Well, so that people like Tochira won't hunt me down and tie me to my chair (which is a very umcomfortable one at that!) here's Chapter 4.0 Standard warnings but an additional one for angst and violence at the end. I go into how screwed up Heero's home life is, 'nuf said. Also, massively bardardizing of Doctor J but personally, I could see him doing this.

But that would go into my whole weird thinking about HOW did Heero get 200 broken bones yet no scars? Answer: torture. Duh it's been stated many times before so I'm just adding onto that trend. Hmm what else...oh I know Don't kill me!! :::hides::: Lotsa typos since I'm a terrible typer and I lack a spellchecker :::glares:::





07 Apr 2000








Reality Bytes 4.0 by Sheira



Heero yawned as he attempted to stay awake in his Computer course. He already /knew/ all this stuff!

Boooorrriiiiiinnnngggg Heero heard a few snickers and looked up in time to see another of his ‘friends’ throw a wadded up ball of paper at Duo Maxwell. The braided boy had just moved into Heero’s class and he sat three computers down from him. Heero would be kidding himself if he didn’t admit he’d snuck more then one peek at the beautiful boy. Because that was exactly what he was, beautiful. Completely and utterly breath-taking. Too bad he probaly hated Heero’s guts with a passion. Not that Heero would blame him, /he/ hated /himself/!

Heero sighed again as the teacher droned on and on until finally, she gave out an assignment that was /supposed/ to keep the class occupied for the rest of the hour and a half class. Heero finished it in fifteen minutes. But to avoid being assigned /additional/ work, Heero discreetly signed onto the net. He was lucky that this computer at AIM on it and he snuck a glance over at his teacher as he typed in his screename. No one was on, but then Heero’s buddylist was /very/ exclusive, containing only five people. On a whim, Heero typed in ‘Shinigami01’ and he nearly had a heartattack when the computer beeped, signaling that ‘Shinigami02’ was on. Heero’s eyes were the size of saucers as glanced furtively around. He noticed that Duo was looking at him with amusement in his lovely eyes.

"Next time turn off the sound." The braided boy mouthed at Heero who Looked at him. Duo grinned a slightly manic grin and turned back to his computer and Heero rolled his eyes as he double clicked on ‘Shinigami02’

CobaltBlue: Hey

Shinigami02:Hi! :::huggles:: What are you doing on?

CobaltBlue: I snuck on, I’m in my computer course. Already finished with the waaaay to easy assignments. You?

Shinigami02: Same here, I snuck on.

CobaltBlue: Cool, so how does it feel to live dangerously and risk incurring the wrath of the almighty teacher?

Next to him, Duo snickered a bit and clamped his hand over his mouth. He bit his lip, trying to restrain a smile as he looked over at Heero.

"Gomen" he mouthed to Heero who rolled his eyes.

"Baka." Heero mouthed back and Duo winked good-naturedly

Shinigami02: LOL Maaaan don’t do that! I laughed IRL and the guy next to me glared the Glare O’ Doom at me :::chuckles:::

CobaltBlue: Gomen, I’ll try and be a good boy :::looks angelic:::

Shinigami02: ROFL Yer killin’ me! ::tacklepounce and starts to tickle::: And what about you O’ Might Warrior Who Hath Chanced Certain Death By Sneaking Onto The Computer?

Heero chuckled sofly and Duo looked over at him curious. But Heero didn’t notice because he was so wrapped up in his conversation. Nor did he notice the slightly wistful and longing look in Duo’s blue-violet eyes before he turned back to his own computer.

CobaltBlue: ::chuckles::: I wouldn’t put it like that.

Shinigami02: I know, I was just trying to get a laugh out of you.

CobaltBlue: Well, you suceeded.

Shinigami02: Good! Ninmu Kanryou then ^____^

CobaltBlue: Hn, Baka

Shinigami02: You bet!

Heero continued to talk....er...flirt...with Shinigami02 until class was nearly over. He heard the other students restless rustling and looked up startled to see class was nearly over.

CobaltBlue: Shimatta! I REALLY gotta go. I completely lost track of time!

Shinigami02: Me too :::smooth::: Have fun with the rest of your day!

CobaltBlue: You too.

