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Blood Ties: Chapter Two
by Sheira


~*~*~*~ Lime Warning! ~*~*~*~

Heero waited patiently outside of the old warehouse that the coordinates said was the rendezvous point. With a slight frown, he glanced down at his watch, Duo was late.

“He’ll be here.” Heero whirled around and looked at Bridget surprised as she all but melted out of the shadows.

‘Not a spy huh?’ Heero thought mentally. ‘Then how did she get so good at sneaking around?’

“Relax lad, yae friend’ll be here.”

“Aa.” Heero said coldly looking anywhere but at Bridget. The Irishwoman didn’t seem to notice Heero’s cold attitude as she leaned against the warehouse and looked into the darkness. Or at least /appeared/ to look into the darkness. What she really did was sneak glances at Heero as he frowned moodily and stood stalk still.

“So what have yae been up tae since the war ended?” Bridget asked conversationally.

“None of your business.” Heero replied stonily and pain along with another unspecified emotion flashed through Bridget’s eyes. The scrap of a boot against gravel had both heads turning as Duo walked up to the warehouse, a goofy grin on his face.

“You’re late.” Heero growled.

“Gomen!” Duo apologized. “But I had to get this stuff.” Duo lifted the heavy suitcases in his hands and Heero took one of them.

“What’s in them?” Bridget asked as she opened the door of the warehouse.

“Oh the usual, socks, underwear, anti-aircraft missiles. What every vacationer needs.” Duo grinned cockily and Bridget laughed.

“Yae’ve a mouth on yae lad.” The red-haired woman chortled and Duo grinned unrepentantly.

“Aa, it’s my best feature.” Duo said grinning as he gaze slid over to Heero.

“Hn, baka.” Heero groused as he set his suitcase down.

“There’s more in the truck.” Duo said.

“Truck?” Heero and Bridget asked at the same time.

“Yep!” Duo smiled sunlit and walked out of the building.

“Lord have mercy on me soul, I’ve fallen into the company of madmen.” Bridget muttered and Heero’s lips twitched a bit.

“You get used to him.” The ever-talkative Japanese man murmured.

“I believe /that/.” Bridget said with a small smirk as she followed Heero out the door,


Ten hours later:

Bridget silently walked into the small hanger bay of the ship and looked around warily. When she surmised that no one was there, she relaxed a bit and leaned against the wall. As she stared out the porthole, she absently watched the stars as they sped through the empty vastness of space.

“It’s beautiful, ne?” Duo asked from above and Bridget looked up in surprise and saw the American sitting on top of a stack of crates. “When I first went to earth I would stare at the moon any chance I got. It was so small compared to how you see it from the colonies.” Duo smiled a bit in remembrance. “And for a while I would look up and wonder how something so huge kept from falling to the earth. A childish fear I’ll admit, but for a colony brat it /was/ a bit over-rawing.” Bridget smiled and nodded.

“Aye, t’was the opposite for me. I grew up in Ireland as yae can tell.” Bridget flashed a grin at Duo. “So I was used tae the open planes and sky overhead. But when I went to the colonies, whew. You neveh saw a more scared lass then me. I would swear up an down that those walls were gonnah implore on me. T’was a frightening experience tae be caught in a elaborate tin can in tae middle of space mind yae.” Duo laughed softly.

“Aa, I can see what ya mean. Never really bothered me.” He shrugged a bit. “I guess it all depends on where you were raised.

“Aye.” Bridget smiled softly and looked out the viewport again.

“Oi, Bridget, are you gonna tell Heero yer his mom?” Duo asked softly as he looked levelly at the Irishwoman. Bridget’s head jerked up and she stared at Duo in surprise.

“I..I dunnah know what yae are talkin’ about lad.” She said gruffly and Duo slid down the side of the crates with a frown marring his features.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Bridget.” Duo drew a packet out of his shirt and tossed it to the red haired woman. Bridget caught it and flipped slowly through it; her face paling. “I was getting more then weapons this afternoon.” Duo continued on leaning against a bulkhead. “And it accrued to me when we first met you…You kept looking at Heero as if you were trying to remember each and every detail about him. And you defended him readily, like a mother would a child.” Duo tilted his head a bit to the side. “So it got me thinking, and after a bit of digging I discovered some pretty interesting ties between you and Heero’s past. Namely, one Odin Lowe.” Pain flashed through Bridget’s blue eyes and she drew in a deep breath. “Am I wrong?” Bridget looked over at Duo calmly.

