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Warnings: language, and well its silly, and just read it. parings: you'll see

"Duo get that thing off the table , it's nasty!"

Quatre said as he turned to see what Duo was snickering about.

"Ok, ok, sheeeze!"

"I wished you would put that thing in your pants and leave it there." Wufei grumbled as he sat down.

"If I left it there, it would die. It needs air too ya know." Duo said as he glanced over at Wufei.

"Yea, but do you have to carry it everywhere with you?" Quatre exclaimed turning back to the dishes.

"Why can't you leave it in the bedroom, that's where you play with it the most."

"I can't just leave it anywhere, I'm attatched to it."

"Well the least you can do for all of us, is leave it in your pants until you can take it out and play with it."

"Well, it gets boring by myself." Duo whinned.

"Well you talked Heero into playing with it didn't you?" Wufei asked.

"Yea, but Heero is on a mission and won't be back for at least two more days."

"Duo, for the last time, if you don't keep that damn thing of the table and out of the kitchen, I'm going to cut it into!" Quatre all but yelled at Duo who slowly replaced it in his pants.

"He won't stay there ya know, he moves too much."

There was a very long pause.

"Come on Wufei touch it." Duo said as he took it out.

"HELL NO, MAXWELL!! Keep that nasty thing away from me!!" Wufei said as he jumped up from his seat as Duo stuck it in his face.

"He won't bite, I promise." Duo coaxed moving closer to Wufei.

"Duo take that thing to your room and leave it there." Quatre said pointing a gun at Duo.

"EEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!" Duo said backing towards his and Heero's room.

"I don't see what your damn problem is. It's just a baby albino python!"