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Mine, and Only Mine
by: Serene Angel

Duo Maxwell flopped down onto a couch, holding a plate with his latest treat in his hands. He grinned, getting ready to savor his snack...a rather large cinnabun that was oozing with the melted cinnamon and icing. Amethyst eyes shining, he broke off a piece and was about to put it in his mouth, when he heard a rather familiar grunt from the doorway. Raising an eyebrow, he looked over, smirking at the person who stood there. "Ohayo, Heero," he greeted, his smirk changing to a heart-felt grin that he couldn't quite describe...that he didn't quite understand. Heero, however, just scowled at him, causing the American's violet eyes to roll. "What's wrong?"

Heero eyed the confetion that Duo was about to inhale skeptically before turning his gaze onto the other pilot. "How can you eat that kind of stuff?"

"Simple." Duo grinned, popping the piece that he had broken off into his mouth, savoring it's sweetness. "Like that? See? Not too dificult, really. Wanna try?" He pulled off another piece and held it out in offering, an inviting smile on his lips.


That was the only response that Heero offered, and so Duo placed the dish on the couch and walked over to the Japanese pilot, the piece of cinnabun still held in his fingers. "Oh, come on, Heero. It's only a small piece. It won't kill you." He chuckled slightly. "Don't worry...I didn't make it." Heero looked at him again, and his resolve had visibly softened as Duo held the small piece of his treat up again. Sighing slightly in defeat, Heero opened his mouth, and Duo, who was grinning by now, brought the food to his lips. Heero, for his part, had been banking on this, and, before Duo could move his hand away, Heero's mouth had closed around the thumb and index finger. Duo closed his eyes. Now this is my idea of heaven... He couldn't describe why he thought that, all he knew was that he did, and that he didn't mind it one bit. For some reason, he had liked Heero from the first time he had seen him...regardless of the fact that he had shot him. He opened his eyes...he hadn't even realized that he had closed them, really...and he looked at Heero, his heart nearly stopping at what he saw. Heero's...smiling? That's something new... He moved in closer, wanting to be near this Heero who stood before him now...this Heero who was so much different than the Heero that he had been together with for the past few months. He felt Heero's arms around him, felt his warm breath at his ear.

"You were right, baka..." Duo scrunched his nose at the name, but melted into the embrace nonetheless. "It's good...sweet..." Heero started to let his defences down, pressing into the braided American. "Just like you." He was satisfied to hear Duo's breath catch. Mmm...you've made me happy for so long, Duo, even if you don't know it, and even if I don't show it. Ever since I was little and I would...oh, but I can't think about that...there's no reason to, especially now that I have you forever.

Duo started to pull of of the circle of Heero's arms, only to stop short as Heero's iron grip close around his wrist. He turned back to his koi, eyes widening in surprise and fear, just as the other three gundam pilots walked into the room. All three looked on in shock, none daring to say a word, each just staring at Heero, wondering what he would do.

"Mine." His voice was cold as he pulled Duo closer, wrapping his arms possessively around the teen with the three-foot-long, chestnut-brown braid when he got him close enough. "And only mine." His voice had a dangerous edge to it, instilling fear into his fellow gundam pilots.

"He-Heero...what's going on?" Duo looked at him quizically, trying to decipher the other's actions at the moment. "What are you doing? Why are you...eep...um, Heero, you're holding me a little too tight there, koibito..."

"Hn." Heero responded by making his hold tighter and narrowing his eyes threateningly at the other three in the room. "You're mine, Duo Maxwell."

"Heero! Heero, what are you doing? You're going to hurt him!" Quatre moved forward, heedless of the thread that Heero posed at the moment, hoping that maybe the American's life could be saved right now. "Don't worry...none of us are going to take Duo from you...but...what's with this whole possessive thing? You've never acted lie this before."

"He's mine," Heero said once more, turning his gaze to Duo...and that gaze softened as his prussian blue eyes met with Duo's amethyst eyes. He loosened his grip slightly, and Duo sighed, snuggling into his arms. Mine, Duo...you were made to be mine, and I won't let anything change that...

"Yuy, are you going to explain yourself?" Wufei looked at him, his entire being radiating with an aura that said he would not let up without an answer. "What you are doing right now is injust, and completely dishonorable."

Just like Wufei to bring that up... Heero sighed mentally, pretending to pay attention to only the American in his arms. Duo...my Duo, I would be content to hold you like this forever, and never have to deal with anyone else ever again. He heard Duo sigh, and he knew that the other was smiling right now without even needing to look. When it came to Duo, he never needed to see him to know how he was feeling.

