Gundam Wing:
-Experiment 1-

Disclaimers: Gundam Wing is owned by Bandai. I'm not getting paid for this fic.

The gun used by Dr. J was created by Firia Yukishiro and appears originally in the fic "Inventions For The Common-Sense Impaired." which Firia wrote and which I highly recommend. It is used with permission from Firia (whom I thank for use of the weapon.)


Heero sat before his laptop, silently reading the message he'd received. He closed it and quietly left the house.

He wondered why Dr. J was being so secretive. Why was Heero not allowed to tell the others? Did he think one of them was a spy for OZ?


He managed to get away from the safehouse without being detected and took a bus to the place where Dr. J had arranged to meet him.

"I see you've arrived on time." Dr. J smiled as he got off a ferry. He reached into his bag and pulled on a weapon. It was a gun, but one unlike Heero'd ever seen. It seemed to point at the person using it as well as their intended victim.

"What's that for?" Heero asked.

Dr. J aimed it. "This."

Heero couldn't believe the doctor would pull the trigger. It would kill Dr. J too, if he did.

A moment later, Dr. J did just that.

"Excellent." Dr. J said from inside Heero's body.

Glaring through Dr. J's eyes, Heero tried to get the weapon back. He staggered as he advanced.

"I took the liberty of taking a tranquilizer just before I got here." Dr. J told him. "It seems its just starting to take affect." He took Heero into a nearby warehouse and tied him to a chair. "Don't worry about Duo." he smiled. "I'll be real nice to him."

"Don't you touch him!" Heero warned.

Dr. J returned to the safe-house and got into Heero's bed. It was comfortable and he was soon sound asleep.


"Trowa, you, Quatre, and Wufei head out and get supplies. Duo and I will stay behind and work on the Gundams."

Duo blinked. "Heero? I thought we were all going into town?"

Dr. J shook his head and winked at Duo. "Change of plans."

Duo's heart raced. Heero wanted to be alone with him. He was finally going to tell Duo how he really felt. How Duo knew they both felt. He finished breakfast and headed out to work on Deathscythe.


Dr. J walked up behind Duo, who was making a few repairs to his Gundam.

"Ow!" Duo complained, cutting his hand on the sharp edge of one of the internal systems.

"Here." Dr. J said, taking Duo's wounded hand and applying a first add bandage to it. "There. All better."

"Heero?" Duo asked.

Dr. J looked into Duo's eyes as he drew the young pilot closer to him.

//Heero's gonna kiss me.// Duo thought. //He's really gonna kiss me.//

Dr. J pulled Duo into his arms and placed a long kiss upon Duo's lips as he lowered Duo onto the ground unbuttoning first Duo's shirt, then his pants.

"Heero..." Duo breathed, looking into Heero's eyes.

And yes it was Heero's eyes that Duo looked into, and Heero's body that entered him and took his virginity, slowly and carefully, but it was Dr. J in every other aspect.

It was Dr. J who watched as Duo's body shuddered through a gentle orgasm, and who felt the ecstacy of the first orgasm Heero would ever have inside of Duo.


Duo looked down to see Dr. J standing there.

"GET OFF OF DUO!" Dr. J screamed at Heero. "Duo is mine!"

"What are you talking about?" Duo asked. "I belong with Heero."

"Duo, does this look familiar?" Dr. J pulled out the weapon Duo and Trowa'd had that little mishap with.

"Where did you find it?" Duo asked as he got dressed.

"Dr. J there used it on me." Heero replied.

"What?" Duo asked in disbelief. "Okay... when I told you I loved you the other day, what did you say?"

"I love you, too." came from the man who looked like Heeor.

"Omae o korosu." came from the man who looked like Dr. J.

Duo staggered away from Dr. J in horror. "oh God..." he groaned. "Excuse me." he ran over to the waste basket in the corner and began vommitting.

Heero fired the gun at Dr. J and himelf.

"Now," he said from back in his body as he drew his own gun, "Duo, do you want to press charges? This creep just raped you, you know."

"No court would ever believe him." Dr. J pointed out.

Heero glared, then lowered the weapon. Dr. J's inventions were still needed while OZ was around so that made killing him a non-option, too.

"Get out of here." he said. "And don't ever return."

Dr. J nodded and departed the safehouse.

"Heero," Duo said, his voice full of disgust at the thought of what had just happened to him, as they went inside. "Don't you *dare* day a word about this to *anyone*."