TITLE: Green Rider chapter one: The Gray One
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{...}- ghost voices
"..."- things said
/.../- things thought

The granite was cold and rough aginst the gray-cloaked man's palms. The wall towered above him to some unknown height. It was many feet thick, made from the bones of the earth itself, and it followed Sanq's southern border for hundreds of miles, from the East Sea to Ullem Bay in the west. It's most important job is to protect Sanq and the reast of the lands form 'Kanmorhan Vane', known in the common speach as Blackveil Forest.

The gray-cloaked man traced barely perceptible seams between the huge blocks of the wall. It was the seams that, he believed, that held the key...the key to the wall's downfall.

The wall had endured for a thousand years. It had been built after the Long War at the turn of the First Age. For a thousand years, the denixens of the dark forest had grown restless, had festered, trapped behind the wall.

Now the Gray One must call on them and end their exile. He would bring back the nightmares, slowly at first, to the daylight world. The wall was bound with such deep, ancient, and powerful magic that it prickled his hands. Even for the works of those long-ago humans it was still very strong. Today humans understood very little of the long-ago magic. They knew very little of what their ancestors had been capable of, nor did they know what they, the people of present-day Sanq, where still capable of.

//a good thing// the Gray One thought.

He brushed the layers of magic with his mind. The magic had been melded into each block of graite, from the moment it was quarried to it's placement. The mortar had been inlaid with strengthening spells not only to ensure that the wall stood for all of time, but also to prvent magic from breaking it. The wall was magnificent, really, it was, a great accomplishment that had taken generations of humans to complete.

//A pitty it must be desroyed// the Gray One thought as he smiled beneth the shadows of his hood. He wanted and would return the world to a state it hadn't known since before the Long War, far beyond the First Age, a time lost to memory: a time when humans lived in primitive bands that stalked heard beasts and game. A time where there had beeen no kings, no countries, no organized religions, just surperstition and darkness. During the Black Ages, as they where now called, they had a better understanding of magic than they did today.

The Gray One looked up, the pink clouds of dawn were fading, and the birds squabbled in the trees. His collaborators would be growing impatient for his return. He supposee they had every right to be impatient, they where mortal after all.

He closed his eyes and shielded himself. He began to follow the songs of quarrymen, and stonecutters wrought in a tongue modern Sanq people would not reconize. The music sprang from the earth's bones, it wove strands of resistance, barriers, and containment.

The echoes of hammers wielded by stonecutters centuries ago clamored in the Gray One's head. The blows jarred him and rang deep in his mind. He gritted his teeth against the pain, and probed deeper. His mind leaving his body behind.

Men and women sang in unison, their song intensified as his thoughts rippled along the seams. He caught the harmony of their ancient voices, allowed the cadence of the hammers to invade his mind, and he sang with them.

He felt powerful enough to withstand the Ages, untouched by the weathering forces of nature, he could endure anything. But he must surpass this power. He must become stronger than even the granite to break the wall.

His voice found its own harmony running counter to the rhythm within the wall.

//All great things must fall// his mind sang. //Sing with me, follow me//

Far away, his forefinger tapped the new rhythm on the wall. It was not enough yet to disturb the hundreds of hammers, but it helped creat discord. But did he decet uncertainty in the song, now? Did some of the hammers lose their rhythm?

A spintering sound like lake ice in the spring scattered his thoughts. He lost his bearing. The song and rhythm faded, his solidarity with the wall wavered, and his body absorbed his mind like a dry spong. The force sent him flailing backwards, stunned and unwieldy in his corporeal form. When he had rmembered how to use his limbs, he looked over his handiwork.

//Yes, yes, yes!// his mind yelled as he seen the hairline fracture in the mortar. The wound would grow and he could come back and break the Yuy Wall! Now he must get back to camp where the humans awaited him. Carcking the wall had sapped a great deal of his energy-- there was barely enough left to transport him, he would be in bad shape for the rest of the day. But the soldiers would be impatient to hunt down the Green Rider. Soon he would be done with this intrigue the humans so valued, but for now it served his purpose.

As he slung the longbow and quiver of black arrows over his shoulder, he felt someone's gaze upon him. He look around quckly and only saw an owl on a branch above. The Gray one has nothing to fear in from an owl preoccupied with it's rarly morining hunt. He spread his arms wide to begin the summoning, they trembled from the effort of haveing cracked the wall.

"Come to me, O mortal spirits. You are mine to hold, bound to me in this world. Walk with me now and take me where I must go."

He willed them to him, and they couldn't resist his call. A host of spirits, like watery blur, gathered around him.

Among them were soldiers, old men, women, and childern, ordinary citizens stood with knights, beggars huddled next to nobility, all were impaled with two black arrows each.

"By the arrows of Kanmorhan Vane, I command you walk with me now. We will walk on the quick time roads of the dead."