“And what if yae aren’t lad? What’ll yae do?”

“Nothing, so long as you don’t hurt Heero.” A slight menacing tone darkened Duo’s voice.

“I would neveh hurt me son, lad. Yae should know that at least.” Bridget looked over at Duo with hurt eyes.

“Aa, but you wanna know the thing that clued me the most about ya?” Duo asked leaning forward.

“Aye.” Bridget replied.

“You’ve got the same eyes as Heero. They’re shaped different but I have /never/ seen anyone with eyes that shade or intensity of blue as Heero’s until I saw you.” Bridget chuckled a bit.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. And I’m glad tae see that me son at least inherited /something/ from me.” Duo looked over at Bridget.

“Why?” he suddenly asked. “Why did you let this happen to him?” Bridget’s face contracted in pain and she leaned against the bulkhead.

“Because I’m a terribah mum, I failed me son when he needed me and abandoned him. Tis me own fault, I’ll be tae admit that.” Duo stared intently at Bridget. “Yae’re prollah wonderin what I did that was so wrong.” Bridget sighed and Duo nodded his head. “Tis a long sad story lad.” Bridget warned and Duo grinned at her.

“We’ve got plenty of time, and I’m really curious about how Heero was when he was a kid.” Duo grinned and Bridget smiled.

“Aye, tae be honest, he was a perfect angel. I couldnah believe that such a beautiful thing came from me.”

“Who was his father?”

“A man I knew when I was a bonny lass, t’was a while ago.” Bridget’s smile faded a bit. “But that be not where me story begins, sit back and I’ll tell yae a tale lad.” Duo nodded and he and Bridget sat on the floor. “Now it need not be said that none of this goes beyond you and me, right lad?” Bridget asked and Duo nodded his head.

“My word, I’m good at keeping secrets.”

“Aye, I imagine yae are.” Bridget leaned her head back and closed her vibrant blue eyes. “When I was a young lass, I left Ireland in search of adventure. I was a arrogant little spitfire, thought I could take on tae whole world.” Bridget smiled self-deprecatingly. “Well I soon learn yae can’t survive in sheer guts obviously. I was hoping from ship to ship when I found meself on a colony with naery a ship or friend in site. I was a sorry sight indeed but I must have tae devil’s own luck, for what had tae be the most decent man on that entire cesspool found me and took me in. His name was Shinta Yuy,” Duo blinked and looked at Bridget surprised. “Aye, as in Heero Yuy. Nay lad tis not what yae think. Shinta was the son of Heero Yuy, the one who was assassinated.”

“Aa.” Duo murmured.

“Shinta, was kind-hearted and passionate man, a bit too much I fear. But above all else he was a good man who wanted what he thought was best for his people. And he could charm tae feather off a bird.” Bridget smiled a bit wryly. “Must have come from his Da. Well as yae can guess I was soon head o’er heels in love. Not too surprisingly with me luck the way it is I found meself pregnant. And I’d bettah not have tae explain to yae /who/ the Da was or I’ll box yae ears.” Duo chuckled.

“I think I can guess.”

“Aye. Well I had me a fine son. He was strong like his Da and favored Shinta in all way, with tae exception that he had his granda’s eyes. I named him….

“Darren.” Duo interrupted and Bridget nodded her head.

“Smart lad.”

“So Heero has an older brother…and he’s the leader of these Travelers?”