Heero shut down AIM and was certain to erase his SN from the computer. He glanced over at Duo and noticed he too was quickly shutting down an AIM program.

‘I wonder who he talks to online?’1 Heero wondered silently as he lined up to hand in his papers.

"Hey Heero!" Heero turned around to look for who called his name and his papers slid to the ground. With an exasperated sigh, Heero bent down to reach for them. Instead of picking up his papers as he’d intended, Heero’s hand covered a slender, long-fingered hand. He looked up in surprise and found himself staring into the dark blue-violet gaze of Duo Maxwell. Duo froze for a split second before he blinked and jerked his hand back.

"Sorry." He mumbled as he shuffled his feet. Heero looked at Duo confused before picking his papers up. He tried to catch the other boy’s eyes but the braided American steadfastly refused to even /look/ in his direction.

‘Can’t say I blame him, he’s probably waiting for me to pound him into the ground because he got near me. I really, really hate myself.’ Heero thought dejectedly as he handed in his papers.

Heero walked into his house quietly

"Tadaima." He called in Japanese.

"Okaeri." An unfamiliar voice had Heero in a defense pose instinctively.

"Ahh, good reflexes." The unfamiliar voice continued in Japanese.

"Who’s there?" Heero asked coldly as he looked around for a weapon.

"Relax, Heero." Doctor J said walking down the stairs. "This is an /old/ friend of mine, meet Doctor G. We used to be colleagues." A man who had the longest nose Heero had ever seen and hair like a mushroom cap stepped out of the shadows from the entryway. Doctor J looked odd in Heero’s estimation but this man was just plain /weird/ looking. The click of Doctor J’s claw brought Heero back to the here and now and he bowed politely to Doctor G.

"Interesting. Even though he was mostly raised on an American colony, you still instilled the most basic of Japanese customs in him." Doctor G noted.

"Yes well, the Japanese are a lot more disciplined then Americans and I refuse to let my Heero become one of those heathens." Heero stiffened at the word ‘discipline’ and his hands clenched involuntarily.

"Sir, may I be dismissed?" Heero asked softly and Doctor J nodded amicably.

"I’ll see you at dinner, Heero." Doctor G promised and for some reason the tone of his voice made Heero’s skin crawl. Heero made sure his shoes were properly stowed and then he walked up the stairs slowly.

"Come, we’ve lots to do before our dreams can finally come true." Heero puzzled over that cryptic statement as he walked up to his room. A troubled frown marred his perfect features as he booted up his computer. He was distinctly surprised that Doctor J hadn’t attempted to hack into his computer today. Maybe because he was too busy with his guest. Whatever the reason, Heero was not going to complain or look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth. Heero was just about to get on the net when his phone rang. He scrowled darkly and considered just letting it ring, but he squashed his immediate reaction and picked it up.

"Yeah?" Heero asked, his voice monotone.

"Hey Yuy guess what." Heero sighed ‘So the monkey /does/ know how to use the phone after all.’ Heero though uncharitably as he braced himself for what promised to be a boring and trying conversation with Bret.

"What?" Heero asked.

"We now have Maxwell’s e-mail address and AIM SN, now we can reach out and touch his life even away from school." Bret laughed heartily at his ‘joke’.

"So?" Heero asked, his voice cold.

"Well....don’t you want it?" Confused colored Bret’s voice and Heero’s jaw tightened. Of course he didn’t /want/ it! All he wanted was to leave the poor boy alone! But then, what Heero wanted had never really mattered in his life so far, so why start now?

"No, Bret I can’t. If my guardian found out I was doing stuff like that he’d not only take away all my privileges, he’d also probably ground me from athletics." Heero lied, he even managed to color his voice with apprehension. Oddly enough, Heero didn’t feel a ounce of guilt about lying to Bret and for some reason that saddened him. Had he lost so many of his morals that he was behaving like his guardian?

"Whoa." Bret breathed. "He’d really do that?"

"Without a doubt." Heero didn’t add that he’d also severely beaten as well. Then again, Doctor J would never have found out, but Heero wasn’t going to tell that to Bret. "So it’s best if I don’t even /know/ Maxwell’s SN and e-mail that way I’m completely clear in case my guardian suspects anything." Heero continued to lie easily as he lay down on his bed.

