Gundam Wing
God Bless Duo
(part 1/1)
Pairings: 1x2

I still can't believe he did that. I don't know how its even possible. He won't give me all the details because he says it will spoil the beauty of the thing. Perhaps he is right. Still, I do worry about him. His health has gotten better in the past week. I'm glad of that. He says I shouldn't worry. He's sure everything will be okay. But I do worry. Me, the Perfect Soldier. The one who's always so unemotional, trained to be cold and unfeeling.

He got to me. Long before his pregnancy, Duo got to me. I don't know if it was the carefree way he swings his braid, or the laughter that stays in his eyes despite the pain he's gone through. He's been raped. I know because I saw it happen, and I killed the bastard who did it. At least that wasn't his first time. Again, I know this, because I was there, too. I was the one he gave himself to. I'm the one he's doing this for. It's my child he's had implanted in him.

The whole thing was the doctors' idea. They wanted to create a second-generation Perfect Soldier, one even better than me. When they brought the idea up to us, Duo just blurted out. "Will it be Heero's? I'll carry it!" We were all stunned, but the doctors decided that would be a wonderful idea. They claim its because a mobile incubator would reduce the risk of OZ or Romefeller finding and destroying the child. I think they're just enjoying the challenge of bringing a male pregnancy to term. And those SOBs risked my Duo's life to do it.

He obsessed about his appearance all the time during the second trimester.. The weight gain and the bulge in his abdomen made him self-conscious and the shift in hormones made him more emotional than usual. I caught him in tears a couple times. I'm actually not surprised. A guy capable of great joy must also be capable of great sorrow. He tried to act like a typical movie-type tough guy when I asked about it the first few times. But he doesn't do that any more. Not since I told him that its not unmanly to cry, especially with all those things he was going through.

He looks much better today. His health has improved, as I've said earlier. He's a mother now. I know some would say it sounds wrong since he's a boy. But ever since he first conceived, I've realized that motherhood wasn't about gender, but about that special parental bond that comes from spending nine months carrying that precious life within you. Duo's shown me that. A father's love is entirely different from a mother's and the love, the connection Duo has with our son is more maternal than paternal. He had the baby a week ago. C-section. A little boy named Sirki. He got the name from an old movie called Death Takes A Holiday. Guess who Prince Sirki just happened to be... or rather who just happened to be playing at being Sirki? Still, Duo likes the name and it has a strength to it that I can appreciate. Duo's asleep right now and little Sirki is resting in his bassinet near my desk. Oops, I mean, he was asleep. Sounds like someone wants his bottle.

Sirki has his mother's vocal chords.