Fandoms: Gundam Wing/A Nightmare on Elm Street
Title: Untitled
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Ain't gettin' paid.
Warning: Freddy's in it... do the math!
Pairings: 2x1, 4x3
-Chapter 1-

Duo finished moving his stuff into the new safehouse and collapsed onto the bed, smiling seductively at Heero, whom he'd had made arrangements to share a room with.

"And just how do you propose we share this room?" Heero asked, giving the room a careful once-over with his well-trained eyes. "There's only one bed in here."

"Is there?" Duo feigned innocence. "Oh dear... I never noticed that." he patted the bed beside him. "I guess we'll have to share."


"Hm... " Quatre mused. "Duo, how well did you think things through before you settled on this place?"

Duo winked at Quatre. "There's only one bed in yours and Trowa's room, too." he hinted.

~YES!~ Quatre's mind cheered.

"I see," he said, aloud. "Thanks for letting me know." he turned and headed to his and Trowa's room.

Duo could hear Quatre talking with Trowa a few minutes later. He tuned them out. Right now he wanted to concentrate on Heero.

The Perfect Soldier felt Duo's gaze upon him. He gave in to the other pilot willingly, joining him there on the bed. He would always be in charge on missions unless Quatre was there to lead the charge. But in the bedroom, though he could have easily taken control, he preferred the submissive role. To be dominant felt too much like taking his work to bed with him.

Duo kissed every square inch of Heero's body, making sure not to miss anything at all. He took his time, saving the most sensitive parts of Wing's pilot for last.

Heero moaned with increased passion, his eyes drifting shut.


"Heero.....!" a voice, female and annoying as hell, called out from the entrance hall. "I'm down here. So come kill me!"

Heero felt Duo move away and grumbled his frustration. He stoically ignored his unwanted guest, and lie there, waiting for Duo to resume.

A moment later, Relena burst into the room. "Heero, what are you doing lying there? I told you to come kill me!"

"Can't you see I'm busy?" Heero sighed.

"I'll kill you... bitch," a figure said from behind Relena.

A moment later, four sharp blades were protruding through Relena's stomach. Blood ran down her dress as she slumped over, another arm snaking around her middle to hold her up as the blades withdrew.

Heero leaped up, finding himself suddenly dressed, and grabbed his gun. He fired it on the man who had killed Relena. Over on the bed, Duo lie gazing at the ceiling, apparently unaware that there was a killer right there in his room.

"Baka! Help me out here!" Heero said, as the figure advanced.

Duo continued ceiling-gazing.

The killer picked Heero up and threw him through the window.

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you." a little girl sang as she skipped by him. She turned and her skeletal face grinned hideously up at him.

Heero yelped, despite himself.

"Keep it together, Heero Yuy." He told himself. "You're a Gundam Pilot. You can handle this."

He made his way to his Gundam, stopping to catch a breath several feet away. He looked up at Wing. He could easily dispatch his new enemy with Wing's beam cannon.

The sky behind Wing looked very odd, but Heero couldn't quite make out why... until he saw the enormous hand reach down and give the proud Gundam a hard push.

Heero tried to run, but his feet were rooted in the ground. The last thing he saw was the gleaming metal of Wing's left leg as it fell upon him.


Duo shook Heero, annoyed that the Perfect Soldier had fallen asleep before they could have any fun.

Heero did not respond.

"Hee-chan," Duo lilted, "wake up. The good bit is just starting."

Duo gave Heero a firm nudge. This time Heero's head rolled to the side, and blood poured from the Perfect Soldier's lifeless mouth.

"HEERO! NO!!!!" Duo screamed.


-Chapter 2-

Quatre's screams awakened Trowa. The Winner Heir was staring at the ceiling, as if not seeing it, or as if he were seeing something else; something terrifying.

The young clown shook his aristocratic lover until Quatre came to his senses with a piercing shriek.

"Quatre," Trowa soothed, he was no stranger to nightmares, "shhh... it's all right. It was just a bad dream..."

Rashid ran in. "Master Quatre?!"

"He had a nightmare, Rashid." Trowa told Quatre's ever-faithful guard, servant, and friend. "I've got him."

"Quatre," Duo ran into the room, "you okay? I heard you screaming."

Quatre looked, sadly, at Duo. "I'm sorry about Heero, Duo. Really. I know he meant a lot to you."

"Thank you, Quatre." Duo whispered.

"What are you talking about?" Trowa asked.

"Heero died in his sleep." Duo replied, clenching his fist and trying to hold back the tears. "I don't know how or why. I tried to wake him up and that's when I found out he had died."

"Rashid, please have Heero's body brought down to the morgue. I'll have them run an autopsy first thing in the morning." Quatre offered. "Right now we all need some sleep. We're too upset to think straight and a good night's rest will help us collect our thoughts."

Duo nodded in agreement and headed back to his and Heero's... no just his now... his room. He wanted to give Heero one last kiss before they took him away.


"Trowa, do you trust me?" Quatre asked, his eyes as sweet as a newborn kitten's.

"More than I've trusted anyone in a long time." Trowa replied. "But..."

"But what?" Quatre approached with a seductive look on his normally innocent face. He reached up pressed a hand to Trowa's face, the fingers suddenly covered with a ragged old glove to which were attached four razor sharp blades. "What are you afraid of?"

The room seemed to spin with Quatre at the center of it all, his face changing until it was replaced with one so hideous he barely suppressed the urge to throw up. Quatre was also there, naked and looking oddly vaccuous.

"Don't touch him!" Trowa begged. "Please. I'll do anything you ask. Anything at all. It doesn't matter if you touch me. I'm already ruined."

Freddy Krueger laughed. "That's why I'm going to take him instead." he laughed as he shoved Quatre over a table. With a look of sadistic lust, he forced one of his fingerknives deep into the blond billionaire's nether passage. Quatre arched and screamed in pain as Freddy pumped the blade in and out of him.

"NO!" Trowa leaped up to rush to Quatre's rescue...

....and found himself standing in the middle of the bedroom.

It was the middle of the night and Quatre was lying there beside him. This was odd because usually a nightmare would awaken Quatre, who would always offer him a shoulder to cry on or an ear to speak to.

He ran out the door, not bothering to throw his bathrobe on, and didn't stop until he was banging on Rashid's door.

"It's Quatre. I can't wake him."

Rashid contacted the doctor, then followed Trowa back to Quatre's room.

"Is he...?" Trowa asked.

"Dead?" the doctor shook his head. "He's in a deep coma. He's hemorrhaging badly. He's already lost a lot of blood. I'm afraid he doesn't have much time."