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07 Apr 2000








Reality Bytes 6.0 by Sheira



Heero stared down at Duo in shock. No shock didn’t even /begin/ to describe what he was feeling. Horror and the sudden urge to crawl under a rock and die would be a more apt description. Duo, who looked like a deer caught in headlights, suddenly blinked and narrowed his eyes as if not believing what he was seeing.

"It was....it was you!?" Duo gasped, shock written across his beautiful face.

"Aa." Every the articulate one, Heero answered and stuffed his hands in his pockets. He tried to calculate how quickly he could be out of the building and on the next shuttle back to L2 where he belonged! Duo suddenly grinned and kicked a chair out from under the table.

"Take a load off." Heero frowned unhappily but sat down anyway. Duo closed one eye and studied the ceiling above his head as if trying to come to a decision.

"Saaaa, shall we start over? Hi! I’m Duo Maxwell." Duo smiled warmly but there was a almost desperate and apprehensive look in his expresive blue-violet eyes.

"Stop it!" Heero barked. "Just stop it Duo, this isn’t a game!" Heero sighed and laid his head in hands. Duo leaned forward and laid a comforting hand on Heero’s shoulder.

"Look man, I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, I’m just as weirded out by this situation as you. This is just my way of dealing with things." Heero glanced up and saw that Duo’s normally expressive face was drawn in a solemn, almost grave expression.

"I /can’t/ believe this happened." Heero muttered and Duo chuckled.

"Yeah no kidding." Duo suddenly blushed brightly and he looked out the window with a sudden interest.

"What?" Heero asked curious despite his embarrassement. "Why are you blushing?"

"No reason, just thinking about something." Heero cocked an eyebrow.

"Well I doubt you’re berating yourself for being as stupid and obtuse as I am. So spill." Heero prodded, extremely curious as to what would cause Duo to blush.

"It’s nothing, just somethnig silly, and I’d only embarrass us both more if I told you what it was."

"I doubt /that/ could happen." Heero uttered dryly as he leaned back in his chair. "Typical, very, very typical. The one guy I really feel comfortable around turns out to be the guy whose life I’ve been helping to make miserable."

"Look Heero, I already told you. I don’t hold you in the same class as those guys. But now I understand /why/ you hang out with those idiots." Duo smiled slightly. "Everything is kinda falling into place now. I don’t really see anything wrong with that, do you?" Heero looked at Duo confused.

"What do you mean?"

"Just think, before you only had ‘Shinigami02’ to talk to now, you got me. And I’m a lot better listener in real life then I am over the computer." Heero blinked, his eyes widening in surprise once again.

"You mean you still want to associate with me even after all this?" Duo shook his head and smiled sadly.

"Why would I want to lose such a great ‘net friend and what promises to be an even greater friend in real life?" Heero puzzled this over for a few moments.

"I guess you’re right huh." He mused softly. "Sometimes your wisdom humbles me Duo." Duo cackled and grinned maniacally.

"Don’t let Wufei hear you say that, he’d strongly disagree."

"Wufei, he’s the Chinese boy with an obsession with his car and a pushy girlfriend right?" Duo laughed out loud and tears leaked out of the corners of his eyes from laughing so hard.

"That’s got to be the best description I’ve ever heard for Wu-chan."

"Wu....chan?" Heero looked at Duo puzzled over his lack of formality and confusion of address in Japanese.

"I only call him that to get under his skin. Same with Mei-chan...err Meiran, his pushy girlfriend. She’s really, really nice once you get past her prickly exterior. Then there’s Trowa, you know him, he’s the tall one with the gravity defying bangs.

"The silent one who’s almost always accompanied by the cute blond?" Duo blinked, not used to thinknig of Heero calling /anyone/ cute. This was definitely going to take some getting used to!

