Title: It All Started With Horse Back Ridding
Author: Shadow Angel
Disclaimer: i do not own Gundam Wing nor the G-Boy's they belong to someone with lots of money...i am just playing with the characters...which is fun...but i don't own them...so please don't kill me for using them...or sue me.
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Warnings: Yaoi, umm, trying to be a lemon later on, if i get feed back, and OOC.
Pairings: 1x2/2x1...3x4x5 (not really sure as of how that works just yet...with three people that is)
Setting: This takes place, after the war(s), at one of Quatre's estates, that is located on a horse ranch.

Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei had all confessed their love for one another on the day that the war ended. Heero had also confessed his love for the braided baka, after three tormented years with him. They where now ridding horses in one of the pasters.


"We should head back...it looks like rain" Heero said as he sped up his horse to match paces with Duo's horse.

"Yeah, you're right" Duo sighed.

Just then it thundered and lightninged...Duo's horse reared up and then bolted.

"DUO!?!" Heero yelled as he kicked his horse trying to catch up with the frighten pilot.

Duo was trying to calm the horse and stay in the saddle at the same time. "Oh, SHIT" Duo said as he looked up at the huge mud puddle in front of him. The horse suddenly stopped...Duo was flung from the saddle and straight, face first into the mud.

Heero arrived just in time to see Duo 'fly' over the horses head.

"DUO.." Heero gasped, as he jumped from his horse and ran to Duo's side, slugging though the muck, to his new found love.

"Duo...are you ok?" His voice showing his concern

/Yuy..you are the baka now, he just hit the ground face first, and you ask is he ok/ Heero's mind scolded him for his question.

"OW..." was the moan/gasp for air.

"Duo?" Heero questioned

"hey next time remind me to ask for a saddle with a seat belt..ok?" Duo said as he managed to sit down in the mud facing Heero, who was on his knees, now.

"Any thing broken?" Heero asked with a slight grin

"No, I don't think so, and if it was, you sure as hell are not going to set it for me." Duo smirked

"Aww, you take all the fun out of it" Heero said as he stood up and held out his hand to help Duo up.

"Fun for you but not me" Duo said as he garbed onto Heero's hand...his still covered in mud.

Duo lost his balance, and Heero tried with all his might to hold onto Duo, but the mud made that impossible. Duo fell back into the mud on his butt.

"Gomen Duo" Heero said as he stifled a giggle.

"OOWWW...now my ass hurts, i think its broken" Duo said in a child like voice.

The way Duo had said my ass, sent Heero to giggling

<gasps he's human> "Want...Want me to pop it back into place for you" Heero said jokingly.

Duo's eyes went wide at Heero's words.

Duo smirked "Promise?" He said looking up at Heero with hopeful eyes.

Heero nodded 'yes' and reached down and grabbed Duo around the waist, and got them both out of the mud...

Heero brought Duo's horse back to him.

"Oh, Hell naw, I am NOT riding that crazy thing" Duo said as he started to back away.

"Yes you are, look I'll hold onto the rains until we get back...ok?" Heero said as he stoped Duo form backing away.

"Oi, Heero, do you know how much my ass hurts right now?" Duo said pledingly

"No, tell me?" Heero repllyed

"I have been riding in that damn saddle for the past two and a half hours, and i just fell on a bis ass rock, in the mud, I am dirty, wet, cold, and its...its raining." Duo said regretfully

"Aww, I'm sorry, but it was YOUR idea to come on this lttle adventure...wasn't it?" Heero asked looking over at poor Duo.

"Sorry, yeah it was my idea" Duo said as he climbed back into the saddle.

Heero got onto his horse and took the rains of Duo's horse.

"Quatre is going to be so mad at me...I got his favorite saddle very dirty"

"He'll get over it" Heero said flattly


After another hour of riding, they made it back to the barn right before it poured down rain.

"DUO!?!" Quatre said in alarm, seeing his mud covered friend. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I am ok...I just...Quatre I got your saddle very drity....I'm so sorry" Duo said eyes down cast

"Duo, I don't care about the saddle, it can be washed, I just want to make sure you two are ok"

"We're fine...Duo's horse just got spooked by the storm." Heero said walking up beside Duo and wraping an arm around him.

"I am glad you two are safe" Quatre stated as he petted one of the horses on the neck.

Just then it thundered "Lets get in before it gets worse" Heero said pulling Duo with him twords the house.

The three of them started in the door.

"Oh, NO your not coming in here like that, not in while I am in charge of cleaning" an old pugy maid said as she stoped them in their traks.

"Demo..." Duo pleaded

"No buts...stay right here...DON'T move" the maid said as she left the room.

After a few minuts she returned, with a close basket, and two robes.

"Here strip, down to your underware, and put these on." the maid said as she handed the two very mudy boys the robes.

Both boys blushed...and where hesitant...but the look from the maid told them to do what she said, and a glace at Quatre told them, that he had no say over her, seeing as she was one of the oldest servents left.

As soon as both boys where out of their very dirty cloths, and into their robes, they when't straight up to their shared room.


"You can go first" Duo told Heero, not being used to the acts of intamicy.

"Super will be ready in about an hour...it will take you that long to get your hair clean...but if we take a bath together...I could help you with your hair" Heero said in an unusuealy shy voice /gods, konw that you have wanted to help him with his hair for so long/ Heero's mind raced /yeah or just see him naked and painting under you/ the sick part of his mind said suddanly /HEY! shut the fuck up/ /eeepp, ok, but just telling the truth/ the sick voice fatted away.

"Nani? a startled-happy Duo asked

"I was just asking if you needed help with your hair..." Heero repled, there was a long pause

"Duo...is something wrong?"

