Author's Notes: Oh, yeah, I'm *really* mad cuz I wasn't even gonna *do*
anything with these lyrics, (too hard) but the lyrics I was gonna use (BOTH
of them) were used already. Alanis Morissette: Sympathetic Character, and
Garbage: Only Happy When It Rains. Man.

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Title: Your House


Alanis Morissette: Your House

I went to your house
Walked up the stairs
I opened your door without ringing the bell


Heero sneakily runs up to Duo's house and opens the door after checking to
see that no one is home.


Walked down the hall into your room
Where I could smell you
And I shouldn't be here
Without permission
Shouldn't be here


Slowly Heero opens the door, and heads up to Duo's room. He walks in and
sits down, deeply inhaling Duo's scent. He looks a bit guilty as he begins
to sort through Duo's things, but you can still see he has no regrets.


(Chorus) Would you forgive me love
If I danced in your shower
Would you forgive me love
If I laid in your bed
Would you forgive me love
If I stay all afternoon


Happily Heero checks the adjoining bathroom. Perfect! He takes a quick
shower, and afterwards, lays on Duo's bed. Burying his head in the pillow,
Heero appears truly contented, for the first time in a *long* time. He dozes
off for a while, but wakes at the tolling of the noon bells. At first, he
appears alarmed, but remembers he has all afternoon before Duo comes home.


I took off my clothes
Put on your robe
Went through your drawers and I found your cologne


Rubbing his eyes, he gets up from Duo's bed, and a wicked grin appears on
his face. He shucks off his clothes, and grabs Duo's black robe. Alert now,
he begins his search anew. He opens one drawer and wrinkles his nose up.
This colongue must have been here *forever*!


Went down to the den
Found your CD's
I played your Joni
And I
Shouldn't stay long
You might be home soon
I shouldn't stay long


Walking down the stairs, still in Duo's robe, he starts to play all of Duo's
CDs. Passing a cursory glance over the mantel-clock, he does a double-take.
5:00 o'clock already! Duo would be home soon...


(Chorus) Would you forgive me love
If I danced in your shower
Would you forgive me love
If I laid in your bed
Would you forgive me love
If I stay all afternoon


Heero goes back upstairs to sit on Duo's bed. He makes up his mind to stay
and ask Duo...Ask him...if he had any...feeling for him...


I burned your incense
I ran a bath


Flippantly, Heero goes back into the bathroom and lets the water run, while
at the same time lighting several candles.


I noticed a letter than sat on your desk
It said "Hello love,
I love you so, love,
Meet me at midnight"
And no, it wasn't my writing
I better go soon
It wasn't my writing


Going back out into Duo's room, Heero notices a part of the desk that seems
almost hidden, with a small letter lying there. He reaches toward it, but a
sudden doubt overshadows him. <I shouldn't do this...> But Heero always goes
through with everything. Sadly, almost as with a strange premonition, he
picks up the letter. Eyes wet, he flings it to the floor.


So forgive me love
If I cry in your shower
So forgive me love
For the salt in your bed
So forgive me love
If I cry all afternoon


Sobbing, Heero turns off the water in the bathroom, pinches out the candles,
and merely sits on the bed, tears streaming down his face. At 6:00, he gets
up and leaves. A few seconds after he leaves, Duo walks in, wondering about
the mess. Walking to his room, he spots the letter. <No...> Silent tears
choke him, as a tearing pain runs through his chest. Hands shaking, he turns
over the paper. Written in typical Relena-fashion the letter is neatly
addressed. To: Heero From: Relena. Letting out a manical laugh, he said
bitterly, "I guess I shouldn't go through Heero's mail anymore."