"Okay man, hey I understand completely." Bret said uncomfortable. "Well, look I gotta go..."

"No problem, see you tomorrow at school Bret." Heero said and he clicked the ‘off’ button on his phone. The Japanese boy set his phone on his bedside table and threw his arm over his eyes. Dammit! Why did things have to be so difficult!?!

Heero growled and stood up. He needed to get out. Surely there was a park or /something/ on the /other/ side of the colony right? Heero quickly walked down the stairs, in his troubled state of mind, he forgot to tell Doctor J where he was going. As he climbed into his car, Heero stared up at the artifical sun and sighed. He had to get out of here, had to get out of this colony! Maybe he’d go to the Earth like he’d always wanted. Heero smirked and shook his head at his foolished thoughts. He put his car into first and drove down his driveway at breakneck speed. The Japanese boy drovely quickly towards the other side of the colony. It was fairly small as far as colonys go. It only had two high schools and a small number of junior and elementry schools scattered around. As he drove on, Heero noticed that he was getting into the ‘bad part’ of the colony.

This was where the destitute and homeless people of the colony resided. Heero swollowed and tried not to look into the eyes of the children hiding in the shadows or to notice the drunken old men spawled out on the street. Heero was about to turn around when he noticed a long chestnut braid from the corner of his eyes. He whipped his head around and his eyes widened in shock. What was /Duo/ doing here!?! Heero parked his car on the side of the road and set the alarm. He idly wondered if it would get striped, but he really didn’t care. He knew he was going to be in a lot of trouble when he got home anyway because he’d forgotten to tell Doctor J where he was going.

Heero shrugged, damn if he did, damned if he didn’t. So he might as well find out what Duo was doing here in this part of the colony. Heero slowly walked towards where Duo was and noticed he was walking with a nun, or a sister. He solemnly handed her one of the bags he was carrying and she smiled as she walked over to where some women were standing on a street corner. Duo watched to see that she got there safely and he waved to a priest from across the park he was just entering. What was going on? Heero’s brow furrowed in confusion, he was completely lost here. Suddenly, the children that had been hiding across the street raced over to Duo crying happily and he laughed. Duo knelt down and set his bags gingerly down just a moment before he was buried in a dogpile of exuberant children. Heero took a step forward, afraid Duo was being attacked, but he then heard the deep husky laugh that had to belong to Duo.

"Mercy, mercy!" Duo cried as he emerged from the pile, a child under each arm, one around his neck and two glomped onto his legs. Duo made a great show of ‘struggling’ to move. "You guys are too much, I can’t move." The children giggled. "Guess I’ll just have to stay here forever huh?" The children laughed and tightened their grip on Duo.

"Duo stay! Duo stay! Duo stay!" The all chanted together and Duo grinned.

"But I have to go to school tomorrow guys." The children protested but Duo simply grinned happily at them. "But I’ll stay and play with you as long as I can today. But first off." Duo ‘struggled’ back to his bags. "Ya know this would be easier if I was free." The children gigged and released Duo.

Duo opened up his bags and started to hand out some food to the children.

"Also, not so fun time again dudes." The children stiffened. "Yeah, another virus broke out in sector E last week, you guys got to get vaccinated." The children whimpered and one little girl and boy burst into tears.

"We don’t wanna get shot!!" The children cried and Duo’s face fell.

"Look, you have to, otherwise you guys don’t want to end up like my friend Solo do you?" The children shook their heads Heero, who had been watching this had slipped into the shadows of a tree. He’d never suspected that Duo did stuff like this, it was humbling actually.

"Can I help you my Son?" Heero whirled around and saw a kind faced man standing behind him.

"No sir, I was just watching." The man looked over at Duo and nodded.

"Ah, yes Duo. He’s terrific with the children isn’t he?"

"Yeah, I didn’t know he did stuff like this."

"You know him?"

‘Kuso! Heero no baka!’ Heero mentally cursed himself.

"Yeah I go to school with him."

"Oh, well why don’t you go over there and see if you can lend a hand? I’ve still got to finish my rounds. The work of a man of the Lord is never done I fear." Heero smiled slightly and nodded his head. "But honestly, Duo could probably use the help, I was coming over there to help him. But if you were to help, I could go help others more swiftly."

