Here's part two, same disclaimers as before w/ an additional one for language.


/actions that are hightlighted in chatroom/






Reality Bytes 2.0 by Sheira



Heero Yuy sighed as he got out of his car. He casually slung his bookbag over his shoulder and looked around. He knew she was here somewhere. Like a hawk, Relena was capable of swooping down on him with a lightning fast precision that would have left him in awe if it wasn't so damned inconvenient!

"HEEEERRROOO!!!" Heero winced at that screeching voice a split second before an energetic bundle of blond energy threw herself into his arms. "I'm so glad you're here!" Relena smiled up at Heero and the Japanese boy smiled politely down at her. He really did care for Relena, but more like a friend then romantically.

"Hey Yuy, you taking care of my baby sister?" Heero looked up into the aquamarine colored eyes of Miliardo Peacecraft, aka Zechs Marquise.

"Oh course Oniisama!" Relena retorted as she wrapped her arm around Heero's "We're just going to class, have fun at school today! Bye!"

Relena waved to her brother who with a resigned sigh walked towards the college campus which was located less then half a block from the St Jude's Academy. "...your weekend, Heero?" Relena's voice broke through Heero's concentration and he looked at her confused.


Relena pouted slightly and a line appeared between her eyebrows

"I was asking how was your weekend? Did you even get off the computer at all?"

"Who me?" Heero asked innocently and Relena smiled fondly.

"Really, what am I supposed to do with you? If you're not studying, practicing, spending time with me or eating and sleeping you're on that computer." Heero shrugged "Don't you ever watch television or movies? Read a book?"

"Book? What be this device you speak of?" Heero smirked at Relena and laid an obligary kiss on her cheek. "I'm fine Relena, honto."

"Oh! There you go again! Rambling off in Japanese, didn't your father ever teach you it's rude to..."

"I don't have a father, Relena." Heero interjected as he broke away from her. "Come on, we'll be late for class." Heero's voice was dead, devoid of any emotion as he walked down the hallway. Relena stared after him with a confused look on her face before she ran to catch up with him.

"Hey Yuy, just in time!" Heero looked up and saw one of his teammates striding towards him. Bret Curnshaw was six-foot if he was an inch and had the brains of a monkey in Heero's opinion. Not that'd he ever tell his 'friend' that. Bret like Relena and all of Heero's 'friends' were an act, a smokescreen for the true him. And everyday that ate at him, made him more resentful, but Heero knew better then associate with the 'wrong' people. His guardian had beaten that lesson, literally, into him when he was still young. " coming?"


"I asked if you were coming to meet our dear Maxwell at the gate."

Heero felt the familier queasiness fill his stomach. This was a part of the day he hated the most. The daily ritual his 'friends' had started, to haze the unfortunate soul named Duo Maxwell. Heero couldn't understand why his 'friends' found it necessary to pick on others weaker then them but he couldn't protest. That would go against the image he projected. So Heero ignored the self-hatred that began to well within him and he nodded to Bret.

"Aa, let's go." Heero swiftly walked with Bret towards the front gate where the rest of his teammates on the atheletics team stood waiting, ready to pounce. Like clockwork, Duo Maxwell, their unlucky victim came striding up to the gate. Heero had to admit, he admired the braided boy for his courage. He'd been hazed all through school yet he never let that smile slip from his face. The cobalt eyed boy watched as Bret and his cronies shoved Maxwell around a little. The smaller boy stood there passively, with no expression on his usually animated face. Heero made the mistake of looking into Duo's emtpy eyes and the world seemed to drop out beneath him. Duo had the same look in his eyes that Heero saw everytime he looked in the mirror.

"Oi! We're going to be late for class Curnshaw! Get a move on it!" Heero barked and everyone looked at him hostilely. "Come on, after school detenion isn't worth hazing one little boy." Duo looked at Heero and his blue-violet eyes flashed.

'Idiot!' Heero thought savagely 'Don't let them know you're angry!'

Heero looked at his 'friends' and picked up his bookbag. "I'm going to class, I for one have practice after school. Ja ne." Heero pushed his way through the crowd and his eyes met Duo's briefly as he passed him.

"Sayonara, bakayarou." Duo breathed to Heero and the Japanese boy looked at him swiftly. Bret shoved Duo and the boy fell to his knees.

"You little shit, what'd you just say to Heero?!"

"He said goodbye." Heero interjected in his cold nasal voice. "Nothing more, I'm going." Heero walked back towards the school and breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the rest follow him. The urge to turn around and look back at Duo was almost overwhelming. But years of controlling himself and his emotions enabled Heero to continue to walk without a backwards glance. And if somewhere deep inside, a small voice weeped, who was to know?

