Quatre looked pleadingly at Trowa and the brown haired boy, unable resist, nodded his head. "Yatta!"

One hour later:

"Trowa! Can we go now?" Trowa looked up from petting the lions.

"What?" Quatre whined and sat down.

"I should never have brought him in here." Quatre muttered. "I can’t believe I’ve lost /my/ boyfriend to a bunch of over-grown housecats."

Meiran laughed as she pulled a soaping wet Wufei along with her.

"I can’t believe you convinced me to do that." Wufei muttered darkly as he glared at Meiran from beneath his wet hair. He’d lost his hairtie when the huge wave had crashed into them. Meiran looked at Wufei and giggled.

"You look like a wet and disgrunted kitten when you make that face."

"Gee thanks." Wufei growled. "You look like a drowned rat!"

"What?" Meiran demanded. Wufei smirked but kept his mouth shut. "Hey isn’t that Duo and Heero over there?" Meiran looked and sure enough, Duo was dragging Heero towards them.

"Wu-chan! Mei-chan!" Duo shouted happily as he drug Heero along. "What did you two do? Fall in a lake?"

"No." Wufei said sulkily as he pointed a finger at Meiran. "She wanted to ride that Tsunami ride."

"Aa, big wave." Heero translated as he looked at the two soaking wet teenagers. His blue eyes held amusement as he looked over at Duo.

"We haven’t ridden anything but the bumper cars. And thanks to Duo, we’re now /banned/ from riding those."

"What did you do this time Duo?" Meiran asked in exasperation.

"How was I supposed to know a bumper car could jump a rail and fly into a tree." Duo asked innocently and everyone shook their heads.

"We’re going to the Dragon’s Tooth next, want to come?" Duo swallowed but Heero nodded.

"Yeah that’s one ride I definitely don’t want to miss." Heero smiled over at Duo and grabbed his hand. "Come on, let’s go." The four walked towards the entrance of the Dragon’s Tooth, which was decorated like the open mouth of a huge dragon and they had to walk into the dragon’s mouth.

"This kinda cool?" Meiran admited as they walked down a long tunnel. "It’s like we’re walking into a dragon’s gullet." The walls of the tunnel were painted in white paint and combined with the blacklights it made everything seem eerie. Haunting music played over the speakers and every now and then, from up ahead, someone would scream and Duo would glomp onto Heero’s arm. The braided American started to lag behind and Heero looked at him confused.

"Duo, are you okay?"

"No! I’m absolutely 100% terrified!" The American cried. "I’ve never ridden in one of these things Heero." Duo whispered softly as he cudddled closer to the Japanese boy.

"Duo, there’s nothing to be afraid of. These rides are completely safe."

"Yeah, then why do people scream on them?"

"Because they’re having fun. And the adrenaline rush excites them." Duo made a non-committal noise but didn’t let go of Heero’s arm. "I just know I’m gonna get on that thing and it’s going to crash to the ground. Then we’re all gonna die!"

"It won’t Duo, I won’t let it." Heero said solemnly.

"Silly, like you could stop it."

"No but I can try." Heero said as he wrapped an arm around Duo’s waist.. For some reason, having Duo in his arms felt....right. Heero sighed and tried to anaylize his complex and confusing feelings. Holding Duo like this just felt fundamentally right, and it made him feel kinda warm inside. Like his heart was fluttering with...giddiness? That was it, it made him feel kind of giddy and drunk. Heero wasn’t sure if he liked this feeling or not, it felt dangerous.

As they waited in the line, Heero continued to try and puzzle things out. And as they got closer to the ride, Duo got more scared and he clung closer and closer to Heero. Which did /not/ make thinking very easy for Heero. The Japanese boy finally gave up no trying to figure out how he felt and instead tried to think of a way to distract Duo. He tried talking to the boy but for once, Duo wasn’t in a talking mood. Heero tried tickling Duo and he received a shove and a few harsh words issued in a strained voice in return. By the time it was their turn, Duo’s handhold on Heero’s hand was almost bone-breakingly tight and as he was buckled in, Heero feared he was going to to hyperventilate.

"I wanna get off, I wanna get off. I wanna get off." Duo started to chant and finally Heero turned in his seat and grabbed Duo’s face. The American stared at Heero in shock as Heero’s beautiful, precise face got closer and closer until he felt Heero’s lips cover his. At this point, the ride took off, but that was the farthest thing in Duo’s mind as he submitted to the kiss.

‘Heh, that shut him up.’ Heero thought slightly smug as and Duo continued to kiss. They finally had to break away because the vibrations and jerks from the ride made it impossible to kiss. Heero studied Duo carefully. Duo had as huge grin on his face which was wiped off when they went upsidedown suddenly.

"Ahhhh!!!!" Duo squeezed his eyes shut and screamed and Heero grabbed his hand.

"Relax! Just enjoy the ride Duo." Duo stopped screaming and gripped Heero’s hand tighter. He slowly opened his eyes and laid his head back as the wind torn through his braid. A slight smile tugged at the edges of his lips as they went around a turn and he was able to see the entire park. As they went down a slope and entered a tunnel, Duo’s shout wasn’t filled with fear, but with excitement. He grinned over at Heero and Heero returned his smile as they reached the end of the ride. After they we released from their harnesses, Duo all but leapt from the car and turned to Wufei and Meiran.

"So how did you like the ride?" Meiran asked. Duo grinned over at Heero.

"I wanna do that again." Heero chuckled softly, knowing what Duo really meant.

"Me too." He murmured as he was dragged off by Duo to go to another ride.