Unexpected Rescue
By : Sephiroth

Disclaimer: don't own 'em. ain't gettin' paid.
Warnings: rape, nice Relena.
Chapter : One


Duo dropped the video cassette in the return slot. He had missed the deadline by five minutes. Five lousy minutes and now he'd owe a whole extra day. He almost considered keeping the tape one more day. Since he had to pay for it anyhow. It was an old war movie Wufei had rented and he didn't like it. Still, as a matter of principal...


Duo looked up at the man who seemed to loom before him. Not one to be intimidated, Duo leaned against the storefront. "Not exactly," he shrugged. "Though I think any movie that glorifies war is an obscenity."

"You ever rent a porno?" The man approached, hand reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a pack of chewing gum and placed a stick of it into his mouth.

Duo, expecting a knife or gun, relaxed. It was a mistake he would never forget. "No, I haven't." he admitted. "I really don't see the point. I only need my love to keep me aroused or happy. Not some film."

"I saw a porno once," the man told Duo as he pressed the Shinigami pilot against the wall that was just behind him. "It was about a boy who gets raped in a video store parking lot."

Duo did not like that at all. And he had more than a sneaking suspicion that the plot line of this movie fit the location he just happened to be in. He didn't like the knife against his throat, either.

"Take down your pants."

"You got a deathwish?" Duo asked. "I'm Shini..."

A hand struck Duo violently alongside the head. The blow caused Duo to fall spinning to the pavement. He reached for the gun he carried in his pocket, then felt his arm behind twisted behind his back. There was a loud cracking sound that accompanied a tidalwave of pain. His mind barely registered it as they took down his pants and spread his buttocks. Only the glass-shard pain of the brutal penetration of his virginal body came through the haze of broken bone with clarity.

The twin pains claimed Duo's mind and body. His body rocked back and forth in time with the rapist's thrusts. Each inward plunge tore him until he wondered how it was possible that he did not bleed to death.


Returning home from a party, Relena primly pulled her hem down below her knees. "It was a lovely party," she recalled, aloud. "Everyone was dressed so nicely and... STOP THE CAR!"

Relena's driver brought the car to a halt, surprised by Relena's sudden outburst. She grabbed the gun from her purse and ran into the video store parking lot where the rapist was still forcing himself upon Duo.

~If he kills Duo, it'll break Heero's heart. I can't let that happen.~ Relena aimed the barrel of the gun at the thrusting rapist, pulled back on the trigger, and fired.

Duo heard a loud noise and was so surprised when it was accompanied by the pain of another broken bone that it took him a moment to realize that someone had just shot his attacker.  "Thank you," he said, his voice sound terribly shaky.

Relena head the catch in his voice. Was Duo Maxwell about to cry? She wouldn't blame him if he did. That arm looked painful, and being raped in a parking lot, in full view of the road was probably humiliating. She wondered how many cars had gone by. How many people had ignored Duo's suffering?

"Duo," Relena told him, "don't try to move. You're hurt." She signaled to her driver to call the local emergency number.


"Relena," Heero said, as he picked up the phone for the third time in as many minutes. "I've already told you that I love Duo. Now, please stop harrassing me and..."

"Heero Yuy," a male voice said, "this is not Relena. This is Dr. Joseph Parker at the rape-trauma unit at County General.  Miss Peacecraft brought your friend here several minutes ago."

Heero dropped the phone and stood there as if he'd been struck.