-Part 4-

"I'd like your attention, please," Wufei told everyone as the dinner had begun. "I just want to wish the new couple, Heero and Duo Peacecraft, all the happiness in the world. They deserve it and more. So, a toast to the new couple, may they have a happy life together and may their child be strong and healthy."

Heero smiled and nodded as the guests raised their glasses to him and to his absent spouse.


Too far away to be heard by the crowd at the reception, Duo emitted a final agonized scream, as his child was born, then lay there, panting in pain and exhaustion, his eyes narrowing to slits as he lie there, too weak to move, barely alive.

One of the servants had just entered the corridor to spray the potted ferns that hung near the stairwell, when she heard Duo's scream. She raced into the room to see what was the matter and found Duo lying there, the tiny prematurely born infant lying next to him in a pool of blood. She phoned the hospital, then headed down to the reception hall.


Heero was laughing and chatting with the guests when the servant approached him and tapped him on the shoulder. "What is it?" he asked.

"Duo just had the baby." the servant whispered. "You'd better come with me. I don't think he has much time left."

Heero's laughter suddenly stopped, his heart freezing in his chest. This couldn't happen! And what did she mean Duo had had the baby? How could he? He remembered the scar he had seen on Duo's body; the stitches Duo had been so elusive about. Horrified, he raced out of the room and didn't stop running until he got to the bedroom.

Heerro had seen carnage and bloodshed many times. These things went with being a soldier. But when he saw Duo's torn and bleeding body lying there, he couldn't help becoming violently ill.

The paramedics arrived shortly after and the crowd who had been at the reception watched in stunned fascination as Duo's was taken out to the ambulance, barely alive, with his newborn baby boy in his arms.

Heero got into the ambulance with Duo and the baby and held his young husband's hand as they sped on to the hospital.