ok so here is my fic with my original characters in it. I would like some feedback good or bad, which ever, I know how some of you feel about the original. char. thing so I wont lie...it has them in there. And yes they are girls...<if you will note the char. profile I sent>. And as you know i do now own Gundam Wing, nor the G-Boy's....I do however own my two characters...they came from my mind...ok you get it...on with the story...<story because it's VERY long>.

"...." speaking
/..../ thoughts
[parts of a letter or something being read]

Setting: Two years after the 195 war, another war was starting, this one had been going on for about four months now, and all the G-Boys are at it again. Only this time they all decide to stay together.

Our story starts with Heero sitting at that so called "Damn machine" talking to Dr.J.

H- what is now?

J-i that is we, decided that you need some help, we are sending two new pilots to help you, they are on their way now.


J-OZ is making new suits stronger and faster than the current mobile dolls...you'll need the help.


J- you don't like?


J-too bad, your mission as of now, and it goes for all, is to like them, no mater what.


J-i think you'll find them helpful



Heero rose from his seat, and walked into the kitchen, with the others.

"Heero, what's up?" Duo asked

"J and the others are sending two new pilots"

"Injustice" Wufei yelled "We need no help, we do fine alone"

"Well, new orders for all of us 'like them no matter what'" with that Heero sat in a chair.

"When will they be here?" Quatre asked hugging Trowa. (Quatre had confessed his love to Trowa after the first war was over, and Trowa did the same...they have been together ever since)

"Hn...J didn't say"

"Well, don't you think you should go ask?" Duo said over his shoulder.

"For, once baka, your right" Heero replied as he walked back to his lap top.


H-J i need to ask you something


H-when do they arrive?

J-tomarrow morrning about 6:00am your time, in the big felled to the left of the house.


"They arrive tomorrow at 6:00am" Heero said walking over to the frig.

"I am not getting up that early" Duo pouted at the thought of the lost sleep.

"Guys" Quatre said thoughtfully

Every one looked at him in questioning

"Where are they going to sleep?"

Every one pondered the question...

"Well you and Trowa share a room already" Duo said as he thought aloud "Wufei's room is very small...they can have my room." Duo shrugged

"Where are you going to sleep?" Wufei asked

"Ummm...couch?" Duo said

"No, you will not" Quatre "You and Heero could share a room, just like old times, ne?"

"Only if Heero dose not mind" Duo said looking at Heero, who was in deep thought

"Heero, do you mind?" Duo asked a little louder "Hn, guess not, don't have any other choice, now do we?"

"Not really" Duo said as he walked out of the room

"Where you going?" Quatre called after him

"Got to pack my stuff" Duo yelled back


-----Meanwhile in space--------

"Do you think they can handle them?" Dr.G asked Dr.J

"They will" Dr.J said

"Hn" Dr.G sounded unsure "You hope, the two best pilots and that Heero of your's will shoot them on the spot as soon as he finds out"

"Heero will understand" Dr.J said while mixing some stuff together.

"We'll lose the two best Gundams and Gundam pilots we have ever trained"

"What do you mean?"

"Come now, face it, they are better than all the others, in every thing....even better than that Heero of your's" Dr.G finished and walked out.


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