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Reality Bytes 3.0 by Sheira



Duo sighed as he left school the next day. He couldn’t wait to get home and see if Cobalt Blue was on.

"Hey cute stuff!" Duo blinked when Hilde, his closest female friend ran up to him. "How was your weekend?" Hilde wrapped her arm around Duo and smiled up at him.

"So-so." Duo said smiling back. Hilde was one of the few people who knew about Duo’s sexual preference and much to Duo’s surprise and relief, she was very supportive and understanding. But she seemed to find an unholy glee in teasing Duo about it.

"So, didja meet any cute guys?" Hilde’s eyes twinkled merrily and a cute little blush colored Duo’s cheeks.

"Not so loud Hilde!" Duo pleaded and Hilde laughed merrily and danced away.

"Well???" Duo sighed and hung his head as he motioned Hilde over.

"Well...there is this one guy." Duo whispered in Hilde’s ear.


"There’s nothing to tell." Duo admitted.

"Tease!" Hilde pouted and Duo grinned down at her.

"Maxwell!!!!" Duo’s heard jerked up when someone bellowed his name enraged. Duo spotted Chang Wufei storming towards him, an unholy anger in his dark eyes. "You dishonorable cur! I’ll see you hung by your toes and choked by that ridiculous braid of yours!!!" Duo cocked an eyebrow as Wufei continued to rant.

"Problem Wu-chan?"

"Problem!?!?! You desecrated my Nataku!!!!" Wufei pointed a trembling finger at the beautifully taken cared for car in the parking lot. The only flaw on the car was the neon pink paint splashed across its cherry red paint in the designs of smiley faces and stripes.

"Ouch, good thing that’s washable paint." Duo winced sympethically and Wufei looked like he was about to have an apoplexy.

"Maxwell!!!!" Wufei started to curse in Chinese as he stood glaring at Duo in helpless fury.

"Male! What’s your problem now!?" A short Chinese girl asked sharply as she walked up to the group.

"Mei-chan!" Duo cried happily as the Chinese girl glared fiercely at Wufei.

"Males!" Meiran huffed "Stupid, whiny, little boys with toys!" Duo ventured a chuckle while Hilde attempted to hide her smile.

"Woman what are you talking about now!?" Wufei demanded; Duo swore that steam would start coming out of his ears any moment now.

"You Chang Wufei! You’re dishonorable and pathetic behavior over that stupid car of yours."

"Leave Nataku out of this!"1 Hilde leaned close to Duo and whispered in his ear.

"Um...it’s only a car...."

"It’s more then a car to Wufei." Duo whispered back.

"No kidding." Hilde said with a slight smile.

"It’s a car Chang! A piece of metal that will eventually rust and crumble upon itself!" Meiran shot back. "And I’m tired of competing with it!" Meiran stalked forward and yanked Wufei’s face down close to her own. "We may be betrothed but I won’t allow any husband or husband to be of mine to ignore me, even for a car. You got that Chang Wufei? No more, it’s just a car, so get your priorities in order." With that, Meiran released Wufei’s face and walked away silently. Duo motioned for Hilde to follow her and the short-haired girl did.

"Stupid irrational woman." Wufei muttered sulkily.

"Well can you blame her?" Duo asked bluntly.

"What?!" "How would you like to take second place to a car in Meiran’s life?"

"Heh, if it got her off my back, I’m all for it." Duo frowned at Wufei.

"You and I both know what, or /who/ Nataku is named after Wufei, so don’t give me that. One of these days you’re just going to have to stop ‘worshiping’ Nataku and come out and tell Meiran how you feel."

"Are you mad, Maxwell!?" Wufei demanded, his face turning red. "I could never do that. She hates me enough as it is!"

"Does she?" Duo’s abrupt question had Wufei stopping in his tracks. "If you think that Wufei, then you’re more blind then I thought." Duo smiled, trying to take the sting out of his honest words. He patted Wufei on the shoulder comfortingly. "Give it a try, I’m willing to wager you’d be surprised at the results." Duo smirked and continued to walk towards the bus stop. "Oh, and I’m sorry for painting Natakue neon pink, that was unforgivable of me." Wufei looked at Duo startled. Duo was /apologizing/ for one of his pranks!?!?! Impossible!! Duo looked back over his shoulder and his smirk widened. "Next time I’ll do it justice and make it canary yellow and pine green."