"Sure." Heero nodded and started to walk over to Duo and the children. Duo looked up and his dark blue-violet eyes widened in surprise.

"Duo, this fine young man is going to help you out with the children." The priest called and Duo nodded his head.

"Yes Father." Duo called back as he stood up. He held out his hand, a slight blush coloring his cheeks. "Duo Maxwell."

Heero cocked and eyebrow and shoock his hand.

"Heero Yuy." Heero said, he was curious why Duo didn’t let on that they already knew each other. "How can I help?"

"Well do you know how to prepare a hypodermic?" Barely concealed hope colored Duo’s voice.

"And give shots, yes." Duo breathed a sigh of relief. Heero motioned Duo over and they walked a few feet away from the children. "Do you want me to give the shots? You don’t seem to like the idea of giving them shots."

"Well I don’t want them to fear me, besides, I /hate/ needles." Duo shuddered and rubbed his arms.

"Not a problem, I can give them the shots if you prep them." Duo looked at Heero gratefully.


"Hai." Heero smiled, his first real and genuine smile all day long.

"Thanks!" Duo grinned and all but bounced back over to the children. "Okay little dudes, guess what? My friend Heero here is going to help vaccinate you guys." The children looked at Heero apprehensively and scooted closer to Duo. "Hey! Don’t be like that guys, Heero’s a cool guy, really. He won’t hurt you, I promise." The children continued to look at Heero. He smiled and waved at them as he knelt down so they wouldn’t feel so threatened by him.

"Hey." He said softly. One of the children, a young girl with midnight colored hair walked forward hesitantly. She stopped in front of Heero and eyed him with mistrustful, dark blue eyes. Heero met her gaze solemnly. "Heero Yuy at your service." Heero actually managed to grin at the child and she giggled.

"He’s okay!" She went back and pulled Duo over to Heero. "He’s cute when he grins." Duo laughed and winked at Heero.

"Better watchout Heero, she’ll break your heart like she did mine." Duo plopped down on his bottom near Heero and started to pull out everything he needed for the vaccination from the second bag he was carrying. The children sighed and rolled up their shirtsleeves, although a few did sniffle in fear.

"There, there." Heero reassured the first child as he wiped her arm clean with an alcoholic swab. "This will only sting a little." Heero reassured her with a gently smile. Duo handed him the needle and got a bandage ready. Heero gently gave the child the shot and her eyes welled up with tears. Heero whispered something to her in Japanese and she sniffled as Duo covered the small puncture wound with a band-aid. Duo grinned and held out a lollypop to her. The little girl giggled, tears forgotten as she accepted her treat.

"I didn’t catch what you said to her." Duo murmured as he handed Heero another hypodemic. Heero soothed the child he was vaccinating.

"I told her not to cry in Japanese." Heero said as he finished with the child.

"Oh." Duo placed the band-aid on the wound and handed the child a lollypop. They continued to work in silence until they were down to the last child; the little girl who’d first approached Heero. After Heero had vaccinated her, she kissed him full on the mouth. Heero jerked back surprised and Duo laughed at the wide-eyed shock on his face.

"That was classic Sera, absolutly classic." The little girl grinned and held out her hand for her lollypop. Duo chuckled and handed her one. "Looks to me like you already got your treat." Duo murmured and he nudged Heero. "Hey man, you okay." Heero blinked a bit owlishly and shook his head as if clearing out cobwebs.

"Yeah, just surprised is all. It’s not everyday you’re hit on by an eight year old girl." Heero admitted with a rueful grin as he looked at Duo.

"Actually, she’s eleven."

"Really? But she’s so tiny." Duo shrugged; his eyes darkened slightly.

"That’s what happens when you don’t get the right amount or kind of food when you’re a kid. It stunts your growth."

"Oh." Heero looked over at the children, his eyes dark and chaotic. "Do they have parents?" Duo laughed, a hollow and bitter sound.

"Yeah, drug-addicts or abusive ones. Some of them were just abandoned out here."

"That’s terrible." Duo nodded jerkily.

"It happens, mankind always has to victimize someone. And sadly, children often get caught in the middle." Heero winced even though he knew Duo wasn’t talking about the hazing he received at school.

"Look Duo, I’m sorry that those guys..."