"Yeah that’s Quatre, he’s the one who brought us all here. Say, do you wanna join us? I’m gonna meet them all and we’re going to go to some amusement park. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you coming." Heero looked unsure but oddly cute as he gnawed on his lower lip. "Come on man! This’ll give you a chance to meet some /real/ people. Not those fakes you hang with. And I guarantee none of them will raz you if you tell them your gay or bi." Duo smirked. "They’re my closest friends and they know about me. They’re really understanding, really good people."

"I’ve..I’ve never really had a real friend." Heero admited with a frown and Duo looked hurt.

"What am I? Chopped liver??" Duo grinned at Heero and clapped him on the shoulder. "And before you ask, yes I consider you a friend." A waiter approuched their table and handed them both a menu.

‘He’s so open, how can he be like that and survive?’ Heero wondered, slightly in awe as he watched Duo order his food with the same exuberance he seemed to have for everything.

"And for you sir?" Heero looked up at the waitor and blinked.

"Um..." Heero swiftly read over the menu and ordered grilled chicken-breast.

"I have a hamburger with the works, with onion rings on the side and a grilled chicken breast. Anything else?" The waiter asked.

"Caffeine!" Duo said with a manic grin and Heero swallowed. He got the distinct feeling that this was going to be a very interesting meal.

He wasn’t wrong; by the time they had finished, Duo had consumed so many colas, Heero had lost count. Heero had also heard on the way out that their waiter had quit saying that "he’d rather die then go near that braided maniac again" Heero sighed and tried not to look at the towering ice cream cone Duo had insisted on buying as they walked through a nearby park.

"Hey Heero, want a lick?" Duo asked grinning, his face sticky with chocolate ice cream. Heero closed his eyes and tried to dispell what hentai thoughts that statement combined with Duo’s ice cream covered face brought about. "Well? Better hurry, it’s meltin’ quick!" Heero felt his cheeks heat and thanked whatever Gods existed for his tanned skin.

"Okay, maybe one lick." Heero gave in and licked the gooy mass of sugar and milk. "Hmmm good." Heero admitted as he snuck another lick.

Duo looked over at Heero and giggled.

"What?" Heero asked disgruntled.

"You! You’ve got ice cream on your face." Duo reached out a graceful, long fingered hand and wiped a gob of strawberry ice cream from the tip of Heero’s nose. He smirked at Heero and licked the ice cream off his finger. Heero’s mouth immediately turned into a desert. How the hell did this braided baka manage to be so innocent yet sensual at the same time!?! Heero, feeling the need to get a bit of revenge wiped some of the chocolate ice cream from around Duo’s mouth and slowly licked it from his fingers, never taking breaking eye contact with the other boy. Heero smirked when Duo’s tell tale pale complexion reddened predictably. Heh, ninmu kanryuu. It was gratifing to Heero that he wasn’t the only one affected by rampant hormones and less then friendly thoughts.

"So how long till we meet up with your friends?" Heero asked casually. He stopped by another ice cream vendor and bought a vanilla cone of his own. He blinked innocently when Duo gulped and hastily wiped at his face, cleaning all traces of ice cream from his pale skin.

"A while, about an hour till we absolutely have to leave for the amusement park. And that’s only like a ten-minute walk from here."

"Sou ka." Heero murmured as he grabbed Duo hand and started to pull him over to the shade of a small clump of trees. "We might as well relax then." Heero said softlty, letting go of Duo’s hand as he sat down. Duo nodded and sat down next to Heero and leaned back against the tree.

"It’s beautiful here." Duo murmured as he finished off his ice cream cone.

"Yeah." Heero agreed as he closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the breeze blowing across his skin. "Kinda makes you wish everyday could be like this." Heero cracked open an eye and slanted a glance over at Duo. "Well at least without the rather embarrassing /start/ to the day." Duo smirked at Heero and closed his eyes as well.

"Hmmm naptime." Duo scooted down and laid back on the ground and idly stared at the artifical sunlight filtering through the trees. With a sleepy yawn and a contented smile, Duo closed his eyes and was lulled to sleep by the gentle breeze and the scent of lavander. Heero stared down at Duo intently as he slept.