"Heero. Just tell us what is going on." Trowa looked at him, deep green eyes burning into his resolve, demanding an answer. If anything, he seemed more determined than Wufei.

"Please, Heero. It's not like you to act like this." Quatre looked at him, blue-green eyes pleading for an answer. Heero looked away from him, back to Duo, and saw that same pleading look in the eyes of his love. Sighing, he walked over to the couch, Duo still in his arms.

"Fine...I'll tell you." Sitting down with his koi, he snuggled close to the braided pilot, taking everyone, including Duo, by surprise. "But...it's a long story, and you probably won't believe any of it." When no one spoke, Heero took a deep breath and prepared to tell the one thing that he had expected to keep a secret for all eternity.

"It started when I was young. Every night I would have the same dream, of me and one other person. I didn't know who it was, but I was never afraid, because there was nothing to be afraid of. He was always nice to me, always taking care of me, holding me...in those dreams, those were the only times that I really knew affection." He sighed, holding Duo closer. "He had the most briliant, sparkling violet eyes, and long, chestnut hair that he kept in a braid, and he was always smiling." He heard everyone's breath catch at the description, and saw all of their eyes turn to Duo. "I never knew who he was...but, when I was nine, I knew that I cared for him, and that he was the only person who would ever truly care for me. That was when I decided that I needed to be with him, that I needed to have him be alive. So I started working the whole thing out, working together the basic coding for the DNA for his physical apperance.

"I can't quite say what possessed me to continue with the work beyond just a basic want, but I continued relentlessly, never really pausing from it, always thinging about how the whole thing would end up. Whenever I got the chance, I worked on the coding, and that took until I was somewhere near eleven. That was when I started to put everything else in...a background, an entire history. I created his entire personality, making that kind, caring, laughing person from my dreams...

"He was perfect..." Heero's voice cut off then, his eyes looking away. "He was perfect...I thought that my design was without any flaws. It was all done when I was twelve, and I set everything up to have him biogenically created. He didn't wake up right away, and I knew that he wouldn't, so I did the only thing that I could think to do...I curled up next to him and fell asleep, knowing that my chestnut-haired angel was finally with me.

"I woke up the next day, not really remembering that I had gone through with all of my plans...until I saw those eyes staring at me. I got surprised, tried to move away, but I couldn't. He had has arms around me." He closed his eyes, sighing slightly. "I wasn't afraid...it felt safe...I liked it. For the first time since I was really little, I remember I smiled...I was truly happy. I had my angel, and nothing else mattered...not my training, not anything.

"I should have known it wouldn't last. My whole life had been one disappointment after another..." Heero fought back the tears that had been welling up inside of him for the past three years, tears that he had refused to let out. "They found out about him...the scientists found out about my angel...my perfect angel. I'll admit that he didn't end up exactly as I had planned, and that had been a disappointment, but he was still perfect to me, and I couldn't let them have him. If they got a hold of him, he would have either been used for tests, or they would have killed him...I couldn't let that happen...I cared too much for him. So I did the only thing that I could to save him...I blocked his memories of me and sent him away...to L2, which is where I had him be from in the lifeline that I had created for him. I myself gave up on everything, stopped caring about my life ans started taking the steps to becoming who I am now." He leaned back, falling on the back of the couch for support. "But I never forgot my angel.

"I truly believed that I would never see him again. I wasn't worried that he would find someone else to care about...I had been pretty selfish about the whole thing and made sure that he would never love anyone in a romantic sense other than me." He looked over at Duo before continuing. "And I promised myself that I would never love anyone other than him for as long as I lived." His hand found that of his koi, but Duo jerked his hand away. I should have known that he wouldn't believe me... Heero's heart sank, but he continued. "I told you, I was expecting to never see him again...let alone to find out that he was a gundam pilot. I knew that it was him when I first saw him...he hadn't changed one bit. He was still my angel, there was no mistaking that, but I had forgotten that he no longer knew who I was. He shot me. It hurt so much...not because of the bullets ripping into my skin, but because it was my angel that had shot me. But after that he saved me...and I knew for sure that it was him, and that, somewhere inside of him, he knew me. Nothing made me happier than the day that we got together." He stopped then, falling completely silent, drawing into his own world, promising himself that he wouldn't leave that world, not for anything...unless his angel wanted him to.

