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/actions that are hightlighted in chatroom/






Reality Bytes 1.0 by Sheira




/join #Bishounenchat/

Duo Maxwell rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he sat wearily at his computer. He sighed as he connected to the chatroom. Another sleepless night, another night of staying up late talking with friends. Or what his adoptive father would say, talking to a machine and hiding from the real world. Well, who could blame him from wanting to hide from the cruel reality he called his life. All Duo had to look forward to each day he went to school was brutal and cruel hazing from his fellow students. Who could blame a guy for wanting to stay at home and hide a little? Duo sighed and swiftly braided his long thick hair into its neat and efficent braid. The boy with dark blue-violet eyes sighed when he noticed that there were only 10 people in the chat room.

Shinigami: Hi minna!

Pantherclaw: Hey Shin!


/Pantherclaw snuggles Shinigami close and ruffles his hair/

Shinigami: LOL Keep that up and Denver will be jealous, 'Claw.

Pantherclaw: Awww you must know you're my one and only!

Duo chuckled as he chatted with his friend. He knew for a fact that 'Claw had been happily married to his mate Denver for two blissful years. But that didn't stop 'Claw from flirting outrageously with Duo and many others.

Shizuhane: Love, shouldn't you be at school right now?

Shingami: Yeah well?

A window suddenly popped up on Duo's screen and he blinked.

CobaltBlue: Where do you go to school?

Duo blinked, he'd never seen /this/ person before! The American cracked his hands and setttled down to type.

Shinigami: I go to high school

CobaltBlue: I see, I do too.

Shinigami: Cool! What classes do you take?

CobaltBlue: Calculus, Physics, English 4 honors with dual credit for college English.


/Shinigami sweatdrops/

Shinigami: Wow, and I thought I was pretty good.

CobaltBlue: Yeah well, I have to be at the top of everything; otherwise my guardian spazes out. :::sigh:::

Duo's eyes darkened. Despite the fact that we was talking to someone he'd never met, or even seen. His story touched something deep within him, and it felt ... odd

"Poor guy."

Shinigami: ::patpat::: I'm sorry, I'm kinda the opposite. My adoptive father doesn't really push me for grades, he just pushes me to be a good little Christian and live a normal life.

CobaltBlue: Me too, I have a girlfriend IRL, but she's just for cover. I don't even want to think about how my guardian would react if he knew I was ... well you know ...

Shinigami: Yeah I do. How do you think I feel? My father's a priest!

CobaltBlue: Ouch, that would be bad. What about your mom?

Shinigami: Dunno, I was abandoned when I was a child and my father and Sister Helen took me in when I was like 7. Did I mention my adoptive father is a Catholic priest?

CobaltBlue: ::winces::: No...

Shinigami: Yeah, I stay with them at a church. There used to be other kids but after out orphanage lost it's funding we had to find homes for them. So now it's just the three of us. I'm technically a ward of the church but I call my guardian 'Father' and the sister who stayed with us 'Sister Helen'.

CobaltBlue: Sou ka, you're lucky that you have a family so loving.

Shinigami: Yeah? ...I guess I am :::smiles::: Thanx for pointing that out, I sometimes forget about such things.

CobaltBlue: Not a problem, hey can I ask you something?

Duo went still as he read the question on the screen. 'Please don't ask my real name, please don't ask my real name' He silently prayed as he typed his answer. If there was one rule Duo refused to break, it was the one about not giving his name or address out over the net. Even /he'd/ heard enough creepy stories to keep him wary of such things.

Shinigami: Sure.

CobaltBlue: How long have you known ... you know, that you're gay?

Shinigami: Me? For years, but technically I'm bi. I like both male and females, but don't tell my friend :::whispers::: She thinks she doesn't have a chance with me because I'm 'gay'.

CobaltBlue: Why don't you tell her?

Shinigami: Because I love her like a sister, but there's no real ... attraction. You know?

CobaltBlue: Aa, it's like that with my girlfriend. She just hangs all over me and all I want to do is push her away. Of course it doesn't help she thinks she's in love with me :::sighs and bangs head against desk:::

Shinigami: ::puts pillow between you and desk::: Don't do that! You might hurt that pretty face of yours!

CobaltBlue: How do you know I have a pretty face? ::drily:::

Shinigami: Why else would you be in 'Bishounenchat'?