Heero had already begun to boot up his computer before he'd even gotten his uniform tie loosened. As he swiftly changed into more comfortable clothing, namely spandex shorts and a green tank top, he watched his computer run through it's standard setup. At one screen, Heero pushed a button and looked over what ways his guardian had tried today to hack into his system. Heero sighed an rubbed his head. Doctor J was getting too close to his protected data, it was time to change systems /again/.

"Damned noisy bastard." Heero snarled. Although there wasn't much in his protected data folders, it contained such things as his journal, and the list of certain exclusive net friends Heero kept. With a smirk, Heero added the name 'Shinigami' to that list. Heero shuddered to think about what would happen if Doctor J managed to get ahold of his journal. It was the only place aside from talking to a select group of people, that Heero could talk and act like his true self. The only place where he could write about his frustrations with living a double life. Heero sighed and began to upload his new system as he got on the net.


/join #bishounenchat/

Heero looked quickly through the list of people in the chatroom and a genuine smile lit upon his lips when he noticed the sig 'Shinigami'

Heero double clicked on that name and a private chat window came up

CobaltBlue: Hey.

Shinigami: ::waves::: Hiya!

CobaltBlue: How was your day? Mine sucked

Shinigami: So did mine, I was soooooo late leaving for school today! ;_;

CobaltBlue: Did you make it on time?

Shinigami: I would have if a bunch of jerkoffs hadn't decided to screw around with me again.

CobaltBlue: What? ::is confused:::

Shinigami: Some guys at my high school decided last semester that I was going to be the unlucky recipient of hazing. I've been picked on since I was a kid but this is just too much.

CobaltBlue: Why do they pick on you?

Shinigami: Because I'm a shrimp, don't play sports and actually think? No, actually they say they pick on me cuz I'm a 'little gay boy' with my 'pretty face and girlie hair' Of course they think they're just yanking my chain. ::smirks::: Life it seems, does have a sense of humor. I wonder how well they'd take it if they knew the truth...:::feral grin:::

CobaltBlue: :::chuckles::: About as well as my 'friends' would if they knew about me. So, are there any of them you like?

Shinigami: Of that lot!? Phuleeze! Well....

CobaltBlue: Well?

Heero's breath quickened a bit as he typed in his reply. For some odd reason, the idea of his new friend having a boyfriend offline seemed weird to him. Odd, he'd never felt like that before...

Shinigami: Well...there is this one guy who kinda hangs out with them. But he's never really teased me. Hell, today he stopped them.

CobaltBlue: Hmmm sounds interesting. What's he look like?

Shinigami: :::droool::: Absolutely gorgeous of course. He's barely taller then me, which is bad cuz I'm short! He's got this messy mop of dark brown/red hair that eternally looks like he's been out in the wind. His face is very delicate, very precise, almost like off of a statue. But he's not one because he's got the most amazing pair of cobalt blue eyes I've ever seen. I mean they look like they have this inner fire, a wild glitter to them and whoo! ::drools::: One very hot individual.

Heero looked at the screen and pain flashed across his face. 'So he does have a love interest huh? That's great for him, I'm happy for him, really.' Heero's smile was tinged a bit with bitterness.

CobaltBlue: That sounds great! ^_^ I'm happy for you.

Shinigami: Don't be, it's not like he's availible or anything. I mean hell, he's even got this girlfriend who's like the president of every club. The perfect girl for the perfect guy. ::sigh::: Wanna know something that's been buggin me all day long?

CobaltBlue: Sure

Shinigami: Today after he stopped those assholes from hazing me and he was leaving he said somethnig in another language. And I said something really rude to him in that language. His friends were about to beat me into the ground when he said that I'd just told him 'goodbye' which I hadn't. He'd lied to his friends, and when he looked at me earlier. I swear, it was like seeing myself reflected in his eyes. It was really creepy. But I mean, why would he lie to his friends?

Heero gulped, Shinigami was describing almost word for word what he'd felt when he'd looked into Duo's eyes this morning. That feeling of a kindred spirit, someone who was linked to his soul, it creeped him out!!

CobaltBlue: Hmm sounds like you may have found a kindred spirit. It had that happen once, I looked into this guy's eyes and it was like looking at myself, the emptiness, pain and sorrow I never allowed anyone else to see.

Shinigami: And the longing, all the daemons of your past coming back all at once and trying to consume you.

CobaltBlue:... exactly

Shinigami: :::blinks:: Whoa, what just happened....:::shivers IRL::::

CobaltBlue: I don't know, but you're right that was kinda creepy.

Shinigami: Hmm maybe we're these kindred spirits too huh?

CobaltBlue: ::smiles:: Maybe

Shinigami: ::anime tears fill eyes and glomps you:: Yatta!

CobaltBlue: Hn, baka.

Shinigami: Hidoi! ::pouts and goes SD:::

CobaltBlue: KOTC :::huggles:: Don't cry.