"Don’t bother Yuy." Duo interrupted as he looked at Heero with emotionless eyes. "It’s nothing, and I know you don’t like being there."

"How..." Heero started to ask.

"How did I know? Because you practically scream uncomfortable and guilt whenever you’re with them." Duo smiled his slightly maniacal smile. "Besides, compared to some of the stuff I’ve been through, that hazing is nothing." Duo stood up and held out his hand to Heero. "I really appreciate you helping out today. Althougth I am kinda curious why /you/ would be out in this part of the colony." Duo cocked an eyebrow and some of his former good-humor seeped into his eyes.

"I needed to get away." Heero laughed softly. "Of course I’m going to be in major trouble because I forgot to tell my guardian where I was going." Heero shruged slightly "Oh well. So Duo, what is it that you and those other people are doing here?"

"It’s a government, yet not government sponsored program. You see when social services tries to come out here, these kids vanish into the shadows and they can never find them. We’re a church and we’ve spent a lot of time working with the community so they trust us. The government gives us the food, clothes and vaccinations and we distributet it through the community."

"Wow." Heero said softly. "That’s really amazing Duo." Duo shrugged, an eloquent gesture that had Heero’s mouth going dry.

"Just doing our part to help those that get lost in the cracks. We used to have an orphanage but it got shut down, stupid budget cuts." Duo scuffed his boot in the dirt. "Course all the tax-payers don’t want to have to deal with this kinda stuff. They give their five-credits a day to help some kid starving back on Earth. Never thinking about the kid who is starving on the same colony as them." Anger and bitterness colored Duo’s tone.

"I...I never knew." Heero said softly, his eyes dark with sorrow and confusion. "I had no idea there were so many people like this who were suffering." Duo smiled slightly.

"Hey it’s cool, not like this is something the colony announces during the five o’clock news." Duo laid a hand on Heero’s shoulder. Heero frowned and he looked at Duo determined.

"I want to help." Duo blinked in surprise.

"You what?"

"I want to help, the priest over there said you guys needed help. Let me."

"Whoa! Now just slow down here Heero, this ain’t something you just jump into. It takes a lot of time and work; a lot of commitment."

"I know, but I still want to help. I mean come off it Duo; I do nothing at home but waste time on the computer or take up space. This way I can actually make a difference. I want to do this." Duo looked at Heero and saw nothing but sincerity in his cobalt blue eyes.

"Alright, let’s go talk to the Father."

Heero tried to open the door as quietly as he could. He looked around the corner but didn’t see anyone. The coast was clear; he slid through the door and shut it as soundlessly as possible.

"And just /where/ have you been young man?" Heero stiffened as he heard the barely restrained anger in Doctor J’s voice.

"I’m sorry sir, I completely forgot to tell you where I was goi..." Heero hissed in pain as Doctor J’s claw fastened tightly around his upper arm.

"You tell me where you were, not give excuses." Doctor J hissed as he jerked Heero down to his level. His bionic eyes shown menacingly as he looked at his ward. "You’re in need of discipline boy. So that next time you won’t ‘forget’ to tell me where you’re going. I’ll be sure /that/ lesson is instilled in you. Doctor J pressed a button on a remote and a huge, evil looking man came up from the servant’s quarters. "See to it that Heero doesn’t forget his place again. We can’t have his memory slipping now can we." Heero trembled with rage and he looked at the taller man with hatred burning in his eyes. The man grasped both of Heero’s arms painfully behind his back and carried him towards the back of the house. "Be sure you don’t leave any marks on his face or any on his body that couldn’t be explained away by an accident. Doctor J" reminded the man and he nodded. Heero clenched his jaw and swore silently that one day he’d kill this sadistic bastard. The man chuckled menacingly.

"Yes, hate me pretty boy, it will only make things more enjoyable for me." Heero closed his eyes. Why! Why was he so weak? He couldn’t stop this because he was too weak. As the man strapped Heero to the ceiling, his hands bound above his head, he smiled as he stripped Heero to the waist. "It’s been a while since we’ve danced hasn’t it my pretty." Tears stung Heero’s eyes from beneath his eyelids, tears of rage and helplessness. As he heard the whip uncoil and crack through the air, he swore to become stronger.

[1] Oh gee, I wonder who /does/ he talk to online :::snickers:::::