By Sephiroth
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Pairings: 1x2


-Part 1-


"So, have you come up with an escape plan yet, Hee-chan?"

"I'm working on it, koi." Heero didn't like how his soulmate looked.

Duo lounged, lethargically, in the corner. He seemed to be completely exhausted, and the light in his eyes was ebbing. The wound in his abdomen was deep and needed to be taken care of. He had remembered Duo's screams of pain, but everything else was a blur. They'd both been drugged, partially awake but unable to move.

~It's my fault,~ Heero told himself, ~it's all my fault. I never should have given in that way. He wanted our first time to be special and I ruined it. But I couldn't let them kill Quatre...~

He thought back to the day when he'd taken Duo's virginity. The day he'd been forced to chose between Duo's virtue and Quatre's life. His heart ached as he remembered how Duo had begged him to stop, Duo's plea for him to withdraw before orgasm. It was a plea he was forced to ignore, knowing that the man pumping a gun in Quatre's mouth would kill Quatre for if Heero had heeded it.

"Mission accomplished," the man had stated in a detatched tone as Duo slumped forward off of Heero's softening cock.

That had been a little more than two months ago and since then Duo's health had been growing worse each day. He was determined to keep him alive no matter what, but he feared that Duo was sick from infection and would not live much longer. He was amazed that Duo had survived as long as he had with a wound as horrific as his. Most would have died months earlier. But Duo had refused to let himself die in an OZ prison.


-Part 2-

"Quatre," Trowa stroked the sobbing blond's hair. The young Arabian had been in pain since the moment Duo was first cut open. The young heir's hands were bound with his own shirt so that he wouldn't hurt himself. "It's going to be all right. Try to separate your feelings from Duo's."

Quatre shook his head. He wouldn't let go, no matter how much it hurt, he couldn't let Duo take all that pain by himself. That much pain would kill him. He drew closer to Trowa, seeking comfort even as he gave it.

Across the hall, Duo lie in Heero's arms. "Heero," he said, softly, "I need to throw up, again."

Heero helped Duo into the proper position and held his hair, now out of its braid and slick with sweat, as he vomitted. "Duo, hang on. We'll get out soon."

"I can't hang on much longer, Heero," Duo apologized. "Sorry." he closed his eyes and slumped against Heero's chest.

Gunshots in the hallway gained Heero's attention. Looking up, he saw an unexpected figure standing there, slamming a new clip into the gun she was holding.


Relena fired on the approaching guards, then tossed the keys of the cells to Wufei.

"Let's get Duo out of here," she told them. "Sally's waiting by the ambulance. When we found out what OZ was doing to Duo, she agreed to come to help get him out."

"You know what's happening?" Heero asked as Wufei opened the cells. He carried Duo, carefully, out of the cell.

Relena nodded. "Yes, Sally told me. Duo's pregnant."

Heero was stunned for a moment, but quickly gathered his wits. The oddity of the situation could be dealt with later. Right now, the important thing was that Duo needed help as soon as possible.

Racing to the exit as fast as they could, Heero and the others gunned down wave upon wave of OZ soldiers, each pilot gaining a gun with every group they took down.

Hilde met them at the door to the second basement level. "Hang on, Duo," she encouraged the braided pilot. He'd earned her respect when she'd captured him while working for OZ and had even held a place in her heart once before she had realized her true heart. Now she pined for Relena.

Relena was in love with Heero, Hilde knew. She was probably doing this to show him how brave she was. That was fine. As long as it got Duo to safety, Relena could be doing it for any reason she wanted.

They finally reached the ambulance and bundled inside.

"Help me secure him and get an IV started," Sally told Heero, knowing that he had taken first aid as part of his military training.

Heero got Duo strapped down while Sally began the IV.

The ambulance sped down the busy streets with Hilde at the wheel and Relena in the passenger seat.

Relena looked briefly over at Hilde. She looked so much like Heero, and she was strong like he was, too. But she had a tenderness about her that Relena had come to realize that Heero would never have. In the past month, as they had worked out the plan to rescue the five pilots, she had fallen in love with Hilde.

~Too bad she loves someone else,~ the young Queen thought to herself as she turned her attention back to the road ahead of her.


-Part 3-

"Is he going to be all right?"

"There's a massive infection," Sally told Heero. "I think I may be able to save the unborn child, but I can't promise anything. Right now, the important thing is to save Duo's life, even if it means sacrificing the child."

"Don't you dare," Duo whispered, ignoring the pain in his body. He couldn't let her abort his and Heero's child. Even if it endangered his life, he wanted this child more than anything.

"Duo," Heero told him, taking his hand as he stroked his forehead, "we'll do all we can to save the baby. But if you die, it'll die with you. We can always have another baby."

"Promise you'll do all we can to save the baby." Duo said, gazing up at Heero with pleading eyes.

Sally nodded as she and Heero carried the stetcher out of the ambulance and into the hospital, "we'll do everything we can. But right now, we have to put you under so we can fix you up."

Duo relaxed as an anaesthetician placed a mask over his face. His life, and the life of his unborn child, were now in the hands of the young doctor Sally Po.


-Part 4-

Heero paced the waiting room like a caged tiger. Looking up at the clock he saw that Duo had been in surgery for about four hours. They were being extra careful, because of the baby. His baby.

They had implanted a uterus, he realized as he continued to pace. Implanted it and then left Duo's abomen wide open. The wound hadn't been big enough for anything to fall out, and he'd healed internally. But leaving it open and left him with a massive infection that was a danger to both Duo and the child he carried.

Heero suspected that they'd left him open to make it easier for them to remove the child. It angered him that OZ saw Duo as nothing more than a breeding animal. He clenched his fists as he paced more quickly and with heavier steps, not quite stomping.


Heero turned and saw Relena in the doorway. "Relena..."

"Before you start telling me that this is a bad time and that you think its wrong of me to take advantage, I have something to tell you."

Heero wondered if Relena had been taking speech lessons from Duo. "Okay, tell me, but I'm not in the mood for a sermon on how wrong it is to love someone of the same sex."

"It's not wrong," Relena told him. "I see that now. In fact, I'm in love with a very nice girl. I just wish she felt the same."

Outside in the hall, Hilde paused, hearing Relena's words. Hope sprang up in her heart. Was it possible? Did Relena love her? No, she told herself, it had to be Sally...

"I'm happy for you, Relena," Heero told her. "Have you told her?"

"I can't," Relena told Heero, "she loves Duo, not me."

"Duo's mine," Heero reminded her. "And you're blind as a bat if you haven't noticed the way Hilde's been looking at you all day. All of us have seen it, even though we're so worried about Duo, we can see how much she cares about you."

"He's right, Relena," Hilde told her. "I do care for you.. I love you, Relena."

The two girls were about to exchange their first kiss when the door to the operating room opened. Sally was standing there in a blood-stained coat. Her brow was bright with perspiration and she was smiling a little despite her exhaustion.

"Duo's going to be fine," she told everyone, though her words were directed mostly at Heero. "The baby is also doing well... I mean babies."

"Babies?" Heero asked.

"He's having triplets," Sally told him. "There is a risk in the later months, so I want him to spend the last trimester in the hospital where I can keep an eye on him. "

"When can I see him?" Heero wanted to know.

"In a few hours," Sally replied. "He's sleeping at the moment. Why don't you go home and you can come back first thing in the morning?"