Shinigami: Ohhhh nice :::cuddles up and goes Neko::: Puuuurrrrr

CobaltBlue: ::sweatdrops::: You're one weird individual

Shinigami: Yep! ^_______^ What can I say, you found my weak spot ::nuzzles::: I'm a cat at heart.

CobaltBlue: ::chuckles and scritches kitty::: Kawaii Neko-chan

Shinigami: Domo ::bows:::

Heero chuckled and checked on the uploading of his new system. Over 90% complete. Damn, soon he'd have to shut down and let the computer re-set.

CobaltBlue: Saaa, I'll be having to go soon. Setting up a new system.

Shinigami: Ouch, that must be fun :::kicks his piece of junk computer:::

CobaltBlue: ::chuckles:: Well mine's not but I still have to alter the system almost weekly because my guardian likes to try and hack into my computer.

Shinigami: What a totally crappy thing to do!! :::growls:::

CobaltBlue: Yeah, he's a real piece of work.

Shinigami: Why the hell does he have guardianship over you?

CobaltBlue: Because when I was a kid, I was too afraid of him to say anything when social services came. Besides, he's rich and he can 'appear' to give me anything I need. As far as they were concerned, I'd gotten a lucky break, and none of the marks he'd put on my were visible. By the time I'd gotten over my fear of him, it was too late.

Shinigami: ::hugs you tightly::: Don't say that! It's never too late!

CobaltBlue: No, it's okay, I'll be 18 in a few months and then I can leave any time I want too. But since he's pretty much let up on me, and things are bearable. I'll wait until I have enough money in my banking account to pay for everything I need till I get out of college.

Shinigami: Still, that's horrible. He beat you?

CobaltBlue: Yeah, when I was younger. Said I needed 'discipline'. He's one of the reasons I haven't come out, I truly don't want to think about what would happen if he found out about me. ::laughs bitterly::: I can't /believe/ I am telling this to you. I mean what the hell am I thinking? I've known you for less then 24 hours....

Shinigami: :::hugs tightly::: Maybe we were searching for each other. It sounds like neither of us have anyone to talk to IRL, and to be honest, I really feel like I can talk to you. And that's kinda weird cuz I've never been so open with anyone before. ::blush:::

CobaltBlue: ::hugs back tentatively::: Yeah, I know what you mean. ::laughs dryly::: With my luck you're also probably live as far as humanly possible away from me IRL

Shinigami: LOL You're prolly right!

"Heero!" Heero's head jerked up when he heard Doctor J call for him from downstairs.

"Yes sir?" He asked over the intercom

"Relena is here to see you." Heero began to curse fluently at Relena, Doctor J and life in general. "I'll be right down sir, allow me a few moments to make myself more presentable.

"You do that."

CobaltBlue: Kuso! I've gotta go, my girlfriend showed up ::growls::: Dammit as if I don't have enough to put up with her in school.

Shinigami: ::smiles and patpats::: Gomen nasai.

CobaltBlue: ::sighs:: She'll probably keep me out till all hours, so I probably won't be on again tonight. If I do it will be late, but I might see you tomorrow before school :::wicked grin:: And I'll make sure not to make you late again.

Shinigami: :::laughs::: You do that. KOTC See ya!

CobaltBlue: Hai.

Shinigami: Oi wait! One question.

CobaltBlue: Shoot.

Shinigami: What's up with your SN?

CobaltBlue: It's the color of my eyes.

Shinigami:....oh. Ja ne!

CobaltBlue: Ja

Heero clicked the close button and saw that his new system was done setting up. He shut down his computer and changed swiftly into more decent clothing then his typical spandex and green tank top. As he walked downstairs he pasted a polite, yet cool smile on his face.

"Hello Relena." Relena's blue eyes lit up with pleasure as Heero came downstairs.

"I figured I'd steal you away from your computer tonight and we could go have some fun."

"Relena, I have studying to do." Heero said in exasperation.

"Oh don't give me that! You always finish your homework at school durning lunch." Relena stamped her foot but then smiled and wrapped her arms around Heero's arm. "Come on, please?"

"Go with her, I would enjoy a night to myself." Doctor J interrupted in Japanese.

"Yes sir." Heero replied back in Japanese and he turned to Relena.

She mistook the sparkle of anger in Heero's eyes as anticipation and smiled happily. Maybe he was /finally/ coming around!

"Let's go." Heero said, his voice a nasal monotone as he walked out the door.

"Bye Doctor J!" Relena waved to Heero's guardian and Doctor J waved back.

"Have fun, and don't stay out to late Heero. You do have school tomorrow."

"Yes sir." Heero replied.

'He's so polite, the perfect husband for a politician.' Relena thought happily as she dreamt of Heero being her loving and attentive husband.

'I wonder what Shinigami looks like IRL.' Heero wondered silently as he climbed into his car. As the door shut, he could have sworn he heard the echo of a door and lock of a prison sliding into place.