Gundam Wing
Unexpected Response

"What a dull show." Trowa yawned. "Isn't there anything better on?"

Wufei checked the TV Guide, then turned on an old re-run of Judge Judy.

"Oh goodie." Duo cheered. "We get to watch people fight over petty stuff. What a nice change from the w...mmmph!"

"Thanks, Heero." Wufei remarked as, wisely not remarking about the method which Heero had used to shut Duo up.

"Mmmmm...." Heero replied, not pulling back from the kiss

The others watched the show and soon Heero and Duo resumed watching TV with them.

"Duo does have a point." Quatre said, after a bit. "The things that people argued about on those old shows do seem petty when you put them against what we fight for."

"Thank you, Quatre." Duo smiled, triumphantly.

The commercials during the show were various, consisting of everything from jewelry to housepaints.

"Think you'd like a ring like that some day?" Heero asked Duo during one of the commercials.

Duo nodded and murmured a quiet affirmative.

That's when Heero drew out the small velvet box he'd been hiding. Inside was a diamond ring even more beautiful than the one that had just been advertised.

Duo stared at it, utterly speechless.

"Will you marry me?" Heero asked, getting down on one knee to propose properly.

With tears of gladness in his eyes, his heart fluttering, Duo nodded, so stunned and overjoyed, he barely managed to get out the word: "Yes."

This brought a whooping cheer from the other pilots. Quatre insisted paying for the wedding, offering the use of his family's private chapel for the nuptials.

"I can give a list of some reasonably priced caterers." Trowa offered, helpfully.

"Shut up, Trowa-chan." Quatre laughed, playfully batting Trowa's shoulder. "I'm rich."

This brought laughter from all five pilots, including Trowa.


Duo and Heero exchanged vows the following Saturday. The ceremony was brief, but the following reception was elegant and playful in the way that only parties arranged by Quatre Raberba Winner can be.

Dances of every kind were danced, songs of every kind were sung. Parlor games were played. And the food was as varied as the entertainments. Champagne was served with dinner and Quatre was soon tapping his glass in the traditional signal for the newlyweds to kiss. The young couple was more than happy to oblige.

As the reception came to a close, Heero and Duo thanked their guests and wished them all safe trips home. Then, they climbed into the limo Quatre's family had generously provided and headed off on their honeymoon.


In the bridal chamber of their honeymoon suite, Heero lowered Duo onto the bed. He leaned over and kissed Duo removing first Duo's clothes then his own. Then, he knelt between Duo's legs, stroking and fondling Duo until the braided pilot was on the verge of his first orgasm. Then, kissing Duo, Heero reached over to the bedside table and retrieved a small jar of lubricant. He dipped his fingers into the jar, then carefully, ever so gently, he worked it into Duo.

"Are you ready, Duo?" he asked.

Duo nodded and Heero slipped his erection, carefully, into Duo's virgin depths. Duo lay there, trembling, as Heero made love to him, until they both climaxed. Duo's orgasm surprised Heero. Not because he'd had one, that was expected. But because it had been completely silent.

"Duo?" Heero opened his eyes and saw that Duo had turned his head and was blushing.