“Aye.” Bridget sighed and closed her eyes. “I told yae it was a long story. About tae time I had Darren I discovered something about Shinta, he was leadin a band of rebels against Heero Yuy. T’was Shinta who gave the order that Heero Yuy be assassinated.” Duo paled and blinked. “Aye, I fear he was not the man I’d thought him tae be. He was mad and tae thought of ‘saving’ his people consumed him. Through Shinta I met a man named Odin Lowe and I became friends with him. When it became apparent that Shinta had completely lost his mind, I begged Odin tae take Darren and find a good home for him. Odin did and the family he put Darren with was a kind and loving one. I’ll be eternally grateful tae them for watching me son. I couldnah stay with Darren anymore, so I ran. I ran for nearlah two years before Shinta found me. And like I fool I went back tae him. But the madness had taken his mind and one night he came at me with a gun and I killed him. I had tae, I was carrying Heero a tae time and I couldnah let him endanger me son. Tae first thing I did was try and track Odin Lowe down. Ah, but he was a hard man tae find, took me nearly six months tae track him down. From him I found where he’d left Darren and I went tae see me son.” Bridget’s eyes shown with unshed tears. “Darren was very smart, even for his age and he knew who I was. But he didnah want tae see me. Said I’d abandoned him, which I had. T’was then that he started tae hate me. But he seemed to tolerate young Heero who was bit a wee mite at tae time. But it still devastated me tae know me own son hated me. Tae family that had taken Darren in convinced me tae leave Heero with them. We both knew I wasnah capable of takin care of meself, much less a babe. And they were a good family, I could see tae loved Heero already so I left him with them and took tae wandering again.”

“I’m sorry,” Duo murmured and laid a hand on Bridget’s arm.

“Tis not your fault lad that I be such a bad mum. “

“Aa, but I’m sorry you missed out on seeing Heero grow up.” Bridget looked at Duo and her intense blue eyes bore into his, searching for recrimination or disgust. She found none.

“Yae are a kind lad, Duo Maxwell. Me son could do no worse then yae.” Duo blinked and a blush tinged his cheeks.

“Wh…what are you talking about?” he questioned and Bridget cocked a sarcastic eyebrow.

“Yae cannah lie to me lad. I see how yae look at him, yae love him don’t yae?”

“I..I….” Duo stuttered and Bridget laid a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“It’s okay lad, the answer will come tae yae in time. Besides, yae suit him better then that Peacecraft girl. She could neveh understand me son, but yae do.”

“Do I?” Duo asked softly

“Aye, better then either of yae think I’d venture.” Bridget stood up and Duo did too.

“Wait, I still don’t know how the Doctor’s got their hands on Heero.” Pain flashed through Bridget’s eyes.

“The family I left Darren and Heero with tracked them down and killed them, they were trying to get me. Odin took Heero in but Darren disappeared, we thought he was dead. Odin raised Heero until he died and Doctor J took me son in. By the time I’d found out what had happened, there was nothin I could do. Me son had changed and he wasnah the child I knew. Doctor J threatened that if I ever got near Heero he’d kill him. So couldanah help him and I’ve regretted that every since.” Bridget looked down and her hands clenched into fists. “I failed me son once, I will nae again.” With that, Bridget left the hanger behind; and a confused Duo in her wake.


Two days later:

Duo laid his head back on his pillow and stared at the ceiling overhead. He’d just started to fall asleep when someone pounded on his door. Blue-violet eyes popped up in irritation and Duo stalked over to the door, still clad in his nightclothes.

“What!?” He demanded as he yanked the door open. Of all the things Duo expected to see, Heero standing there in his night clothes, (which consisted of…gasp….a green tank and spandex shorts) and a pillow and blanket tucked under his arm was on the /bottom/ of the list. “He..Heero?” Duo asked, his eyes the size of saucers. The Japanese man scowled.

“A pipe burst and Bridget’s room was flooded. She took my room so I’m bunking with you.” Heero explained and walked past Duo. Intense blue eyes pinned Duo in place. “That’s not a problem is it?” Duo shook his head ruefully and Heero could have sworn he heard Duo mutter something about meddling Irishwomen…but he could have been mistaken.

“Oi, you can sleep on the bed with me ya know.” Duo complained as Heero set his blanket out on the cold, metal, deck. “We shared smaller beds then this before.” Duo flopped down onto his bed, his braid flying.

“I’ll be fine here.” Heero said and mentally winced at the ice in his voice. Hurt lingered in Duo’s eyes, but he shut off the light before Heero could see it.

“Oyasumi.” Duo breathed softly, not expecting a reply.

“Oyasumi nasai.” Heero said softly as he closed his eyes and tried to ignore the cold seeping through his all too thin blanket. Before long he was shivering slightly, the temperature of the room seemed to have rapidly dropped. Duo leaned over the edge of the bed and saw Heero curled up in a tight ball of cold misery.

