Gundam Wing
Six Months (A Tale of Love side-story)
by Sephiroth (

Disclaimer: I regret that none of these handsome young pilots belong to me. They are the property of Bandai, Sunrise, Mixx, etc...

Warning: angst

-Part 1-

Duo moved, seductively, against Heero, stroking the Perfect Soldier's face with his fingertips, moving his arms around Heero's shoulders, drawing him close, kissing him. He was already panting, already trembling.

"Duo," Heero drew back. "maybe this isn't such a good idea."

"No..." Duo shook his head. "its a great idea. I'll be okay, I promise. I want to feel you inside me, Heero. I want to make love with you. It'll be okay... please?"

Heero resumed the kiss, reaching over to the jar of lubricant he'd brought with him. He carefully worked it into Duo, kissing him as he prepared the braided pilot for penetration.

He pushed his erection into Duo, watching the braided pilot's expression. But he was quickly robbed of that as Duo began to nibble on his earlobe, then buried his face in the crick of Heero's neck, whispering words of love as Heero thrust into him.

Heero cried out as he came, his seed filling Duo. As he came down from his climax, he noticed that Duo was coated with perspiration and the color was just returning to his knuckles..

//Baka,// he shook his head, //you're in pain, aren't you? That's why you hid your face from me, so I wouldn't see how badly you were hurting.//

"You're sweating." he remarked.

"People sweat when they're making love." It wasn't a lie.

"It wasn't that long or that hard." Heero pointed out.

"It seemed pretty long and hard to me." Duo smirked, playfully, for a moment before another wave of pain overtook him. His face became a mask of agony, his fists were clutching the pillow, closed so tightly the knuckles were white.

//He was hurting this much before, too.// Heero thought. //He didn't even enjoy it when we made love, but he let me finish... he let himself suffer so I could feel pleasure.//

"Ai shiteiru, Duo." Heero whispered.

-Part 2-

There was so many things Duo wanted to do before he left the world, and most of them were things he couldn't do. His body was just so weak now, the pain so intense. It was a constant thing, the pain. He held it in when the others were around. When he was alone, he let his tears fall, wiping them from his face when they returned.

Quatre pulled the others aside. "He's getting worse." he told them. "He hides the pain because he doesn't want us to feel bad. But he can't hide it from me. The physical pain is affecting him emotionally. He's afraid, Heero. I don't know what he fears, I couldn't keep the connection long enough to find out."

"I'll talk to him."

Heero stood up and went into the room he shared with Duo. He went over and sat on the bed. Duo hugged him tightly. "What's troubling you so, Duo-chan?" Heero asked. "Are you afraid to die?"

Duo shook his head. "No, Heero. What I'm afraid of is that you'll be away when it happens. That I'll die without having a chance to say 'good bye'."

"Duo..." Heero began, but Duo silenced him.

"No..." he said. "Don't make promises for me I may not be able to keep. I don't want to die as a liar."

"Then let's promise to say goodbye to each other if we can before each mission I go on." Heero decided. "That way if something does happen.... if you... "

Heero pulled Duo close. "Damn it, this isn't fair! This isn't how its supposed to go! You're supposed to be happy, Duo. Beautiful people aren't supposed to die young."

-Part 3-

Four pilots returned from a mission they'd had no choice but to undertake a few days later. When they arrived, Quatre spotted Duo in the windowsill. He was sitting there, propped up against the glass, a hand splayed across one pane. His braid was draped over his shoulder and his head hung forward.

With a cry, Heero raced inside, followed by the others. He ran up the stairs, fearing the worst, and into the bedroom. He raced over to Duo and shook him, frantically. "Duo!" he pleaded, "Duo!"

Duo opened his eyes and gazed up at Heero. "I'm sorry." he whispered. "I was waiting for you to return and I fell asleep."

"Thank God." Heero pulled Duo into his arms and placed kisses all over the braided boy's face. "I was afraid you'd left us."

"There's still time, Heero." Duo reminded him. "Heero, we haven't made love in so long. Please, touch me? Let me know I'm still desirable to you."

"You are." Heero assured him.

It wasn't good enough. Duo wanted more than words tonight.

"Show me." Duo whispered, placing a kiss against Heero's lips.

Heero backed away. "It hurts you when we make love." he said, sadly. "I can't let you suffer that way."

"I'm in pain anyhow, Heero." Duo confessed. "Please..?"

Heero shook his head. "I can't hurt you like that..." he said. But he continued to hold Duo, not letting the braided pilot go until Duo had cried himself to sleep.