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The five young boys watched the sky as the two new pilots and gundams landed. Two figures appeared out of the jet like gundams, both of which where solid black. The fingers, still in their space suits walked forward, the other five also walked forward, the two sides met. Quatre was the first to introduce himself. "Hi, my name is Quatre Rabera Winner." He said as he offered his hand out to either one of the pilots, which both shook, and nodded.

"My names Duo, Duo Maxwell, I may run and hide but I never tell a lie...yup that's me in a nut shell" He said happily, holding out his hand and ginning ever so joyfully. Both the two pilots nodded and shook hands, and have still to yet to say anything.

"Baka" Wufei grumbled

"And that's Wufei, he has a slight problem with girls, and is pissed about something" Duo pointed at the slowly ever more mading Wufei "I think its because he can't get none" Duo said in an whisper, but was too loud for his own good.

"MAXWELL" Wufei yelled

"EEEEPPPPPP" Duo said running from Wufei, he ran and hid behind Quatre, but Trowa stepped in and pulled Quatre away from Duo.

/I will not let him get hurt in one of these stupid attempts to kill the braided baka/ Trowa thought to himself.

Duo ran to hid behind Heero

"Save me Heero" duo said as he grabbed the back of Heero's tank top.

"Stop it the both of you, Wufei stop, Duo let go." Heero said in a commanding voice.

Wufei snorted and walked away to the tree, Duo let go and hugged Heero

"Thanks" He said as he smiled brightly.

"Hn, baka, next time I'll let him torture you." Heero said turning to look at the two new figures still in full space outfits.

"This is Heero Yuy." Duo said walking back up to the
two of them.

"I'm Trowa" he said finally letting go of his small koi to offer a hand to shake, which received the same as all the rest, and nodded and a shake back.

"Well" Duo said "Are you going to stay like that forever? Or are you going to let us see your faces?" The two pilots made a move together, the taller one taking off her helmet first, then the other one.

All of the boys gasped or had a sudden intake of air. "ONNAS!" Wufei snorted "J was fucking crazy when he sent them! INJUSTICE!" Wufei stormed off to the safe house.

"Don't mind him, I told you he has a problem with girls" Duo said as he took in the faces of the girls.

---Duo's POV---
I was looking at two very well built girls. The slightly taller one had gray eyes, ones that could rival Heero's emtionless ones. Her face had soft features though...her hair was the color of Heero's only like a shade lighter, she had her hair pined up in a braided bun.

The other was slightly shorter, she had blue eyes like Quatre only lighter, her hair was a medium brow color, it was about shoulder length, she too had soft features. I looked back up to her eyes and saw a playfulness there, so I figured she much be a joker like me, only I hope her past is better than mine.


The two pilots glanced at each other.

The shorter of the two made the first move.

"Hi!" her voice was full of cheer "I'm Sara, and this is Amy" she said pointing to the said girl, who only nodded.

"Hi" Quatre said still a bit shocked of the girls

"I think your friend, Heero, and Trowa will get along fine, they don't talk much" Duo said with a grin.

"Yeah, she dose not say much, but when she dose its worth listing to" Sara said

"Hn" was all that was heard from Amy

"See they say the same thing" Duo said with a chuckle

"Well, lets all go in" Quatre suggested

"Come on I'll show you two where to put your Gundams. In the hanger the Gundams where shut down and Duo was leading the two girls up into the house.

"You two will be sharing a room, we have a lack of space around here right now" Duo said walking backwards.

"That's ok, we don't mind" Sara said smiling at him.

"You get to have my room" Duo stated tuning to walk straight forward.

"Oh, sorry, we did not know we would be putting you out." Sara said regretfully.

"Its ok, I am sharing a room with Heero, although its like talking to a brick wall sometimes."

"Yeah, I get the same" Sara said looking over to Amy who seemed to be some where else.

"Well, here you go, all your's" Duo said opening the door.

"Thanks" Sara nodded

"Going to sleep now" Duo said as he walked into his and Heero's room.


"Amy, say something" Sara said once the door was closed

Amy looked over at the girl "A brick wall, huh?

"Well, you are like that ya know, not all the time but you are most of the time."


"For what?"

"For being who I am"

"I didn't mean it like that"

"I know"

"Do think they will accept us?" Sara asked sitting on the bed.

"No, not really, J said they wouldn't any way"

"Are we still going to stay?"

"Yes, and we will fight with or with out them"

There was a long pause for moment. "Go to sleep and we'll talk more later"

Sara sighed "Ok, but what do you think about that one named Duo?"


"Because, he is cute"


"Ok, I was only having a little fun"


The two girls feel fast asleep.

---Heero's POV---
I was laying on the bed when Duo walked in. He glanced at me but then just fell onto the bed, and sprawled out. I wanted to pounce on him right then and there, but I held back.

"Heero" he said as he looked up at me

"..." I gave him no answer, I only looked at him in questioning.

"What are we going to do about them?"

"What do you mean?"

"Wufei will not stand for them to stay, and I did think any of us much liked the idea of 'Onnas', as Wufei calls them, fighting. Don't get me wrong I don't care either way."

"J said they stay and there for their stay"

"k" Duo said he then slipped off into a deep sleep. I am watching him, all I want to do is hold him and cradle him in my arms, forever, but that's not possible, one: this dumb ass war, two: I am to chicken to tell him I love him, and three: I don't know if he will love me back.

I lie down next to him, close, but not too close. He has his back tuned to me, that braid is curled up in a soft pile of silk, I move my hand slowly, until I reach the end of the braid. It really does feel like silk, I stroke it lightly, making my moves hardly detectable, I don't want to wake him this time. I lie there feeling the soft silk and listing to his soft breaths, before I slip off into a sleep of my own. His breathing like a soft lullaby.

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