“Pride be damned.” He growled as he slid out of bed and knelt next to Heero. “Oi, Heero, get into bed okay?” Heero frowned and Duo scowled at him. “What good will you be to the mission if you’re sick?” Duo shivered and rubbed his arms. “Come on man, it’s /freezing/! And I’m not getting into bed till you do.” Duo smiled winningly at Heero. “And you wouldn’t want me to freeze would you?” Duo pouted cutely and Heero rolled his eyes.

“Hn, baka.” Heero growled as he sat up.

“You bet!” Duo grinned and helped Heero to his feet. The Japanese man crawled into Duo’s bed and was instantly assaulted by the scent of Duo. It made his head spin a bit, and other parts of his body to…tense….Heero shivered again, but this time not from cold and he gritted his teeth as he brutally kept his unruly urges viciously in check. He turned away from Duo and scooted as far away from the braided American that he could. After five minutes of uncomfortable silence, Heero pulled out his secret weapon in the war against fighting hormones….he pictured Doctor J….naked [1]….Instant killer of all sex appeal! Heero shuddered and his stomach got a bit queasy.

“Oi, Heero, you okay?” Duo asked, his husky voice concerned.

“Aa.” Heero bite out. “Just thinking.”

“Oh….” Duo trailed off. “What about?” Heero got ‘D’oh!’ expression on his face and mentally slapped himself. ‘Think, think, think.’ Heero thought furiously.

“I was thinking about Bridget.” Heero lied and lay on his back. Duo rolled onto his side and faced him.

“Oh?” He asked curious.

“Yeah, I don’t like the feel I get from her….She unnerves me. If only for the simple fact that she keeps sneaking glances at me. I mean sheeh she’s old enough to be my mother!” Duo snorted with laughter and clutched his sides trying to keep the hysterical laughter in. “What?” Heero demanded as he looked at Duo.

“N..nandemo nai!” Duo choked out, gasping for air. Heero rolled onto his side and looked at Duo sharply.

“Bull.” He growled as he glared at Duo. They were now less then a foot away from each other and Heero could almost feel the heat radiating from Duo.

“It’s nothing, really. I just don’t think Bridget wants you like /that/” Duo said.

“Then why does she keep looking at me!?” Heero asked annoyed.

“Well you are gorgeous, maybe she just likes looking at you.” Heero blinked and Duo bit his tongue. ‘Baka!!!’ Duo mentally upbraided himself. ‘Oh man, now he’s going to shut down, I know it!’ Heero looked at Duo puzzled, a fine line appearing between his eyebrows. “Oi, just forget I said anything!” Duo said hurriedly and lay back; closing his eyes.

“Why did you say that?” Heero asked softly and Duo opened his eyes only to find Heero looming over him. The Japanese man was leaning over Duo with an arm on each side of the American’s chest.

“Heero?” Duo asked confused and a little unsettled as he saw the confused desire in Heero’s eyes as he scowled down at him.

“Dammit, this shouldn’t happen.” He muttered a moment before he was kissing Duo. Duo blinked in surprise, but his eyes drifted shut and he kissed Heero back. A shudder ran through Heero’s body and he kissed Duo fiercely, almost desperately. Duo acquiesced to Heero’s demanding kiss and his hands seemed to tangle in Heero’s tousled hair on their own accord. A small voice in the back of Heero’s mind screamed as he continued to kiss Duo, the practical and reserved part of his mind. But for once Heero was sick of being practical, and he was tired of denying himself something he truly wanted. So he ignored the little voice and happily plundered Duo’s mouth. Duo abruptly rolled over and pushed Heero onto his back. He grinned sultrily down at Heero and straddled the Japanese man’s thighs. Heero blinked in surprise as he stared up at Duo with dazed and confused blue eyes.

“Relax.” Duo whispered huskily as he slid his hands across Heero’s chest in soothing and relaxing circles. The braided American leaned down and kissed Heero sweetly; he smiled when Heero began to return the kiss. Duo feathered kisses all over Heero’s face before trailing a line of kisses down Heero’s neck. Heero shivered when Duo nibbled at the nerve cluster at the juncture of his shoulder and neck and he whimpered helplessly when Duo nibbled along his collarbone. The Japanese man looked at Duo with unsure and confused eyes when the American slid his omni-present green tank top up. Duo grinned at Heero even as his hands slid across his chest, seeking his nipples.

“Duo….” Heero grounded out from between clenched teeth. The American smirked and leaned down to kiss him.


Both men nearly jumped out of their skins when the intercom blared into life.

