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---Next Day---5:00am---

Heero was the frist one up. He pulled on some clothes, and walked silantly down the hall to the kitchen, where he procceeded to make a pot of coffee. After downing a cup of the hot warming liquid, he walked up to Wufei's room. He knocked lightly on the door, the Chinese youth steeped out silantly, and walked down the stairs twords the kitchen.

Heero then moved to wake Quatre and Torwa. After a light tap, with no awser, Heero opened the door, and looked inside, where he found Quatre wraped up in Trowa's arms, silaintly sleeping. He walked over to Trowa and shook him lightly whispering.

"Trowa, its time to get up"

Trowa let out a soft moan of protest, but he sat up.

"Thanks" He said grogily

Heero nodded and walked to get the braided baka up.


---Heero's POV---

I really did not want to wake the said 'braided baka' all though he is not a baka, like everyone says he is.

I walk into our shared room, he is sleeping so peacfuly. He looks like an angel, form the most secret parts of heaven its-self.

Either someone up there likes me or hates me. LIkes me for the fact that I am able to be here and now with this beutiful angel, and hates because I can't tell him how I feel. Hell, I don't even know if he likes 'guys' or not, I know I like him, and the others arint that bad either, but they all have someone, Trowa has Quatre, and Wufei......well Wufei is Wuefi so who the hell knows? I on the other hand happen to be in love with the braided angel.

I walk over to his side of the bed, I swipe some of the hair, that had wiggled its way loose from its holder, out of his face. What I do next is a suprise for me, for doing it.

I lean down and kiss him softly on the lips, he stirs,but dose not wake, and he smiles lightly in his sleep. I take great note in how the light of the setting moon and riseing sun falls over him, making him look all the more like an angel.

I really do not want to wake him, he had some bad dreams last night, and did not sleep well. It might be because of the change in sleeping habits or places. I donno, but I do know that I have to wake him, those new pilots will be here in about 30 minutes.

DAMN! I have been standing here for over 20 minutes, just looking at him.


Heero placed his hand on Duo's shoulder and shook him lightly, when that did not get any knid of response Heeo shook him harder.

"Duo, Get up" Heero said firmly while shaking a little rougher.

"Ok, Ok, I am awake" Duo groaned

"Hurry up, you have less than 30 miutes" Heero said as he walked out of the room.


---Duo's POV---

I am awoken from my rather nice drem with my secret love in it. It was a nice dream, Heero was watching me sleep, and he swiped some of my hair out of my face and kissed me on the lips. It had felt so real, GOD WHY DID HE HAVE TO WAKE ME UP. I roll out of the bed and put on my useal black clothes, then walk down to get some coffee, the one thing that will wake me up.

As I walk in, I see Trowa, one arm holding up Quatre, and the other with a coffee cup in hand. Quatre has both hands around his cup, and is leaning full aginst Trowa, he is asleep.

I think he and Trowa had a little too much fun last night, all though I did not here anything, like 'we' usealy do...so i guess he must have had a few bad dreams, like I did. WUfei is sitting at the table staring into his cup. Heero is standing siping his coffee, or what ever is in his cup.

I go groggaly over to the coffee pot, and poor me a cup, i quickly deside that todays first few cups will be stright, nothing added.

I sit at the table and take a sip of the hot liqued before I say anything.


"Not enough sleep last night Quatre?" Duo asked looking at the said boy.

"Huh?" Quatre said looking up at Duo "Oh, umm, yeah, I mean no did not get much sleep"

"Time to go" Heero said moving for the door. He was followed by Wufei, then Duo (coffee cup still in hand) and by Trowa still supporting Quatre. They all walked out to the big filed, and waited by a large oak tree. Heero stood looking twords the sky, Wufei leaned on the tree, Duo beside him, saying very little at the moment, and Trowa with his love standing half way between the tree and Heero.

"Ne, Wu-man can I lean on your shoulder?" Duo asked expecting an harsh response or to be punched at.

Wufei consitered for a moment then repllied "Don't slober on me."

"Ok, I won't, thanks." Duo said as he laied his head on Wufei's shoulder, and procceeded to fall into a light state of sleep.

Wufei smiled to himself noteing Duo's breathing paterns. /He's not so bad now...I don't think/ Wufei thought as he looked for the new pilots.

"What do you think they will be like?" Quatre asked looking up at Trowa.

"I don't know" Trowa said before he kissed Quatre on the forhead "Quatre, you feel hot, are you getting sick?" concern was evident in his voice.

"No, i don't think so, maybe from the lack of sleep" Quatre wavered on his feet, but Trowa had a good hold on him. "Do you want to go back up to the house and lie down?"

"No, I'll go back when every one else gos, after the new pilots get here." Quatre said standing on his own two feet and standing beside Trowa, wraping an arm anound his waist.

After a few minutes, Duo awoke, and yawned.

"Hey, when these new peolpe get here can we go back to bed?"


"I'll go for that." Quatre repllied happily.

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