Gundam Wing:
A 1x2 Fic
By Sephiroth
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Ain't gettin' paid.
Note: While the event that lead to Duo's pregnancy does occur on rare instances, in the real world it usually does not result in something like this.
-Part 1-

"Don't be ridiculous, Duo." Heero said as he kissed his way down Duo's nude and trembling body.

"You can't penetrate me, Heero." Duo repeated his earlier statement.

'You won't get pregnant, Duo." Heero laughed, softly.

"Yes," Duo nodded, emphatically, "I will. I wish we could. I'd love to feel you inside me. But... Oh! No! Stop!" Duo moaned as Heero guided a lubricated finger into him. "Stop! Don't do that.. Don't... oh, Heero..." he moaned, as he began to give in to his body's needs.

"Are you ready?" Heero asked, seductively, in Duo's ear. He knew he'd found just the right spot inside of Duo. Smiling, he continued his ministrations.

Duo nodded. "Just promise me you won't come inside me."

Heero guided himself, carefully, into Duo. "Are you okay?" he asked, once his full length was inside his lover.

"Yes," Duo breathed. "Heero..."

"Just relax, Duo." Heero smiled, affectionately, down at Duo as he moved inside of the Shinigami Pilot. He reached around to stroke Duo's erection, timing.

"Oh, God, Heero..." Duo gasped, as he moved with Heero, helping him.

Heero wrapped his arms tightly around Duo's waist. "Oh, Duo. Oh, Kami-sama... I'm gonna..."

"No!" Duo yelped, trying to pull free. "Not inside me!"

Heero pumped his seed deep into Duo, then lay there, stroking the braided pilot's hair. "I love you."

"Why didn't you pull out?" Duo sobbed. "I told you, you can't come inside me or I'll get pregnant."

"Duo, calm down," Heero smiled as he kissed the boy's hair, "you won't get pregnant. Boys can't get pregnant."

"I can." Duo sniffled, as Heero continued to hold him.


"You did WHAT?!" Sally Po's face was incredulous. "Heero, didn't he warn you what might happen?"

"He thinks he'll get pregnant." Heero shrugged. "Of course, that's completely ridiculous."

"Not for him." Sally shook her head.

"I don't understand." Heero admitted. "How can a boy possibly conceive a child. He doesn't have a uterus or..."

"Yes, he does."

Heero's jaw hit the floor rather quickly.

"Duo was conceived as a twin," Sally explained. "But at some point the cells of both twins became fused and formed a single child. That's why he has an almost feminine quality about his appearance. His hair, the curve of his hips, all these things are what he inherited from his twin sister."

"And somehow her womb formed inside of him?" Heero asked.

Sally nodded. "We don't know how it managed to become attached to his anal passage, but its very small, and non-malignant, so there was no reason to remove it."

"How did you discover it?" Heero wanted to know.

Duo blushed. "I um..." he looked around, embarrassedly.

"Oh." Heero realized. "Never mind."

Duo let out a sigh of relief.