“Lads?” Bridget’s voice floated through the air and Duo buried his face in Heero’s shoulder.

“I do not believe this.” He muttered, grinding his teeth.

“What!?!” Heero shouted in frustration as he glared at the room in general.

“We’re approaching tae point where we’re tae meet yea friend Wufei.” Uncertainty tinged Bridget’s voice.

“We hear ya.” Duo groused. “Be there in a few ‘kay?” Heero looked indignant and downright rebellious as he glared up at Duo.

“Aye, bridge out.”

“We’ll finish this later.” Duo promised, lightly rubbing Heero’s slightly swollen lower lip and grinned contently.

“I hate her.” Heero muttered sulkily as Duo climbed off of him.

“So she’s cursed with bad timing, no one’s perfect.”

“Hn.” Heero stiffly climbed off of the bed and glanced down at his body; he glared at Duo. The American followed his line of vision and giggled at the sight of Heero’s….excited…body. “Omae o korosu.” The Japanese man growled even as a blush burned brightly on his cheeks. “Jerk.” Heero pulled his clothes on swiftly even as Duo continued to chuckle. After Heero had finished dressing, Duo suddenly pulled him close and kissed him deeply, their bodies pressed together. Duo pulled back, a faint blush staining his cheeks.

“You aren’t the only one.” He whispered as he walked out of the room and Heero followed behind him, a contemplative look on his face.


Heero glanced at the clock. “Sally and Wufei will be in short-range communications range in … five … four … three … two … one …” Heero nodded to Duo and the longhaired man grinned into his headset.

“Oh Wu-chaaaaaaaan!” Duo gushed as the vid-screen came to life. The darkly scowling face of Wufei bespoke of his displeasure at Duo’s addressing him as ‘Wu-chan’

“Maxwell, how many times have I told you /not/ to call me Wu-chan!?!” Wufei cried in exasperation. “It’s WuFEI, Not Wu-CHAN!” Sally peeked over Wufei’s shoulder and laughed.

“Maybe that’s why he calls you it Wu-chan?” Duo snickered and Bridget looked at the screen smiling.


“Yes…Wu-chan?” Sally asked innocently and Wufei fumed.

“Kisama, stop calling me that you disrespectful onna!”

“Are they always like this?” Bridget asked Heero who was leaning against the control panel, his back to the screen.

“No, Sally is usually a lot more reserved and never teases Wufei.”

“Ahh, well maybe things have changed between ‘em since yae last saw them.” Bridget’s blue eyes twinkled with mischief as she turned to the vid-screen.

“Children.” She called. Wufei paused in his argument with Sally and he looked narrowly at Bridget.

“Who’s she?” He growled.

“Such manners.” Sarcasm dripped from Bridget’s voice.

“I’m Bridget and I’ll be yae guide into tae Traveler’s stronghold.”

“Be nice Wufei.” Sally said as she pushed the young man out of the way. “Hi, I’m Sally Po and that was Chang Wufei.”

“Please tae me yae Sally.” Bridget smiled. “I’ll shake yae hand when we meet.”

“Sounds like a plan. Oi Duo, how long till we rendezvous.”

“Twenty minutes.” Heero said and Sally blinked and peered at Heero’s back.

“Is that Heero?” Wufei pushed Sally out of the way. “You found Yuy?”

“Hai.” Heero turned around and looked at Wufei. “You sound surprised.”

“I…well..” Wufei sputtered. “We didn’t think you’d come after we talked to you on L1.” An ironic half-smile tugged at Heero’s lips.

“Duo all back drug me to Earth by my ear.”

“Aa…sou ka.” Wufei said softly, a musing look in his dark eyes. Sally cleared her throat and Wufei obligingly moved over so she could see the vid-screen.

“Way to go Duo!” Duo smiled and nodded his head.

“He sure put up a fight.” Duo cocked his head and slanted an unreadable look at Heero

“Hmph” Was Heero’s response.

“But in the end, Shinigami prevailed as usual.” Duo laughed his maniacal laugh and grinned like Death

“Oh Gods, now you’ve got him started.” Wufei grumbled at Sally who shrugged helplessly. Duo looked at Wufei with wounded-puppy-dog-eyes.

