Gundam Wing
Duo's Decision
(Sequel to "A Soul Redeemed")
-Part 2-

Duo opened his eyes and sat up.

"Are you okay?" Relena asked as Heero came back with a glass of water.

"Thanks, both of you." Duo nodded as he took the water and got to his feet. "I'm okay. This is just really overwhelming for me. I've never been this happy before in all my life. How much more of the ceremony is left?"

"None." Heero smiled, warmly, at his young husband.

"We're... married?" Duo could barely get the word out.


"Heero..." Duo tried not to cry, but it was impossible not to with all that had happened. "I'm sorry," he sniffled. "God, I'm sorry, Heero. I just... I really can't help it, ya know?"

"We understand," Relena reassured him. "You finally have the family you were deprived of all your life. Its no wonder it would be an emotional time for you. You have every right to cry, Duo."

"I'm a pilot. A soldier. Like Heero." Duo protested.

"Who is also crying." Relena pointed out.

"I have something in my eyes." Heero protested.

No one bought it and Duo had a brief vision of everyone holding up flashcards, like in a football game, spelling out:


which made him snicker a bit.

"Yes," Relena agreed with Heero's statement, "love for Duo. Its been there for the longest time. And now the three of us are a family."

"The four of us." Duo corrected her, looking down at the bulge in his abdomen.

"The four of us then." Relena restated. "How far are you anyhow?"

"Seven months." Duo replied. "The doctors say the baby is healthy."

"How are you delivering?" Relena was concerned about this, since natural childbirth was out of the question, given the fact that Duo was male.

"We're having a planned c-section done." Duo explained, trying not to let the fear of Quatre's warning slip into his voice, albeit without much success. "we've already set the date and time. So we just go in, I go into surgery, and in a few hours, we have our baby. Its all very simple and there are no risks."

~If that's true,~ Relena wondered, ~then why do you sound so afraid?~