Gundam Wing
Two Song Dedications
by Sephiroth
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em. Ain't gettin' paid.
-Dedication #1-

The war over, the Gundam pilots had been transformed from terrorists to heroes by the five grateful colonies. Each had been made a colonial ambassador. Their friendship closed the rift that OZ once kept between the colonies.

L2 Ambassador Duo Maxwell-Yuy glanced up at the clock from his desk. He knew his duty to the colonies and hated it. He wanted to be with his husband, but Heero held ambassadorship at L1. He smiled, nevertheless. It was almost noon. Time to turn on the radio.

"...dedicated to Ambassador Duo Maxwell," the radio announced. Duo wasn't surprised about the ommission of his marital name. No one outside their group, save Relena and Catherine knew the two boys were married and Relena completely rejected the idea. They were both boys, after all. And Heero was hers... at least in her mind.

The song began, Duo smiling wistfully as he listened to the lyrics

Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river...

returning to the task at hand only when the dj concluded the dedication with "And that was 'The Things We Do For Love by..."

Duo turned the radio off and sighed. "Wish you were here, my love." he whispered in the empty office.

-Dedication #2-

"I'd rather not," Heero said pointedly. "Relena, I don't even like you."

"You don't have to hide your feelings for me just to protect that piece of street trash," Relena assured him, caressing him. "He doesn't matter any more. The war is over. We can be together now."

"He's not trash, Relena. And I'm liking you less and less by the minute."

"Heero, either you dedicate a song to me tonight, or I'll come up with some reason to get Duo arrested. You know what they do to cute boys in jail, right?"

"Hn...." was all Heero could say as Relena sauntered off.

That night, as she was lying in bed gazing at the ceiling and waiting, the dedications began. After several songs, she finally heard what she was waiting for.

".... to Relena Peacecraft from Heero Yuy."

She smiled, triumphantly. Then the song began..

You are a fluke... of the Universe....(1)



(1) Deteriorata (from a friend's Dr. Demento CD)