“Hidoi Wu-chan!!!” Duo wailed dramatically

“Hn, baka.” Heero growled and Bridget laughed out

“I’m surrounded by madmen!” She chortled and turned to leave. “I’ll prepare the docking bay.” With that, the red haired woman left.

“We’ll be seeing ya in a few Wu-chan!” Duo said grinning at the vid-screen.

“We’ll see you then, Duo.” Sally said before Wufei could protest against ‘Wu-chan’ again. “Sally out.”

The vid-screen flicked out and Duo turned to Heero. “Well let’s go meet ‘em, shall we?”

“Aa.” Heero nodded and walked out the door.


Sally was the first to disembark and Duo met her halfway and gave her a big bear hug. “Duo!” Sally gasped. “I can’t breathe…..”

“Gomen!” Duo immediately loosened his grip and backed off embarrassed.

“What are you doing to my woman, Maxwell!” Wufei groused as he walked down the ramp from the shuttle. Duo’s jaw dropped and Heero blinked in surprise.

“Your woman?” The two asked simultaneously and they both looked at each other surprised. Wufei smirked and laid a hand on Sally’s shoulder.

“Got a problem with that?” He challenged, but there was no anger in his dark gaze as he looked at Duo and Heero.

“I take it that this is surprisin?” Bridget asked confused and Sally smiled.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Hm, seemed obvious tae me.” Bridget shrugged and Duo stuck his tongue out at her.


“Yae shouldna stick out yae tongue unless yae intend on using it lad.” Bridget said smirking and Duo’s cheeks colored slightly.

“Hentai.” The American’s gaze flicked over Heero’s face.

“Yae know it.” Bridget tipped her head to Duo and cocked an ironic eyebrow. “Whyeveh are yae blushing lad?” Sally snickered a bit and Bridget winked at her.

“Yes Maxwell, why are you blushing?” Wufei pounced on the opportunity to tease Duo and the American
lowered his head.

“None of your business.” Duo said miserable.

“Ah, come on lad, spill!”

“That’s enough Bridget.” Heero said coldly and Bridget looked at him with narrowed eyes.

“As yae wish lad.” Bridget nodded her head and cocked an ironic eyebrow. “I’ll be checkin the radar if anyone needs me.” The Irishwoman started to walk towards the door when Duo touched her arm

“Oi, Bridget. No hard feelings right?” He asked, a quizzical look on his face. Bridget smiled warmly and patted his shoulder.

“Oh course not lad, I was outta line.” She leaned forward. “Did yae notice how quick he was tae defend yae?” She whispered for Duo’s ears alone and the American nodded, a pleased look in his eyes.

“Hai.” He said softly as he drew back. He looked at Bridget with puppy-dog eyes and glomped her arm. “But you must know, you’re the only one for me Bri-chan!” Bridget threw back her head and laughed. Wufei chuckled softly and Sally smiled and leaned against his arm. Heero however was not smiling as he looked at Bridget and Duo with dark and chaotic eyes.

“Ah lad, was I but twenty years younger.” Bridget smiled and dislodged the playful man from her arm.

“I’ll be on the bridge.” With that, Bridget left and Duo turned back to the others.

“What do you think Wufei?” Heero asked seriously.

“I don’t know, I’ll decide when I get to know her better.” Wufei said, just as serious.

“Oh come on!” Duo protested. “You don’t trust her?”

“She’s hiding something Duo!” Heero shot back. “And no, I don’t trust her. I won’t until I find out what she’s hiding.”

“Thank you mister, Heero, I’m the Perfect Fucking Soldier, Yuy!” Duo shouted, his face pale with outrage.

“Duo!” Sally cried in surprise but Wufei laid a hand on her arm and shook his head.

“You can’t trust anything you can’t touch!” Duo spat. “She’s not going to betray you Heero, I can promise you that!” Heero looked at Duo, a hurt look in his cobalt colored eyes, his face expressionless. “Trust your heart for once and screw what your training says. It’s not always right!” Duo heaved a sigh and shook his head. “You’re wrong, Heero. Dead wrong.” The braided man whirled around abruptly, and stalked out of the hanger bay; his braid swishing back and forth like the tail of an angry panther.

“That was….unexpected…..” Wufei said softly and Sally looked at the door troubled.

“You hit a nerve Heero.” She said as she looked at the Japanese man. “Perhaps you should follow him and find out why he’s so upset.”

