Oi!. Well, I have another deathfic and it comes with a song. If there is a limit to one fic for this month then I want this one to be the one that counts. If not then yeay... or I think. Anyway this one is very AU. And in the song I turned the words around so that is fits... just take all the Hes, His, and boys and put them into Shes, Her, and girl. Then it’s the way it was to start with. Oh and the lsit thing "You Know You're Hanging Around Duo Too Much When..." Well I apply to most that has been said and I have sometihng to add to it.

1.) You make a little black detonator that does not work, and walk around the house clicking says "Mahahahaha" or "Mahaha.. I'll blow you all up!" (::Blush:: this is me when im hyper)*sweatdrop* ok enough of my babble.

Title: The Little Boy
Author: Shadow Angel (me)
Disclaimers: neither Gundam Wing nor the song ‘The Little Girl’ by John Michael Montgomery belongs to me. They belong to whom they belong to. And that’s not me. This is just for fun.
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WARNINGS: well I’m not sure if this came out as well as I had hoped. But it’s sad none the less.. the song almost had me crying the first time I heard it. And yes its country, but it’s a good one. And this is a big AU, can we all say that? AU understand? Ok that’s good… and there will be OOC-ness in here.
So if you are a person that cries easily you might want to get a tissue.

Duo: *hands SA a box of tissue* Here.
SA: *takes the box* Thanxs Duo. Here you go. *Leaves the box with the story* Use them if you need them.

~ Song ~
/ Thoughts /
*~* Switch between Dream and with him and Heero *~*

Heero awoke to the cuddling of Duo, who was asleep, but he snuggled closer to Heero’s chest.

/God’s I love you so much Duo/ Heero thought as he watched his koi sleep soundly.

Heero looked over at the clock. /7:00am/ He tightened his arms around Duo. /Duo maybe gentile in the love making but he wore me out last night… in that game of twister/

Heero lied there holding Duo like that for a long time. Finely he reached over, slowly so as not to wake Duo, and turned on the radio. It was on a station that played all kinds of music. There was a country song just starting. Heero left it there.


As the song plays we go into Duo’s dream. And the song can be heard in the background.

~ Her parents never took the young girl to church,
never spoke of His name, never read of His Word. ~

We see a young girl and a young boy going out on a date.

~ Two non-believers walking lost in this world took
their baby with them. What a sad little boy. ~

There is the young girl and the boy again they are getting married. And go off in the limo on their honeymoon. A year later they are on their way home with their new baby boy.

~ His daddy drank all day and his mommy did drugs.
Never wanted to play or give kisses and hugs ~

Duo is sitting in the living room about the age of three. He walked into the kitchen; his father was sitting at the table drinking.

“Daddy.” The small child said as he looked up. “Hunggy.”

“Go tell your mother.” Duo’s father said as he got up and nearly knocked Duo over.

Duo walked into the living room where he found his mother asleep on the couch. He shook her to try and wake her but he had no luck. So he sat down in the floor and watched what was on the small TV.


Heero watched Duo’s angelic face. Duo’s face turned in to one of worry, fear, and pain. “Shh… I’m here.” He whispered softly to Duo as his dream and the song went on. Heero held Duo close.


~ He’d watch TV and there on the couch while his mom
fell asleep and his daddy went out. And the drinking
and the fighting just got worse every night. ~

Duo was about the age of six. He was sitting on the couch watching TV when his father came in drunk as always, only a little worse tonight. His mother was at the table in the kitchen. His father stormed into the kitchen and started cussing his mother and slapping her around. His mother ran for the door, but his father grabbed her and slung her down to the floor.

~ Behind their couch he’d be hiding. Oh what a sad little life ~

Duo got up and hid behind the couch, he fell asleep there, alone, afraid, and crying.

~ And like it always does the bad just got worse with
ever slap and every curse. ~

A few more years and lots more tears went by. Duo fined for himself and cried himself silently to sleep, just like every night.

~ Until his daddy, in a drunk rage one night, used a
gun on his mom and then took his life. ~

Duo was sitting on the couch watching the TV just like he always did. His father came home, and stormed into the kitchen where his mother was trying to cook. Duo hid behind the couch, as his father beat his mother into the living room. He then pulled out a gun and shot Duo’s mother, then putting the gun to his head, and pulled the trigger.

Duo cried himself to sleep, and the next morning was awaken by the sound of sirens and someone shaking him gently.


Heero shook Duo lightly wanting the nightmare to go away. Duo just whispered and dreamed on. So Heero hugged his love tightly, and whispered soothing things to him.


~ And some people from the city, took the little boy
far away to a new mom and a new dad. Kisses and hugs every day. ~

The police officer took Duo a big church. Where Sister Helen and Father Maxwell took him in.

~ His first day of Sunday school, the teacher walked
in, and a small boy stared at a picture of Him. ~

Father Maxwell showed Duo a picture of Jesus on the cross. And Duo started to cry.

~ He said, “I know that man up there on that cross,
but I know he got off. ‘Cause He was there in my old
house and held me close to His side, as I hid there,
behind our couch, the night my parents died.” ~

Father Maxwell took Duo and hugged him close. And then gave him a gold cross, and told him that no matter what Jesus would always be with him.


Duo was crying fully now, and Heero had set them up and was holding Duo close, whispering softly to him, and rubbing his back.

Duo opened his eyes and just sat in Heero’s arms until he stopped.

A little while latter Heero kissed Duo’s forehead. “Do you want to talk about it?” He asked softly.

Duo shook his head ‘no’, and looked up at Heero. “I’m sorry.” He said barely a whisper.

“It’s ok, demo you didn’t do anything wrong.” Heero reassured him with a soft kiss on the lips.


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