Gundam Wing
Act of War/Act of Love


Every part of Duo ached as he woke in the heavily guarded OZ hospital room.

A doctor walked into the room, smiling at him. "Ah, " he said, "you're awake. I'll go tell Col. Treize. He'll be so pleased. I must warn you, Zechs is far from happy with you."

"Zechs and Treize can to go hell." Duo remarked.

"Now now, is that any way to speak about your future husband?" Treize asked from the door.

"I was just about to go get you." the doctor told him.

"What the hell are you babbling about?" Duo demanded. "I'm not your future husband. I thought Zechs was your lover."

"Did you now?" Treize smiled as he reached down to caress Duo's face.

Duo pulled back, glaring at Treize in disgust.

"Only Heero touches me." he told the OZ leader.

Treize pulled his hand back and slapped Duo. "Do not say that name again." he warned. "You're my fiance and in two days you will be my wife. Your body's already been altered internally so you will conceive and bear my child. Of course, you're not expect to survive..."

"You son of a bitch!" Duo shrieked. "How dare you?!" he spat in Treize's face, glaring at the man who seemed to think Duo's body belonged to him and not to Duo.

Treize's anger flared and he ordered the others out of the room.

They left, quietly, realizing what Treize was about to do.

"I was going to wait until our wedding night," Treize glared at Duo. "But now..." he pulled back the bedsheets and began to rub Duo's chest. He wanted to touch every part of the young prisoner, to let the braided pilot know that Treize was the one in control.

"I need to speak to Col. Treize now." a voice came from the hallway.


"Please, sir. Col. Treize is attending to matters at the moment."

Zechs glared at the guard. Treize was his lover. His. And wasn't about to lose him to a glorified street urchin. He stormed into the room just as Treize's hands reached Duo's groin.

Duo sighed, inwardly, in relief, as Treize's hands left his body.

"Very well. I can wait." Treize stood up. "We'll make that baby on our wedding night, my love. In two days."


Relena took the phone from her butler and nodded. "Hello? Zechs, what do you want?"

"I'll get right to the point. How is Heero Yuy doing these days?"

"To be honest, he's getting worse." Relena replied. "I'd hoped that he'd recover from losing Duo and fall in love with me, but that doesn't look like its going to happen. Why?"

"What if I told you Duo Maxwell is alive? Or better still, what if I helped you get him out of this place."

"What's in it for you?"

"Treize." Zechs replied.

"So this is your way of getting rid of the competition." Relena asked. "Why didn't you just kill him?"

"I don't destroy beautiful things." Zechs declared.

Relena's unspoken thought was //ben no oushi.(1)//

"Very well." she said, after a bit. "Let's have it."

"Treize is going to marry Duo in two days. I can slip you into the compound as a bridal attendee. It'll be up to you to dress the 'bride'-to-be and then walk him down the aisle to Treize. However, as you reach the alter, you will divert and usher him out to where I will be waiting."

Relena considered this for a moment. "Quatre and Trowa are getting married in two days." she reminded him. "I'm supposed to sing at their wedding. If people notice i"m not there..."

"I checked the times of the weddings." Zechs replied. "We have plenty of time. And you may even be able to offer Heero a present at Trowa's and Quatre's wedding."


(1) 'ben no oushi' means 'bullshit'.