Gundam Wing
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-15 years ago... exact date unknown-

It flared with a blinding intensity for most of the night. An event which at one time would've commanded greater attention but which in this age of technology and rampant unbelief was simply mistaken for some major SNAFU for which no one wanted to admit responsibility. A few gave minor thanks for the improved lighting conditions under which they could now work, but none of them realized the true significance of the binary supernova.

At the exact moment the supernova flared, a child uttered its first cry, bringing tears of joy and sorrow from its young mother. She had conceived young and out of wedlock and while she was not ashamed of herself or of her baby, she wanted him to have a whole family and to know the joys of having a mother and father who would love and nurture him. Her aunt and uncle, being more old-fashioned, had thrown her out and even the adoption she'd planned had not pursuaded them to take her back.

"My son," she whispered, clasping the silver cross she had gotten from her mother. It had been the only thing of her family's that she had been allowed to keep, "I wish only happiness for you."

As she watched the tiny infant being carried away for the last time, the young woman could not have know that fate would one day reunite them.

Heartbroken, she turned to local convent for solace, and refuge from the streets, and began to resume her long-abandoned studies there. She initially took courses as a potenial guidance counselor, but as she learned more about God, the more she wanted to follow in His ways. She feared that her non-virginal status would prevent her, but this was not to be the case.

"Why did you accept me, when you knew I had once borne a child?" she asked.

"Did you not love the child?" the Mother Superior had asked.

"I loved him with all my heart."

"And did you not bring joy to the parents who adopted him?"

"I like to believe that I did."

The Mother Superior smiled, "Then tell me, young Helen, where is the sin?"

Tears of joy and understanding trickled down the young woman's face as the Mother Superior hugged her and reassured her of God's love.

-Chapter 1-
-Present Day-

"Heero! Watch out!" Trowa's voice called out over the five pilots' shared transmission band.

Heero was about to turn and fire on the Aries behind him when Duo spend forth in Deathscythe, slicing the enemy fighter in half.

"Hey, how about a little thanks," Duo chimed up, the battle finally over "I mean, I just saved your life, you know."

Heero wanted to kiss Duo so badly he could taste it. But being in their Gundams prevented it for the moment, so he did the next best thing, bringing Wing as close as he could to Deathscythe, he moved his Gundam's arms and head until Wing was, effectively, kissing Deathscythe, eliciting good-natured catcalls from a number Duo's repair crew who had arrived at the battlescene with the Manganacs in case they were needed afterward.

"I love you, Duo," Heero told the braided pilot as they emerged from their Gundams and traded a kiss of their own. "But sometimes I'm afraid."

"Afraid of what?" Duo asked, concernedly, "That you'll die like all the others I've dared to love?"

"No," Heero shook his head, "of something worse. I'm afraid that one day I'll lose you. I keep having this dream about you that I can't explain. All I know is that I want it to be true, but I'm afraid of it being true at the same time. You're the same as you are now in the dream, but there's something different. Not physically different or anything like that. Its more I'm seeing you with new eyes again, like the way I saw you when I first knew I loved you."

"Hey! You guys coming or what?" Quatre called to them. "Dinner's in one hour so you'd better hurry if you don't want to eat it cold."

"We'll talk about it more later," Duo told Heero as he steered Deathscythe back toward the Winner Mansion.