"Maxwell!!!!!!" Duo laughed merrily as he continued on home with a lighter heart.


/join #bishounenchat/

Duo grinned as he settled down in front of his computer. Aha! There he was! Duo double clicked on the name ‘CobaltBlue’ and the private chat window popped up.

Shinigami: Hi!!!

Cobaltblue: Hello

Shinigami: So how was your day?

CobaltBlue: Okay, yours?

Shinigami: Pretty good, I had a lot of fun teasing my friend today.

CobaltBlue: Oh?

Shinigami: Yeah he went nuts when I painted his precious car with neon pink /washable/ paint.

CobaltBlue: Hmmm, I can see why he would be angered.

Shinigami: ::chuckles:: Anger doesn’t even /begin/ to describe what he felt. He /worships/ his car, a fact that drives his fiance up the wall!

CobaltBlue: :::smiles:::

Shinigami: So I guess today was pretty good, aside from the morning, which always sux

CobaltBlue: Because of the hazers?

Shinigami: Yeah.

CobaltBlue: Why don’t you fight back?

Shinigami: ::laughs:: Because aside from one of them, they all out-weigh me, are taller and are probably stronger then me. That and the fact that there are 5 of them and 1 of me

CobaltBlue: Sou ka.

Shinigami: Yeah, you can’t win if they don’t play by the rules

CobaltBlue: They play by the rules, their own rules.

Shinigami: Yeah I guess you could put it that way.

Duo fidgeted nervously in his chair and played with the tip of his braid as he waited for CobaltBlue to say /something/ He dabbled a bit in the main chatroom, but he kept flipping back to the private chat he had going with CobaltBlue.

CobaltBlue: So, what do you do when you’re not at school or online?

Shinigami: Is /there/ life outside the net? ::blinks innocently:::

CobaltBlue: LOL Yes grasshopper, there most certainly is. A man can spend all his life searching for the meaning of life. Do /you/ know what the meaning of life is?

Shinigami: ::deadpan::: Live each day to the fullest, drink lotsa caffeine, party hardy while you still can and always help old ladies across the street. Oh! And there’s no such thing as a: too much chocolate, b: too much anime, c: too much of a good thing.

CobaltBlue: ROFL Well that’s a lot better then /my/ version.

Shinigami: Oh? And what would your version be?

CobaltBlue: Something boring and philosophical like "The path we take always leads to a new adventure, no matter how many times we’ve traveled down it before."

Shinigami: Hey, I kinda like that.

CobaltBlue: Thanx. But no, really, what do you offline?

Shinigami: Hmmm....hang out with friends, study, eat ^-^ and help Father with the church.

CobaltBlue: So what’s it like living at a church?

Shinigami: Okay, not too much privacy but hey, I’m used to it.

CobaltBlue: Question...doesn’t your sexual preferences interfere with your religion?

Shinigami: Well it probably would if I believed in God.

CobaltBlue: ::blinks:: You don’t?

Shinigami: :::smiles bitterly:: The only God I’ve ever seen is Shinigami, God of Death

CobaltBlue: Oh, I’m sorry

Shinigami: Don’t be, we’ve all got out daemons.

CobaltBlue: Yeah

Shinigami: What about you? Do you believe in God?

CobaltBlue: Me? I...was never raised with religion, so I really don’t know. I guess I’d like to believe that there is some greater entity out there, but all I’ve ever been taught disproves that.

Shinigami: Sou ka. Kinda hard to decide which one is worse huh?

CobaltBlue: Hai

Duo sighed and his eyes darkened with sorrow. How much had CobaltBlue gone through to make him so jaded at his age. Duo himself had been exposed to the harsh reality of life when he was four, but what had happened to CobaltBlue to make him like he was. What was perhaps the most distrubing to Duo was the fact that he wanted to find out /why/ What made up CobaltBlue, what made him think like he did. Duo sighed and laid his head against his desk. He must be out of his mind, it wasn’t /possible/ to fall for someone over a computer...was it?

Shinigami: Look, I’ve gotta go. Like now!

CobaltBlue: Okay, ::hugs::: See you later.

Shinigami: Yeah, later

Duo closed down his computer and flopped down on his bed. What the hell was happening to him!?!?

[1] :::dies of laughter:::