Gundam Wing
Duo's Decision
(Sequel to "A Soul Redeemed")
-Part 1-

"I now declare you to be joined in wedlock," the girl performing the ceremony smiled, her eyes glittering with happiness for the boy she loved. She would not know his touch the way his husband would, but she did not mind. She knew that if she'd pushed herself on him, he would not have been happy, and she had decided that she would wish for an unhappy marriage. When the Perfect Soldier had asked her to perform the wedding, she had already accepted that he would never be her husband. But she did not intend to lose him entirely.

"What last names will you use?" she asked. "Neither of you uses your real name, and it might be difficult putting down the names you do use on a wedding certificate. You might not be able to get one, in fact, without a valid name and you certainly can't put Heero Yuy on an official document. You might as well shout "Gundam Pilot Over Here!"."

"What are you scheming?" Heero asked, hoping that she wasn't trying to steal him away from Duo, no matter how good her intentions might be.

But that hadn't been her plan. In fact, the plan she did have was something far better. It was a plan that would give two war-orphans a family.

Heero smiled, affectionately, at Duo, his eyes also sparkling with joy.

Duo's eyes were also glistening. He had everything he could ever want now. But Shinigami's shadow still hovered over him and he feared for his unborn child.

"Well, what are you waiting for, Heero?" Relena laughed, cheefully at Heero, who was still gazing into Duo's eyes. "Hurry up and kiss my new brother-in-law."

"Whatever you say, sis!" Heero Peacecraft, whom Relena had adopted as her brother, leaned forward and kissed Duo upon the lips.

Overwhelmed at suddenly having everything he'd been deprived of all his life, Duo Maxwell-Peacecraaft fainted.