Title: Green Rider
By: Shadow Angel
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine, nor are the G-Boys. The book "Green Rider" is not mine either is was written by, Kristen Britain, and belongs to her.
Pairings: None....yet
Warnings: VERY AU, not many for this teaser, there will be against later though, and Shounen ai, but that's like a lot later, I think, If this is going to go the way I want it to. Oh, and this will have chapter names and I will try to do a chapter at a time. But the teaser is from one of the chapters ^_^ though someone might like it. Ok so my intro is longer than my teaser. Gomen for ANY and EVERY thing that is mis-spelled.
{...} are voices in head
"..." thing said
/.../ things thought

{Ride!} the voice commanded.

Duo dared not disobey. He squeezed The Horse's sides just as the first arrow was loosed. The Horse leaped into a gallop. Blue of sky, green and brown of wood, rushed by in streaks. The buildings of a village were a smear they left behind. Two arrows, he knew, sang behind him and would not stop till they found their mark.

Wind whipped around him, and loosened to braid in his hair, as the rhythm of The Horse's hooves pounded through his body, but for all he knew, they flew. There were other pounding hooves, other riders abreast of him, filmy white and transparent. Trees and buildings did not hinder them, they traveled right though. They called to him with far off voices in what was like a battle cry: {Ride!, Greenie, Ride! It's the Wild Ride!}

Cold arms slipped around his waist from behind.

{Ride!} the ghost of Wufei Chang whispered. {It's the Wild Ride}

So want more? To tell you the truth I really do like this and am very eager to wright it, I just want to know if you guys want to here/read it too? Just let me know.....PLEASE?