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07 Apr 2000








Reality Bytes 5.0 by Sheira



Duo lay in his bed a month later, staring aimlessly out at the stars in the sky. It had been a grueling day but finally it was spring break! Today had been the last day of testing for college entrance exams and he and his fellow students were now free for one blissful week. Then it was back to the old ball and chain. Duo sighed and rolled off his bed. He walked slowly over to his computer. He really didn’t feel like getting on AIM because of those jerks at school who had found out about his SN. But he didn’t feel like chatting either. Maybe he’d just get on one of his backup SN’s and see if CobaltBlue was on. As Duo got online and scrolled through the list of names on his startup screen. Aha! That one should do it! And maybe CobaltBlue would recognize this SN. Duo typed in ‘Deathscythe02’ and got on AIM. He entered the name ‘CobaltBlue’ into his buddylist and smirked when the sound of a door opening reached his ears. Duo grinned happily and IM’ed CobaltBlue.

Deathscythe02: Hey it’s me, Shinigami!

CobaltBlue: Hey. Why are you on this sig?

Deathscythe02: ‘Cuz some assholes keep spamming Shinigami02. Had to change e-mails as well. Jerkoffs. :::growls:::

CobaltBlue: That sux, why they messing with you?

Deathscythe02: Oh it’s the same ones from my school. But oh well! That doesn’t matter, cuz I’m now free for one week. :::basks in the sun:::

CobaltBlue: Cool, so am I. :::smirks::: Last year of high school :::sighs:: Maybe I can go to a college on another colony or even better, Earth.

Deathscythe02: Oh yeah, I keep meaning to ask you. What do you want to be in life? What do you want to do?

CobaltBlue: Actually,I’d like to be a writer. But last month I started to help these people in this program that helps the poor and I /really/ like doing that. ‘Course it doesn’t help that the guy I work with is absolutely beautiful either ^_~ But seriously, since no one was able to help me when I was a kid, maybe I can help save some other poor kid from an abusive family. Or maybe help get them off the streets. What about you?

Deathscythe02: :::laughs::: You just named it right there. I wanna help people. I’ve considering social services but people always slip through the cracks that way. And no one trusts them. Hmm guess I’ll have to make a million dollars and spread it throughout funding :::chuckles::: Actually, I think I’d really like to build a half-way house for kids on the streets. A place where they can get their feet back under them and help them to find new homes.

CobaltBlue: An orphanage?

Deathscythe02: Close, but this place would be open to not only orphans. It’d be a place where kids from abusive families, kids who’ve run away can go and get some help so they don’t have to live starving on the streets. :::sigh::: But places like that would cost a lot of money and that would require me getting a high paying job to support them. See my dilemma?

CobaltBlue: Yeah.

"Duo! Phone call!" Duo jumped when sister Helen called him.

Deathscythe02: Oi, brb. Phone call.

CobaltBlue: K

Duo ran downstairs and picked up the vid-phone.|

"Hey!" Duo grinned as Quatre’s face appeared on the screen.

"Hi Duo, question. What are you doing over Spring Break?"

"Nothing really, why?"

"Well my father invited my friends and I back to my home colony for the break. Can you come?"

"Quatre I can’t afford shuttle and hotel fees." Duo looked at his friend incredulously.

"Oh that’s no problem, we’ve got a private shuttle and we’ll be staying at my family’s summer house. Please come Duo." Quatre looked at him pleadingly. "It’s our last Spring Break. Wufei, Meiran, Trowa and I are going. It won’t be complete without you." Duo sighed and his brow furrowed in thought.

"Let me ask." Quatre nodded and Duo walked into the kitchen where Sister Helen and Father Maxwell were. "Quatre’s invited me to his family’s colony, everything apparently paid for. So can I go? Please?" Duo looked pleadingly at the two.

"What colony?"

"Let me ask." Duo walked back to the vid-phone. "Which colony?"

"L4 0097RW"

"Okay, I’ll tell ‘em." Duo walked back into the kitchen. "Colony 0097TW, L4 sector." Father Maxwell smiled over at Sister Helen.

"We see no reason why there’d be a problem." Father Maxwell said smiling. Duo grinned and hugged them both.

"Thank you!" Duo rushed back to the phone and grinned at Quatre. "They said okay!"

"Great! We’ll the shuttle leaves tomorrow morning at 10:00, meet us at Gate 4A."

"How long will we be gone for?"

"Six days, we’ll be back Friday night."

"Okay, what all should I bring?"

"Depends on what we decide to do. Just bring your usual clothes and maybe a bathingsuit; I’ll see to the rest."

"Thanks Quatre, man this is going to be great." Duo smiled at his friend and Quatre nodded back.

"Well, I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye!"

"Bye!" Duo grinned and ran up the stairs two at a time until he reached his room which was in the church loft.

Deathscythe02: Guess what! ::grinning hugely:::

CobaltBlue: What?

Deathscythe02: My friends and I are going on a trip over the Break. We’re going to 0097RW in L4. :::giggles::

CobaltBlue: Hey that’s cool! I was considering going there for the Break. It’s a beautiful Colony. It’s the Winner family home Colony if I remember correctly

Deathscythe02: Yep! And that would be sooo cool if you were on the same Colony as I.

CobaltBlue: Yeah. Would you...like to meet? If we’re on the same colony that is.

Duo blinked and his eyes got huge. Meet CobaltBlue? The thought both terrified and thrilled him at the same time. Duo swallowed indecisive and closed his eyes.

CobaltBlue: I know is sounds crazy but I really want to meet you. Does that make me sound mad?

Deathscythe02: No, I feel the same way. Maybe we’re both mad?

