Gundam Wing
3 Days In Hell
by Sephiroth
disclaimer: I don't own 'em. I ain't gettin' paid.
Warnings: Squick. Rape.
Pairing: DrJ/Duo (I told you it was squick)
archive?: Yes.


"Duo, don't go." Quatre warned. Something felt wrong about Duo's scheduled meeting with Dr.G. Quatre didn't know what it was. He just knew Duo shouldn't go.

"The man may be ugly," Duo told Quatre, "But I owe my life to him. He saved me from living on the streets, gave me a purpose in life. I can't betray him."

'"I know," Quatre told Duo, "I just have a very bad feeling. And you know..."

//About your Space-heart.// Duo thought. Out loud he simply replied. "Yes, I know. I'll be careful. I promise." Duo threw his coat on, then went outside and met Dr.G who was waiting for him in his car.

"So, what's the assignment?" Duo asked.

"First we're heading back to the lab. I've got dinner keeping warm in the oven. Homemade pepperoni pizza with extra cheese."

"Great!" Duo grinned. "I'm starving."

"Poor Duo." Dr.G sympathized. He pulled into the driveway at the lab and went inside with Duo following close behind. "Pull up a chair," he indicated the kitchen table, "and I'll get the pizza." he reached into the oven and retrieved a nicely cooked pizza. "There you go." he grinned, placing it on the table. "Eat up."

"What about you?" Duo asked.

"I ate on the way over." Dr. G shrugged. "The pizza's for you."

"Thanks!" Duo grinned as he proceeded to devour the pizza.

"You're welcome." Dr. G forced a smile, while inwardly he thought //Forgive me, Duo.//

Duo stood up after he was finished and started to bring his plate to the sink. He was two steps from the table when, to his horror, his entire body went utterly numb and slumped to the floor. He tried to move, but nothing work. "Help me..." he whispered. "Please?!"

Dr. G picked Duo up and carried him into the lab where Dr.J was waiting with a leer on his face.

"I beg you to reconsider," Dr.G pleaded. "You can't just..."

"It was your wager." Dr.J reminded him. "You said I could have his virginity if you lost the game."

"You what?!" Duo cried out in horror. "Quatre was right, I shouldn't have come. I trusted you and you betrayed me!"

"I didn't actually mean it." Dr.G tried.

"Why can't I move?" Duo asked, terrified. Would he be paralyzed for the rest of his life?"

"Temporary drug-induced paralysis." Dr.G explained. "You'll be back to normal in two or three days."

"In the meanwhile..." Dr.J removed Duo's clothes, pawing at each new piece of exposed skin. He tossed Duo's shirt aside and began to suck on one of Duo's nipples while he pinched and squeezed the other with his fingerips.

"Stop, please." Duo sobbed. He couldn't feel anything. He knew wouldn't be able to have any orgasms of his own or even become aroused in his paralyzed state. But the doctors didn't care about that. Dr.J wasn't doing this for Duo's pleasure.

Unlubricated, Dr.J rammed his erection into Duo. He thrust, powerfully, into the braided pilot, over and over.

"For pity's sake, I told you to use lube." Dr.G exclaimed. "He's bleeding."

Duo shuddered inwardly at hearing this. //Please, someone. Help me.// he thought as Dr.J kept thrusting in him.

"Oooh, YES!" Dr.J exclaimed as he came into Duo.

"NO!!!" Duo shrieked in disgust and horror. "Oh, God, no... "

Dr.J pulled out of Duo, then left the room.

Dr.G went over to him and held him close. "Duo, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"Please, get me out of here." Duo begged.

"I can't." Dr.G shook his head. "A bet is a bet."


Duo was awakened the next morning by the sensation of Dr.J's cock being pushed into his mouth. He gagged and retched and wanted to vomit. Still paralyzed, unable to escape, he could only lie there while Dr.J used Duo's body for the doctor's vile pleasures.

Duo gagged as Dr.J's erection slid back and forth in his mouth. He closed his eyes. At least he wouldn't have to look at his rapist.

"Look at me." Dr.J ordered, giving Duo's face a hard slap.

Duo's eyes flew open. He looked up at the extraodinarily unattractive face. //He gets uglier by the minute. Oh, thank God, he didn't come in my mouth.// he thought as Dr.J withdrew his still-erect member. //But, that means he's going to... oh please, God, not again. Please don't let him rape me again!//

Dr.J lifted Duo's legs up, hooking Duo's knees over his shoulders, then pushed his erection deep into Duo. He thrust into Duo again and again, ignoring Duo's screams.

Dr.G immersed himself in his lab work, doing his best to ignore Duo's screams and Dr.J's primal lustgrunts.

Dr.J joined Dr.G in the lab some time later. "Good morning." he said, cheerfully.

"It's afternoon." Dr.G pointed at the clock which stated that it was a little past one-fifteen. "You spent the entire morning raping Duo."