Duo stood up and walked out of the room then, leaving three pairs of eyes watching after him. After a few minutes, they turned back to Heero, who was curled around himself, rocking back and forth on the couch, almost as though everything that he had ever been was lost now that he had let everyone know his deepest secret. They didn't buy it, though...they didn't believe even one word of it. "That was a nice story, Yuy...now how about telling us the truth?" Wufei looked at the Japanese teen with disgust in his eyes. What does he think he is trying to do?

There was no answer, and all eyes turned to the Perfect Soldier, looking at him in question. Something was definitely wrong here. Quatre walked over and sat next to him. "Heero?"

"I knew you wouldn't believe..." His voice was almost a whisper as he said that, and he didn't change his position at all. "But it's true...I won't remove that block myself...if you want to find out if it's true, I know that you would be able to get rid of it, Quatre, but I won't do it." His entire body shuddered with a silent sob, and the other three looked among each other, thinking the exact same thing.

What had gotten into him?

They got up to leave, hoping that they could find Duo. Maybe then they could get some answers. All stopped dead in their tracks when Heero spoke again, more than likely to himself this time.

"I don't deserve him..."


Heero opened his eyes slowly, yawning slightly. He looked around, only to find a pair of the most perfect amethyst eyes staring at him. He pushed away slightly, suprised slightly, wondering when this person had gotten into his room...only to find that he was restrained by something. He looked down, noticing the person's arms wrapped warmly around him. He shook his head, trying to clear the sleep fog from it, looking at this person again. Then he remembered. Duo...my angel. It worked! He wrapped his arms around the other's neck again.

"Did you sleep well?" The voice was so warm and caring, just like in all of his dreams. Heero smiled, nodding his head, snuggling close to that warmth. "That's good. are you thinking of getting up today, then?" again, Heero nodded, and the one holding him chuckled slightly. "All right, then, that's good, too. So, uh...can you talk?"

Heero was about to nod again, when he realized that a nod would just make his Duo reject the answer. "H-hai." He didn't know why, but he was nervous. He snuggled a little closer, and felt Duo's embrace warm up around him. If this is another dream, I don't want to wake up ever again...

"Well, that's really good. I don't want to be the only one talking." He could hear the smile in that voice. "I guess we should get aquainted, then, ne? I'm Duo...Duo Maxwell."

Heero blushed slightly, and he didn't understand why. He already knew everything about Duo, knew everything that he was supposed to be...save for the fact that he had not created Duo to be quite so talkative as he was right now...perhaps he had made a slight miscalculation or two in his design. "I'm Heero..." He closed his eyes, wishing that he could remember his real name, not the code-name that he had been given...it just didn't feel right to have to tell his angel the name of the martyred man that the rebels of the colonies looked up to as his own name. "Heero Yuy."

"Is the name a prophecy, then, Heero?" Duo quipped happily, and Heero felt himself giggle...something that he could not remember ever doing before. "Are you really a hero?"

"I hope to be..."

Duo hugged him a little tighter, brushing their lips against each other for a brief moment. "Well, I hope that one day you will be my hero." The two smiled at each other.

They're happiness was not meant to last, however, as the scientists discovered Duo and the circumstances of his creation a few weeks later. Heero was devastated, and he knew that he had to save his angel. With tears in his eyes, he blocked himself from the memory of his love, giving him one last hug, before getting him to the shuttle to L2. I will never forget you, my angel. Even if we never meet again, I will never forget you. That is my promise to you.


Heero shook himself from the memory, staring blankly at the wall across the room. He knew that everyone else had left by now, and he had the feeling that they had gone to find Duo, which left him with some time to think.

Time that he would need desperately.



Duo looked up to see Quatre standing there, looking at him sadly. "Just leave me alone."

"Duo, please, don't push us all away. I know that I don't exactly how it feels to hear something like that, but please don't push us away. Talk to us." Quatre moved forward to place a comforting hand on the back of the violet-eyed boy. "Please, Duo."

His body shook, and he turned pained eyes on the three. "What if he wasn't lying? What if he did really create me?" He turned away again, afraid to look at anyone. "If it's true, then I'm not really human...just some kid's creation...practically a science experiment!"

"There is a way to find out," Trowa offered quietly, dropping to one knee near the long-haired teen. "If you want to know, then maybe we could try?" Duo looked at him skeptically.

"Maxwell! Are you just going to sit around moping about the what if's, or are you going to try to find out the truth?" Wufei walked over in front of him, and Duo looked up for a few moments before slowly nodding his head.