CobaltBlue: :::chuckles:: Maybe

Deathscythe02: Well if you happen to be on the same Colony as me, I see no reason why we can’t meet. You aren’t some 40 year old woman with 13 kids are you? Or a 10 year old boy?

CobaltBlue: LOL No, are you?

Deathscythe02: ::glances down shirt:: Definitely male and my driver’s driver's license says I’m 17.

CobaltBlue: Okay, I’ll have to believe you I guess.

Deathscythe02: How kind of you. :::smirks::::

CobaltBlue: ::smiles::: I’m assuming you will have access to the ‘net when you get there?

Deathscythe02: I should hope so! :::shudders at the thought:::

CobaltBlue: Well I’ll see ya on the net when I get there.

Duo smiled happily and continued to chat with CobaltBlue until he decided it was time for bed. He wanted to be up fresh and early so he could pack. Because last minute packing...that’s the only way to pack isn’t it? As he drifted off to sleep that night, Duo tried to think of what to say to CobaltBlue when he met him.

‘Hmm I wonder what happens when I push this button.’ Duo wondered as he pushed the button on his seat. The chair immediatly reclined...right back into Wufei’s lap.


"Opps! I’m sorry Wu-chan!" Duo blinked innocently and tried to hide his smile.

"That’s the fourth time you’ve done it this trip!"

"Really?" Duo looked at Wufei with guileless eyes. "Must have slipped my mind...." Wufei started to curse softly in Chinese and Duo turned to Meiran who was sitting next to Wufei. "So Mei-chan didja pack a nice bikini for ole Wu-man here?" Meiran flushed slightly and glared at Duo. "Well?? Didja didja didja???"

"Attendant!!!" Wufei and Meiran cried in sync. The frazzled woman came to their seats.

"How can I help now?" She asked, her smile cracking on her face

"Move him! Now!" Wufei and Meiran cried, still in sync. Duo looked at the two and adopted a puppy-dog look.

"Hidoi!" He cried. "You don’t like me?"

"What’s to like!?" Wufei snarled. "So far you managed to get Jello in my hair, and I don’t think I’ll /ever/ get the mashed potatoes of of my ears thank you ver much!"

"Nor I didn’t not appreciate your comments during the movie!" Meiran interjected, a blush staining her cheeks.

"What, you didn’t like "The Blue Lagoon"? It’s a classic." Duo asked innocently and both Meiran and Wufei blushed more.

"Sooooo you never answered my question, have you two done anything like that yet?"

"Duo!!!!" Meiran and Wufei said together, their faces crimson.

"Ne, why are you two blushing?" Duo asked innocently. Trowa walked up to Duo and whapped him over the head with his rolled up newspaper.

"Behave!" Duo turned around, shock playing across his face. Trowa walked calmly back to his seat and Duo barked at him.

"Oh, may whatever Gods exist have mercy on our souls." Quatre whispered mounrfully. Duo grinned and literally bounced over to Quatre’s seat waving an airsickness bag. Quatre turned green and rushed to the bathroom.

"Don’t you want one of these?" Duo asked, pursuing the blond with said bag. That was until Meiran stuck out her foot and Duo tripped over it; falling flat on his face.

"Hidoi Mei-chan!!!" Duo cried as he pouted on the ground.

"Attention passengers, we are now approuching Colony 0097RW. Please fasten you’re safety-belts and make sure your seatbacks and flight trays are in their upright positions. Thank you, have a pleasant day." Duo immediatly leapt into his chair and Quatre peeked around from the galley.

"Is it safe to come out?"

"Yes, he’s buckled in." Trowa assured him and Quatre cautiously walked down the aisle. The flight attendant led the other flight attendant sobbing towards her chair. The poor thing had been assigned to Duo’s section of the shuttle and she was now suffering from a slight nervous breakdown.

"I don’t think the kitchen will ever be the same." Quatre mourned softly.

"Hey! That’ll teach you from trying to cut me off from my supply of coffee!" Duo protested self-righteously. "How was I supposed to know the coffee machine was gonna explode?"

"Common sense would have told you not to put the coffee where the water goes!" Wufei groused.

"Oh! Come on! Like you’ve never done that before!" Duo protested.

"No I haven’t Maxwell, I’m not that stupid!" Wufei shouted back.

"Well sorry! Sister Helen never lets me cook at home!" Duo pouted.

"With good reason." Trowa added drily.

"I’ll never forgive you for tying me to my seat with my own braid, Trowa!" Duo told Trowa as he petted his braid protectively.

"Duo there was no way I was going to allow you to go pester the pilots. I prefer to live to see the end of this hellish trip." Trowa said coolly.

"You’re all so mean!" Meiran sighed and actually laid her head against Wufei’s shoulder.

"I say we take a separate flight then Duo on the way back." She suggested and Wufei nodded firmly.

"Ohhhhh a trip just the two of you huh? Gonna be all kissy kissy? You two gonna get a private cabin maybe?" Duo taunted as he made kissing noises. Wufei calmly kicked the back of Duo’s seat. "Hey! That hurt!" Wufei smirked and Duo grinned maniacally. "Now what does this button do again...."


Duo shifted nervously in his seat. He glanced at his watch. Only three more minutes till CobaltBlue was scheduled to show up and it was driving Duo mad! In the last five minutes he’d been torn between bolting from the restaurant or staying. As much as he wanted to run, Duo knew he’d regret not meeting CobaltBlue for the rest of his life. He didn’t know /why/ he felt like that but he did. Call it a gut feeling, a hunch, women’s....er men’s....intuition, whatever! Call it whatever you want, it still didn’t budge Duo one inch from his seat. Duo sighed and studied the cracks in the floor. He heard someone pause in front of his table and lifted his head. Duo blinked when he found himself staring into an eeirily familier pair of burning cobalt blue eyes.

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