"Kirei." Heero whispered as Duo turned his head in his sleep. Duo’s thick jagged bangs fell into his eyes and Heero reached out a hesitant hand to brush them aside. The sleeping boy smiled in his sleep and snuggled innocently closer to Heero in his sleep. Heero breath caught as he stared at the fey creature called Duo Maxwell. With a pained sigh, Heero closed his eyes and tried to figure out what to do next. He knew what he wanted, it was /getting/ it that was the hard part. Heero was very certain about what he wanted, he wanted Duo. No, that wasn’t right, he dodn’t want to possess the boy, he....liked him. Liked him a /lot/ and he wanted to pursue a relationship with him, but the thought both terrified and excited him at the same time.

And unless he was reading everything wrong, Duo was just as interested in him. But how did he know he /wasn’t/ reading the signs wrong? Heero admitted to himself that he was not too good with things that involved emotions, so why was it that the first time he really wanted a relationship with someone he had to become a fumbling idiot?

"Kuso." Heero grumbled as he contined to stare down at Duo’s peaceful face. He was unprepared for the cold wet nose shoved into his face, nor the wet lick that swiftly followed. Heero jerked back and found himself staring at a small puppy. It whined at him and he smiled slightly as he pet it.

"Mary!" Heero looked up and saw a young girl wearing a pretty sundress and sunhat run across the park calling for the pup. "Mary wait!" Heero chuckled and scratched the puppy’s ears. It wagged it’s tail so enthusiatically, it’s entire back wriggled back and forth. Heero scooted the puppy to his other side so it wouldn’t disturb Duo’s sleep.

"Hello." He called to the girl as she ran up, out of breath.

"Mary you bad girl." The young girl scolded as she wrapped the collar which, the pup had obviously managed to slip off it’s neck, back on and fastened it. "I’m sorry mister, she ran away." Heero smiled gently, oddly serene suddenly.

"It’s okay, she was no bother." Heero scratched the pup’s ears again. "She’s beautiful."

"Thank you, I just got her." The girl glowed with happiness. "Wanna play with us?" Heero considered the offer solemnly and looked over at Duo.

"Sure, why not." Heero climbed to his feet and smiled down at the girl.

"My name’s Heero."

"I’m Charlotte but most people call me Charlie." The girl wrinkled her delicate nose at the nickname and Heero laughed.

"Alright Charlotte." Heero said with a grin. "Does Mary here know how to fetch a stick?"

"I don’t know, I’ve never tried to teach a dog to fetch a stick."

"Nor I, shall we learn together?" The girl nodded her head and Heero walked with her into a more open area. He picked up a stick and waved it in front of the puppy’s nose to get its attention. The pup yipped and jumped for the stick. Heero chuckled and held out his hand for the lease. "May I?" Charlotte nodded and handed the leash to Heero.

Heero waved the stick and started to walk. Mary followed the stick and when Heero tossed it a few feet, she ran and picked it up. Heero smiled and knelt down. "Come here Mary, there’s a good girl." He praised as he beckoned to the pup. Mary obediantly ran to Heero and he wrestled the stick from her mouth.

"Now you try Charlotte." Heero instructed. The two continued to play with the pup until she was able to fetch the stick off her leash and bring it back. Heero grinned happily and hugged the puppy gently. "Yes she's a good girl, isn’t she." He cooed to the puppy and he received a doggy kiss in return.

"Charlotte! It’s time to go." A woman who could only be Charlotte’s mother called.

"I’ve gotta go now Heero." Heero nodded and glanced back over at the tree where Duo had been napping. He wasn’t there! Heero looked around quickly but couldn’t see the braided boy anywhere.

"Are you lost?" Charlotte asked and Heero looked at her. It was then he saw Duo walking towards him with two drinks in his hands.

"No, not any more." Heero said softly.

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