CobaltBlue: Maybe I'm lying?

Shinigami: Nah, I got a pretty good feel for people and I can tell you aren't. You may not be pretty but I don't think you're lying about the other parts. It just rings too true.

CobaltBlue: Hn, I wish I had your confidence in mankind.

Shinigami: Yep! That's me! Same old 'unfailingly optimistic and cheerful'

CobaltBlue: ::smirks::: Baka

Shinigami: :::looks hurt and anime tears fill eyes::. Hidoi!

CobaltBlue: ::blinks:: You speak Japanese?

Shinigami: :::smirks::: Hai

CobaltBlue: Neat, where I'm from /no one/ speaks it aside from my guardian and I. Who taught you?

Shinigami: Sister Helen of all people. She actually spent some time in Japan back in her younger days.

CobaltBlue: Neat, that must be fun to have a secret code that no one can understand but you and her.

Shinigami: Hey! You're right. Maaaaaaan that would drive my father up the wall if we kept speaking in Japanese and excluding him from our conversations!

CobaltBlue: :::chuckles::: Hai, that's what my guardian and I do.


Shinigami: K

Duo smiled happily at the screen. It looked like he'd found a really neat person to talk too. 'Hmmmmm I wonder what he looks like in real life...' Duo happily thought up dreamy little fantasies about what CobaltBlue looked like. Maybe he was tall and muscular with blond hair and sky blue eyes; a regular Viking. Or maybe he had a lithe body and soft brown hair like Trowa from his school. 'Yum' Duo drooled happily. Trowa has a /terrific/ body, buuuuuuut Duo happened to know from his friend Quatre that he and Trowa had secretly been dating for nearly eight months. Duo smiled happily for his friends. He was ecstatic that brighy, sunny Quatre had found such a great guy. 'I wouldn't mind if CobaltBlue looked like Quatre.' Duo nodded at his mental thought, nope, he wouldn't mind at all.

CobaltBlue: back

Shinigami: Welcome back.

CobaltBlue: Thanx, sorry getting ready for school. It starts at 8:00

Shinigami: Mine too.

Suddenly reality sizzled through Duo like a lightning bolt "Shimatta!!" He was late for school! The boy pushed away from his computer and hurridly dressed. He ran to the bathroom and brushed his teeth quickly before he realized he'd forgotten to explain to ColbaltBlue "Kuso!!" Duo ran back into his room.

CobaltBlue: Ano?


/CobaltBlue looks around and whistles,
but the room echoes silently/

Shinigami: SORRY!!!! I got all wrapped up I /completely/ forgot about school!

CobaltBlue: ::chuckles::: Sorry for distracting you.

Shinigami: Oh no! Don't apologize for that! Look I'll be back on later today, will you be on? I'd like to talk to you again.

CobaltBlue: Sure, I've got pratcie after school but I should be on around early evening.

Shinigami: Okay! I'll see you there! If you don't see me lurking around Bishounenchat I'm prolly on Instant Messenger. My SN is Shinigami02

CobaltBlue: K, mine's CobaltBlue there too.

Shinigami: K! See ya tonight! :::glomps and races out of the room:::


Duo shut down his computer in record time and scooped up his books. He raced downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Overslept again?" Duo smiled at the kindly yet beautiful face of Sister Helen. Her sea-green eyes racked over his face and her brow wrinkled in concern. "You didn't get any sleep last night again, did you?" Duo lowered his head and sighed.

"I couldn't get to sleep, but hey I got some at least. That's better then most days." Helen sighed and saddness shown in her eyes.

"The nightmares again huh?"

"Yeah." Duo shuffled uncomfortably as he all but shoved his breakfast down his throat.

"Duo slow down, or you'll choke." Father Maxwell admonished as he walked into the room.

"Sorry." Duo muttered and slowed down ... a little. "I've gotta get bookin'! I'm soooooo late!" Duo grabbed his bookbag and kissed Sister Helen on the cheek and grinned up at Father Maxwell. "May I go now?"

"Yeah, you'd better hurry or you'll miss the bus."

"Hai!" Duo ran out the door and it slammed shut behind him.

"What are we going to do with that kid?" Helen asked in affectionate exasperation.

"Don't know, we'll think of something. Come, have you finished your morning prayers?"


"I'll join you." Father Maxwell smiled down at Sister Helen and the two walked into the small church adjoining the kitchen.