Title: Past, Present, and Future
By: Shadow Angel
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NOTES: the time line on this is when Heero is out of it for a month because he tried to self-destruct. Mostly Heero POV. And another this I have NOT seen Endless Waltz yet, so I made up my own past for Heero. Ok that’s enough of me on with the fic… enjoy…


Trowa returned to the circus, with the unconscious Heero. Trowa bandaged him up, and lied him on the bed/fold out sofa.

~Change to Heero’s POV and we go into his mind scape~

I am here in the darkness, alone as far as I can tell. It’s just black here; even I don’t have any color, just black. I more or less heard the explosion of Wing. I wonder if I am dead? “You aren’t that lucky” I tell myself out loud, my voice still holds that coldness.

I close my eyes for a few minutes, until something moves off to my left. My eyes snap open, and search the vast blackness. Nothing I can’t see anything. I look down at my hands, they now have color to them as the rest of me dose, there is no blood any where. Something moves again, this time to my right, I spin around, and there is a soccer ball rolling out from the darkness. A small boy cases after it. I know the small boy; it’s me before J’s training. “Hello mister” the small boy looks up at me, with eyes that are full of emotion, things that I long ago put in the back of my mind. “Want to play with me?” “Huh?” “Dose you want to play with me?” He asked again

“What’s your name?” my voice has taken on a softer tone that I didn’t know existed any more. The boy looked down at his feet “I don’t got a name.” He said plainly. “Yeah I’ll play with you” I was surprised that I had said that, but I couldn’t back out now, could I?

“You will?” He looked up with happiness in his eyes.

“Yeah, what’s the game?”

“Well, you got to try and get the ball form me” He grinned up at me, then ran kicking the ball in front of him. So I started after him. After I don’t know how long he tripped on his shoelace, I paused to see if he was ok. He was crying a little, from a scraped knee. I knelled down beside him.

“You’ll be ok” I tried to calm him. He sniffed and looked up at me with tear felled eyes. “Let me tie your shoe so you don’t fall, ok?”

“Ok” He sniffed again. I tied his shoe for him, and helped him to stand.

“Thanks” He said shakily.

“Your welcome, now still want to play?”

“Yeah, you bet” He took off running again, I chased him. At one point and time he turned around and faced me running back words. He kicked the ball to me and I caught it in mid air. That’s when all the pictures came to me.

*** The pictures flashed by my eyes, ones of me when I was little and on L1 with J, he had sent me out shopping, and I had done as I was told. I was working my way back to the lab, when I ran into a violet-eyed beauty, with a silky long braided, and at first glance I thought it was a girl about my age. But when he turned around, he stole my heart.

“Oh, sorry I didn’t see you.” He exclaimed

“No its ok I am the one that is sorry, I was not looking where I was going”

This scene played out and ended up with us both headed for the lab, I found out that the boy’s name was “Duo Maxwell” he said it so proud and smiled all the way. I didn’t want to go back though, J was a mean bastard, all ways taking about how I had to be the “Perfect Solder” as small as I was I didn’t know what that was then, I do now, and I wish I didn’t have to be the cold hearted bastard that I am.

I drop the ball and all the pictures leave me***

“Are you ok mister?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine”

“Well I have to go now, bye” He walked back into the darkness, fading out of site.

As soon as he leaves there is a ray of light that surrounds me. And it’s growing.

The sunlight keeps growing, to revile a vast filed, a small stream, and a large oak tree behind me. For some odd reason I feel content to stay in the sunshine. I lean back and close my eyes, and just let loose. I lied like this for a long time, or until I heard the pounding of horse hooves, coming towards me. I raise up and jump to my feet in fear of being stomped on. There coming towards me at a slow trot is one of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen. The horse, no unicorn, was solid white; its mane and tail flowed in a graceful motion with its steps. It’s horn was the color of pure silver, that shined brightly in the sunlight.

The beautiful unicorn trotted up to me and then around me in a small circle, then it stopped and looked at my with cold cobalt blue eyes, like what I knew mine looked like.

I held out a hand to the animal, it moved towards me, and I moved back a step or two.

“I’m not going to hurt you” someone said in a male voice, which sounded a lot like mine.

“Who are you?’

“I was sent here to show you the present, as in the present war, I was sent here on a mission.”

“That would be what?” I inclined

“Come here and I’ll show you.” He stated flatly I walked up to the unicorn a little closer. He bent down and placed his horn on the top of my head. My eyes closed, and then there where more pictures of my present this time instead of my past.

*** I am standing on a boating doc, when I am about to shoot that bitch Relena, I get shot by some unknown person… I didn’t realize who he was until now, it was Duo Maxwell from my past, and the one person that I fell in love with the moment I looked into his shining eyes.

The scene changes into one of when I am in that hospital tied to the bed. There he is again; he came to rescue me. I wonder if he has feelings for me like I do for him, if only I can tell him how I love him.

The scene changes again to my self-destruction then darkness again***

I open my eyes and I find I am looking into the eyes of the unicorn.

“What was that about?”

“Have you figured out what my mission was?”

I sit on the ground and look up at him.

“I’m not sure?” //Yes what was his mission?…..Was it to make me see that I do love Duo? Or was it something else?//

“My mission was to remind you to act upon your emotions”

“But I have, haven’t I?”

“No, you have not been acting on your true emotions”

The unicorn looked down at me, then off to his left, his silver horn shining in the sunlight. He turned back to me then galloped off into the distance.

//Hn, I wonder what my future will look like?// As I think to myself I find that my thoughts wonder off to the one that I seem to be thinking of a lot lately //Duo, if only this war was over, I would find you and tell you just how much I really do love you, survive this war my angel and I will tell you how much I love you that is a promise//

I am snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of softer hoof steps, I look around and find that there is another unicorn walking towards me. This one is solid black, the main and tail move with it’s gracefulness, this one is much more graceful than the other. It’s horn is solid gold. And when it reaches me it’s eyes are…//God it can’t be// they are the color of Duo’s eyes, that beautiful violet color. It looks down at me, a smile in it’s eyes.

“Now what?” I ask my voice cold and demanding

“Well, excuse me, I just thought you might like to know what your future is like?” He’s voice is a lot like Duo’s only it sounds older some how.

“I would, and I do.” I stated plainly.

“Lie down” he said


“Just do it.”

I lied down on the ground, I didn’t have any reason not to after all I was in my mind, this much I knew. After I lied down the unicorn lied beside me, he placed his horn over my heart and the rest of his head was lying on or against my chest.

“Now relax” He told me.

So I did, once again I closed my eyes.

*** This time my vision was filled with the site of Duo standing by a stall, I walked over to him, and we said some words back and forth, only I could not hear them. Duo smiled out of true happiness, and kissed me deeply, wrapping his arms around my neck. ***

The scene faded into darkness and every thing was gone, when I did open my eyes I thought I saw Relena, but it was someone who I had never seen. She got up and said

“I’ll go tell Trowa that you’re up”


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