"We're going to have to kill him, you know that." Dr.J pointed out. "When the three days are up, we'll have to take him somewhere, kill him, and dispose of the body."

"That was never in the agreement." Dr.G protested.

"So, after we've been raping him for three days, you think we should just let him go?"

"We haven't been raping him. You have." Dr.G pointed out.

"It was you who brought him here and paralyzed him." Dr.J reminded him. "You're just as guilty as I am and you know it."


"Nothing." Heero slammed the laptop shut and got to his feet. "Where the hell is he?!"

"Have you spoken with Dr.G?" Quatre asked.

"He says he hasn't seen Duo since last night." Trowa replied, hanging up the phone. "OZ might have captured him when he was returning home."

"But why wouldn't Dr.G give Duo a ride back?" Quatre wanted to know.

"Maybe they had an argument?" Trowa suggested.

That nagging feeling that something was horribly wrong was back now, even more persistant.

"No... it's something else." Quatre voiced this feeling. "Something has happened to Duo. And I have the feeling the doctors are directly responsible."

"Heero," Quatre asked. "can you crack the security on the computers in the doctors' labs?"

"Piece of cake." Heero nodded. "You think Duo's still there, don't you?"

Quatre nodded. "I have a bad feeling that he is."

"Then we should storm the place and get him." Heero decided.

"Not before we know exactly where they're holding him and what condition he's in." Quatre replied. "If we rush things, we could endanger his life."

Heero hacked into the lab's video surveilance system. After checking several systems, he was about to give up when he noticed a subsystem of surveilance cameras. These were for the doctors' private areas.

"May as well check these, too." he decided. He tried a few. On the third try, he leaped up from his chair, rushed over to a trash can, and vommited.


"That filthy son of a bitch!" Heero screamed. "That lousy, rotten, dirty bastard! How dare he?! Duo is mine! He's mine!" He threw open a window and yelled out it. "DO YOU HEAR ME, WORLD?! DUO IS *MINE! EVERYONE ELSE HAD BETTER KEEP THEIR GODDAMNED HANDS OFF OF HIM!*"

"And if we don't?" a neighbor demanded, angry at being woken up from his nap.

"Omae o korosu." Heero promised.

The neighbor withdrew, deciding he didn't want to see if Heero meant it or not.

Quatre looked over at the laptop, which was still showing the image of Dr.J thrusting into Duo. Duo was lying on his side, curled up, motionless, while Dr.J stood next to the bed, holding the paralyzed pilot's body for leverage as he pumped his shaft in and out of the braided pilot. Putting a hand over his mouth, he rushed to the bathroom and vomitted into the toilet. When he was done, he washed his mouth and returned to Heero's room.

By the time he got back, Heero was tooling up for a mission. And Quatre had a pretty good idea what mission it was going to be.

"I know what room he's being held in." Heero said, his voice hard, cold, giving no indication of the emotions the Perfect Soldier now felt. He wanted to kill the doctor. Wanted to cut the man's dick off and watch him bleed to death. That would be the perfect punishment for the man who had dared to defile the virginal pilot whom Heero loved.


"You can't!" Dr.G protested as Dr.J loaded his gun. "Please, for God's sake! He's not going to tell anyone. I'm sure he'd been too embarrassed or traumatized."

"You might be willing to risk it, but I'm not." Dr.J walked into the room where Duo lay, still paralyzed, on the bed. Duo's naked body was glistening with sweat from recent sex. Dried blood and semen were caked on his thighs, and fresh semen was still running out of him, mingling with blood from new tears and old ones that had been reopened. Dr.J aimed the gun and prepared to fire.

At that moment, a bullet pierced Dr.J's arm, causing him to drop the gun.

Dr.J turned and saw Heero standing there with all the hate in the world in his prussian blue eyes.

"Omae o korosu." Heero fired the next shot at the bulge in Dr.J's pants, giving the vile man a high-calibre Prince Albert.

Dr.J wailed in agony, grabbing himself and doubling over. He looked up and saw Heero pointing the gun at his face.

"For Duo." The Perfect Soldier said, as he pulled the trigger. He wrapped Duo in the blankets. "Shhhh..." he told the braided Shinigami pilot as he lifted him off the bed. "Hush it's going to be okay now. We're going to get you home. I'm here to take you home."

"I can't move." Duo sobbed. "Please, help me."

"We will." Heero promised as he carried Duo out of the lab.


Duo and Heero walked down the shoreline of the nearby beach, arm in arm.

"Thank you for rescuing me." Duo said, for the umpteenth time. "I know I've been saying it a lot. It's just that... well... it means a lot to me. I was ...mmph!" He was cut off from any further remarks by a tender kiss from Heero.

"I think we should get married." Heero said. "How about you?"

"Oh, Heero! Yes!" Duo found himself crying for the nth time that week.

But this time, they were tears of joy.