“I think I’m the last thing he wants to see right now.” Heero said, bitterness coloring his voice.

“Perhaps, but it’ll be worse if you let the hurt fester, go after him, Heero.” Wufei advised. “Sally and I can take care of things here.” Heero frowned but nodded his head slightly

“Aa.” Heero nodded and followed Duo out the hangerbay.


“Duo, matte!” Heero called as he jogged after the braided man.

“What do you want Heero?” Duo asked, not looking at the Japanese man as he continued down the hall.

“I want to know why you exploded back there.” Heero reached out his hand and grasped Duo’s arm. The American whirled around and glared hotly at Heero as he shook off his hand.

“It’s nothing you would understand, so drop it.” Duo turned back and continued to stalk down the hall.

“What!?” Heero cried as he followed Duo. “What does that mean!?” Anger and hurt sparkled in Heero’s glittering, gem hard eyes as he followed the American.

“It means, you wouldn’t know true emotion or trust if it came up and bit you in the ass.” Duo ground out as he whirled around a corner.

“Baka na, shows how little you know!’ Heero barked as he grabbed Duo’s arm painfully and whirled the blue-violet eyed man around to face him. “If I didn’t know emotion, if I didn’t feel it I sure as hell wouldn’t be chasing a stubborn baka like you down the hallway. And I wouldn’t be so confused I don’t know left from right. So don’t give me that crap about me not understanding!” Heero’s eyes were alive with anger and they seemed to glitter with some inner fire. Duo looked at him, surprise and regret flashing across his face before he jerked his arm from Heero’s grip.

“You pissed me off.” Duo growled. “Your lack of trust just ticks me off sometimes Heero.” Heero sighed and tilted his head to the side as he looked at Duo.

“She’s hiding something Duo, I’m certain of it.”

“She’s probably protecting someone Heero! Maybe she’s got a son…or a daughter. Maybe she’s got a husband somewhere. Of course she’s not gonna tell people like us about them. She’s probably protecting her family. Did you ever think about that?” Duo looked intently at Heero. “The reason people hide things is because they are trying to protect something. That’s all she’s hiding, we’ve checked her out thoughly remember?”

“Then her having a family would have shown up in our check.” Heero pointed out. Duo sighed and motioned to Heero with his head.

“Come on, I’ve got something to show ya.” Duo continued to walk down the hall and led Heero to their room. Once there he dug through his things and pulled out a small packet of papers, which he handed to Heero. “A more complete background check on Bridget.” Duo said softly as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Heero’s eyebrows rose frationally and he sat down on the bed with his back against the wall. Duo slid back until he was sitting next to Heero and he studied the Japanese man’s profile as he read through the report. At one point, Heero’s eyes narrowed and his lips thinned but he continued to read on in silence until he was done with the last page. Heero gently laid the papers down next to him and tilted his head back.

“Sou ka.” He murmured closing his eyes. “So that’s what she’s hiding. Her son is Darren Yuy, grandson of the original Heero Yuy.” Heero suddenly looked sharply at Duo, his eyes dark and chaotic. “Why, Duo?” Duo looked back at Heero silently. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Duo was the first to break eye contact as he looked down at the bed.

“I couldn’t tell you Heero. You wouldn’t have…”

“Wouldn’t have what?” Heero interupted and he sat up straight. “What wouldn’t I have understood Duo? I don’t understand how you can lecture me about trust and truth and then turn around and keep something like this from me. That I don’t understand!” Heero glared at Duo, an odd ache in his chest; making it hard to breathe.

“That’s not it Heero and you know it!” Duo protested. “I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d suspect Bridget as the enemy because of her link to Darren. Nevermind he’s trying to kill her and she hasn’t seen him face to face since he was a kid! To you it’s cold, hard facts, screw emotions!” Duo’s face was pale with anger, his cheeks flushed and his eyes bright. Heero blinked in surprise when he stoped to notice this. ‘So this is what that old adage means…..’ Heero thought dimly as he stared at Duo transfixed. Duo’s bright blue-violet were dark with anger, his long lashes thick and Heero leaned closer, trying to get a better view of those beautiful irises.

“He…Heero….” Duo froze as the Japanese man’s face loomed near. His pupils dialated in surprise, but Heero continued to lean forward until there was barely two inches between his and Duo’s faces. “What?” Duo asked softly but Heero’s gaze never moved from his eyes.

