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Later that day, everyone got up at about 11am. Heero the first up, Wufei next, Trowa, Amy, Sara, then Duo.

Quatre was still in the bed.

"Where's Q-man?" Duo asked not seeing the small Arab anywhere.

"He's sick" Trowa said as he walked out with a cup of tea.

"So did you two sleep well?" Duo said turning to the girls.

"Yeah petty good" Sara replied happily sipping on a soda.

Heero stood up sitantly, and walked to the living room, he opened his ever present laptop and began typing.

"Heero Yuy" a feminine voice said from behind him.

"We need to talk."

Heero turned around to find intense gray eyes looking at him.

"Why should I talk to you?" He said turning back to the screen of the laptop.

"We need to get a few things straight." Amy said firmly


"Look your used to being the leader as am I, just to let you know I will follow you as long as I see that it has a good out come, if I don't like it I'll follow my own, understand?" Amy whispered the last part into Heero's ear.

He simply nodded and went back to typing.Amy left headed back for the kitchen, lost in her thoughts.../I NEED a shower, my hair is a mess, and after three days in that damn shuttle, I still can't believe J sent us down here, I would have rather stayed in space and further my training. J and the others, more of J though, said that we where done, but I still know that I could use some more training, Ah, well we are here now, no need to go back now, I need to work on Shadow Walker before I get in the shower./ Amy pushed all thoughts a side as she came into the kitchen.

"So how was your talk with Heero?" Duo questioned.

"Fine" Amy replied as she sat down next to Wufei.

"Onna" Wufei snorted and moved to get up. Amy stood exactly when he did, "Move Onna" Wufei commanded

"Why?" Amy asked simply


"You'll WHAT?" Amy said cutting Wufei off "Kill me, I don't think so." In one swift move Amy had Wufei's arms pined behind him.

"ONNA LET GO!" Wufei yelled

"I have a name you know Mister Wufei Chang." Amy said as she roughly let go of Wufei. Wufei stormed off to his room.

"Umm, Amy, that was not a good thing for you to do" Duo said as he keep a close eye on her.

"He'll get over it." Amy said as she walked towards the door that led to the hanger.

"Amy, where you going?" Sara asked trailing behind her

"I have to finish Shadow Walker, it wont take long."

"Need help?" Duo offered

"No I can get it."

"Well, while your doing that I am going to take a shower, if that's ok with you guys?"

"ok, come on I'll show you where every thing is, and tell you about the routine around here"

"See ya Amy" Sara said flashing her a smile.

"yeah, save me some hot water ok?"

"Ok, I'll try"

Amy walked off to the hanger and Sara followed Duo.

"You know, Amy has some guts, doing what she did"

"Really? How so?"

"Boy you sure don't know Wufei do you?"

"Well, no I have only been here for like less than a day..so no I don't know"

"Gomen, I forgot, lets just say when he is pissed you had better wish you where dead, and well he dose not forget *anything*" Duo said as he handed Sara some towels.

"Well, ok off that, about the routine around here?' Sara questioned

"Well, we take turns doing stuff like the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and so on, you'll get it...just put your dirty cloths in the hamper out side the door." Duo said as he walked off towards the living room, where Heero was still typing away.


---Duo's POV---

Boy do I hate to be the one to do their washing /yeah baka you have to do it tomorrow/

I remove those thoughts from my mind for now...I have better things to think about...like Heero Yuy, my crush, I donno why I like him so much, its his eyes there is something more there, but I never get a good look, he never looks at me directly so I can see more..He is now sitting at that damn laptop, I swear that thing get more attention than any one inanimate object I have ever seen...I wish I could hold that much attention to him as that damn thing does. I know Duo no baka...he'll never like you, not the way you like /Iie..not like...LOVE/ He'll never love me the way I love him.


---Heero's POV---

Duo is sitting in a chair across from me, he seems to be in deep thought, he has not said anything in the past 20 minutes. What's wrong my angel? Why the sad face? I decide to ask him is something wrong

"Duo?" I said in my normal voice

"Huh?" He replies slightly shocked

"What's wrong?" I ask in a soft voice that I thought did not exist.

"Nothing" he said he had not noticed my tone *yet* I go back to my typing.


Amy came in from the hanger four and a half hours later. She slowly walked in the living room, noticing that Heero was still at the laptop, and Duo was laying asleep on the sofa.

She walked to hers and Sara's new room.

"Sara" she said looking around to find the said girl asleep as well.

Amy found some cloths out of one of the very small bags. "This will have to do" she sighed aloud. "I'll find the towels and stuff by myself I suppose" She said to no one in particular.

Amy walked down the hall until she came to the bathroom door and the hall closet, which she opened and found the towels.

After about 30 minutes, Amy was drying off, when suddenly the door opened, Wufei blushed, got a nose bleed and quickly closed the door muttering "K'so....why me ONNAS!"

Amy quickly got dressed, and came out of the bathroom, Wufei was still trying to stop his nose from bleeding.






The yelling woke the sleeping Duo, and Heero jumped up to stop the fight.

"Wufei" He said in a commanding voice

"What the fuck do you want Yuy?"

"What did you do now?" Duo asked from over Heero's shoulder

"What the hell did I do...I did not do anything, this Dumb ass Onna forgot to lock the door."

"Well, I am not the dumb ass Otoko that just walks right on in"

"Ok, stop you two" Duo said

"Maxwell, keep your skinny ass out of this"

"STOP!" every one tuned to see Quatre and Trowa standing behind them. "Please...stop?" Quatre asked

"Shimatta, Winner the Onnas have to go" Wufei said as he rushed past every one but was stopped by Amy, who now had his arms pined behind him and a knife to his neck.

"Wufei Chang, I have a name its AMY, and if you don't stop calling me an onna, I am going to cut your FUCKING head off" Amy leaned closer and whispered to him "both of them."

Wufei's eyes widened, and he struggled to get free, when Amy did let go Wufei tried to run, but tripped over his own feet.

Duo was snickering, and Amy was smirking, she simply walked back into the room, where her sleeping partner was undisturbed by the ruckus out in the hall. Wufei glared at them all, and stumbled to his feet.

"DAMN ONNA!" he yelled.

Amy came out of the room, with a knife in hand she grabbed Wufei "I promise you I hold to my words" Amy said as she ran the knife down to Wufei's middle parts. Wufei jerked away from her and made a beeline for his room.

Duo at this point was rolling on the floor, Heero was shocked for all anyone could tell, Quatre was just standing there, and Trowa was stifling back giggles, but failed and burst out it to laughter. "Trowa" Quatre scolded "She was not playing"

"That's right Quatre I don't play" Amy said then turned to go back in their room.

"Amy what was all that about?" Sara asked sleepily

"Nothing, go back to sleep" Amy said as she slid into the bed herself.

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