"Heero, you...you just said more in the past 15min. than you have said in the past three years since I have known you"

Heero laughed...and Duo wraped his arms around Heero tightly.

"Oh thank the gods" Duo shouted "Heero Yuy is NOT the uncaring unfeeling person every one makes him out to be." Duo almost yelled as he held Heero closer.

"Come on are we going to take a shower or not?" Heero asked, wanting to change the subject.

"Yeah, lets go!" Duo said as he walked twords the larg bathroom.


In the bathroom, Duo ran the water in the large tub, and Heero gathered their towles.

"Duo what are you doing?"

"Aw, come on Hee-chan its just bubbles...it'll be fun"

"Hee-chan, why did you call me that?"

"I donno, just sorta came out...i wont do any more"

Duo said with eyes staring into the bubbles.

"No its ok...I don't mind" Heero reasured Duo

After a lone moment Heero walked over to Duo, lifted his face and kissed Duo deeply.

After the kiss broke, both boys where left panting.

Heero untied Duo's robe and slied him into the warm bubble bath, Heero soon followed as soon as he got off his robe.

/OMG....he's...he's...large/ that sick part of Duo's mind raced around on that thought, until Duo fellt hands in his hair.

"Mmmm" he moaned

Heero smiled to himself at the noise he caused Duo to make...he liked it...and it caused him to become very aroused.

Heero continued to wash the muck and mud from Duo's hair...Duo by now was melting in Heero gintil yet firm hands running though his hair, and this caused him to become aroused also.

/Thank gods he can't me, he would think i was some kind of hentai or something./ Dou thought to himself.

"Close your eyes" Heero said softly.

Duo did as he was told, and Heero grabed a small container off the side of the tub, and rised out Duo's hair.

"Thanks" Duo said as he tuned to look at Heero.

"You're welcome" Heero said staring into deep violet eyes.

They sat there for a very long moment, just staring into each others eyes...then Heero leaned forward and placed his lips on Duo's, tracing them with his tounge begging for entrance. Duo obliged and parted his lips ever so slightly, Heero plunged his toung into Duo's hot, wet mouth, and Duo did the same to Heero.

They parted only for air. Both noticing the others hard-on.


"No, Duo, not until your ready, I can wait"

Duo grined at the ex-gundam pilot "But I am ready"

He whispered as he ran his hands along Heero's strong chest, causing Heero to gasp.

"Duo...are you sure?"

"Heero...I have never been more sure in my life"

At this Heero pulled Duo in for another long kiss, Duo pressed their erctions together, wich caused both to moan aginst the kiss.

Duo ran a hand down to Heero's fully awake member, and gintly stroked it. Heero only pushed his tounge into Duo's mouth futher.

"Heero...I want you inside me now" Duo painted after the kiss broke.

Heero, needing no futher encouagement, lifted Duo up onto his lap, he reached around and placed his hands on Duo's ass.

"Duo, don't ask me how I know, but this is going to hurt at first"

"I know, don't ask" Duo said with a nod

Heero gently, but quickly sliped one soapy finger into

Duo, who tinced in pain.

"I'm sorry.." Heero whispered gintly into Duo's ear before he captued his mouth in a long deep kiss. After a few minutes Duo relaxed and Heero started to move his finger around, he hit a spot with in Duo, that xaused the said ex-piolt to throw his head back in pure pleasure, Heero rubed that spot again and made a note as of where it was.

Duo started thrusting back aginst Heero's fingers, thus Heero slowly pushed in another finger and amied for the sweet spot inside of Duo, that caused him to make wonderfull sounds. The third finger was inserted and Duo was begging Heero to take him.

"Heero...please?" Dou pleated

"No, Duo, I don't want to hurt you." Heero said in a soft voice.

Duo was now moving in time with Heero's fingers, and was despratily trying to get him to hit that spot inside of him that sent him into another world. At the loss of Heero's fingers Duo let out a small whimper. Heeo smiled at him before pulling Duo up closer and lifting him at the waist.

Slowly Heero sat Duo down on his headr member, Duo tinced at the slight pain, Heero stoped to let Duo relax, and he whispered sort loving words to him and placed soft kisses on the silky white skin.

It only took Duo a few minuts to relax, and let Heero fill him all the way.

Heero was now all the way inside Duo, who was painting very hard, but Heero did not notice was that ge was doing the same thing.

"Heero.." Duo breathed


"Ai shiteru Zutto"

"Ai shiteru Zutto, Duo, my soul mate" Heero said as he kissed Duo deeply.

Duo soon ajusted to Heero being inside of him, and Heero started a slow steady pace.

One of Duo's hands and One of Heero's hand where intertwined.

As Heero's thrusts began to qicken, He began pumping Duo in time with his thrusts, with his free hand. In a matter of minutes Duo climaxed, with a loud shout, as his first breath taking orgasem took over him, Heero soon followed him, spilling his seed with deep with in Duo.

They both colapsed into each other's arms, Their hands still intertwined with another.

"Mine" Heero whispered into Duo's ear.

"mhm" Duo agreed still a bit shoked by all that had just happened.

"Duo, Heero are you guys ok?" came the startling voice of a concerned Quatre.

"We're fine" Heero said back

"Ok, diner will be done in a hour and a half" Quatre called as he left the room smiling to himself, knowing what they had been doing.

"Duo?" Heero qustioned, but then smiled to himself as he noted Duo's breathing...he was in a deep sleep.

"Sleep well my koibito" Heero whispered as he wraped his arms around Duo, and lied back aginst the tub.

Before sliping off into his own light sleep, Heero swiped some of Duo's hair out of his face and kisses him lightly, Duo smiled in his sleep. Heero then slipped into a light sleep.