“You’re beautiful when you’re angry.” Heero observed. “But you’re eyes are the most interesting. They lighten and darken depending on your mood.” Duo blinked and Heero followed the movement of his sooty lashes as they shifted.

“You’re the same way.” Duo murmured as he backed off a bit, unerved perhaps by the proximaty of those burning colbalt eyes. “Your eyes darken and lighten as well, I think all human’s do that.”

“Ah, but their eyes aren’t as beautiful as yours.” Duo was oddly pleased at Heero matter of fact compliment and a corner of his mouth turned up at the corner. Heero glanced down at his mouth and something troubled seemed to cloud his gaze as he backed away. “Sumen.” Heero whispered as he stood up. “Sorry about earlier…I had no right to do that.” Duo looked up at Heero and grabbed his wrist.

“Still maintaining it shouldn’t have happened?” Duo’s voice was huskier then usual as he looked frankly at Heero. Heero looked searchingly at Duo and glanced at Duo’s long fingered hand wrapped around his wrist. The Japanese man closed his eyes and for a brief moment, a odd vulnerability permeated his features, making him look like a little, lost boy. Duo sighed and realesed Heero’s hand.

“Saa, forget I said anything.” Heero shook his head fiercly and he looked at Duo with an odd look in his eyes.

“I can’t do that.” Heero whispered softly as he leaned over Duo and brushed the back of his cheek tenderly. “Just like I can’t say I didn’t want what happened today to happen. Because I did Duo, and that scares me.” Heero swallowed and he knew his uncertainly and vulnerability was showing on his face but he didn’t care. All that mattered right now was that he was baring his heart to Duo, offering it to that beautiful American with laughing eyes and a bright soul. What he did with it would make or break him, and the thoguth of Duo having that much power over him terrified Heero to no ends.

“Oh Heero,” Duo breathed softly and regret shown in his eyes. “How could they do this to you?” Heero looked at Duo confused but he didn’t resist when the American pulled him onto the bed and into his arms. “You’ve never experianced any of this before have you.” An odd mixture of righteous anger and awe tinged Duo’s husky voice as he settled Heero next to him. Unsure of what to do, Heero let instinct take over and he snuggled closer to Duo.

“Never experianced what?” Heero asked softly as Duo pulled him close.

“Intimacy, romance….love….” Duo said, his eyes darkened with sadness. “You’ve never known the joy of falling head over heels in love with someone. Never felt your heart race when your beloved entered the room. The War and the Doctors robbed you of that. And if those bastards were still alive, I’d kill them for stealing your childhood away.” Duo’s face darkened with anger and Heero shook his head.

“Daijoubu, Duo.” Heero leaned forward and kissed Duo lightly “There was no room for love and such during the War. No place for that in a soldier’s life. And I’m not the kind to get involved casually, you know that.” Duo smiled happily and his eyes shimmered with unshed tears as he hugged Heero tightly.

“I’m honored.” Duo murmured into Heero’s soft hair. “Deeply, beyond words actually.” Duo laid his brow against Heero’s. “I’ve waited so long for this Heero, so long…” Duo closed his eyes and nuzzled Heero’s nose with his own.

“You have?” Surprise colored Heero’s voice and Duo looked at him soberly.

“I think you’re the only one who never noticed….” Duo said quietly. “Even Bridget picked up on it off the bat.”

“Sou ka, I’m sorry.” Heero laid his head on Duo’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. “I never realized, I’m sorry if I hurt you in my blindless.” Duo’s arm tightened around him and he glanced up at his…friend…lover?….

“Stop bashing yourself Heero!” Duo mock-frowned and his eyes twinkled merrily. “We both know emotions aren’t your strong point.”

“Why you….!” Heero protested but Duo’s lips on his silenced whatever he was going to say.

“Go to sleep Heero, it’s late and we’ve got a big day tomorrow.” Duo tenderly stroked Heero’s bangs back from his face and his hands trailed soothingly down his arm and back.

“Aa, oyasumi nasai, Duo.” Heero whispered as he closed his eyes and allowed himself to be lulled to sleep by the steady beat of Duo’s heart beneath his ear. Duo smiled happily and pulled the covers over he and Heero. He then switched off the light and slid into a delightful sleep filled with dreams of love and Heero.


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