"Yeah...I guess we should find out..." He sounded so sad, almost like he was giving up. Damn you, Heero Yuy. why do you have to confuse me all of the time? Damn you to hell!

The four walked into a room, and Duo sat down at the chair. He already knew that they would have to check if there really was a block on something in his mind, so he didn't really complain when they started to set everything. In fact, he just sighed and closed his eyes. When they were done, Quatre set to work, trying to check on the whole thing. The gasp of surprise told Duo all that he needed to know. Then it is true...I'm just his...

"Duo...do you want us to break through this or not?"


"Do you want us to get rid of this block on your memory, or do you want to keep it?" Quatre asked patiently, blue-green eyes looking at him with a mix of sadness and understanding.

What do you think? Duo nearly cried that out before stopping himself. There was no reason to get angry at these three...it was Heero that he should be mad at. And yet I feel like I could never be angry with him for anything...even this... The thoughts confused him thoroughly. "Hai." Quatre nodded, taking a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. Heero would not have made this easy to break through.

No one even noticed the Japanese teen standing in the doorway, watching on, not until he walked over and took Duo's hand, closing his eyes as he pressed his lips to the skin. I love you, my angel. I will always love you. Duo looked at him strangely...he could have sworn that he saw tears in those prussian blue eyes. Heero pulled away then, letting go of Duo's hand and walking back to the door, only to find it blocked by both Trowa and Wufei. Not really in the mood to put up a fight, he resigned himself, walking over to a corner of the room and sitting on the floor, losing himself in his thoughts once more. Duo...I know that I should have told you sooner...but I couldn't...I'm sorry, my Duo...

No one really noticed that Heero had drifted off into sleep, they were too wrapped in Quatre's work. It took a while, somewhere near eight or nine hours, but finally Quatre broke through and was able to remove the block that Heero had placed nearly three years earlier. The memory flooded through Duo's head, and a few tears welled up in his eyes at the sight of a younger Heero smiling and laughing with him, coming into the room after his training of the day only to melt right into his arms. Memories of the two of them talking, and then of Heero's tears as he had to block of part of his memory in order to save his life.

Memories of what Heero had thought would be the last time they would ever see each other.


All eyes turned to the corner where Heero was still sitting, eyes closed as he slept, dreaming the same dream that he had since his childhood. Duo got up and walked over, wrapping his arms around his koi, gently kissing his lips. By silent agreement, everyone else left the room. "Heero? Heero, please wake up..." Those blue eyes that always held Duo's attention opened slowly as Heero tried to adapt to being awake once more. "Heero...why...why didn't you tell me sooner than this?" When Heero didn't answer, Duo felt himself getting frustrated. "Heero, pleae answer me." Yet still, the only answer he received was Heero pulling closer, snuggling against his warmth, eyes closing, face looking completely serene. "Heero!"

"I'm sorry, my angel..." Heero looked at him, looking for all the universe like an innocent child, and not the Perfect Soldier that he had been trained to be. "I know that I should have told you...I'm sorry..." He wrapped his arms around the boy that he loved, pressing closer to the warth that Duo was radiating.

Duo let him pull closer, taking out a few wrapped chocolates, carefully taking the foil wrapping off of it. He held it up, looking at Heero with a certain gleam to his eyes. "Heero...do you like chocolates?" He felt Heero pull away, and his body cried out at that, but the look of loss in Heero's eyes calmed him.

Heero blushed as he looked at his angel. "Actually...I've never tried them..." He saw Duo's smile widen as he held up the unwrapped chocolate in offering. Heero felt a small grin work its way to his lips, and he opening his mouth, feeling Duo bring the treat closer, dropping it onto his tongue. His mouch closed, catching Duo's fingers slightly, and the two grinned at each other. "Mmm...you know, I could get used to trying things that you want me to...it's sweet..." He snuggled close again, content to remain near his angel for all of eternity. He jumped slightly as Duo's hand touched his chin, forcing him to look up. The look in those violet eyes was so inviting as Duo brought his face closer and their lips met in a sweet, love-filled kiss. When they broke apart, Heero melted back into Duo's arms. "I love you, Duo..."

"I love you, too, Heero..." Duo kissed Heero's forehead slightly, sighing slightly. This just feels so right...

Heero shifted slightly, looking right into those amethyst eyes. "You know...I could get used to all of this..." Smiling, he kissed Duo again, and he knew right then that he and his angel would be together forever. And that is something that I will make sure of, Duo...forever...my promise to you...we will be together forever.