TITLE: Waging War, Prologue
WARNINGS: None, as of yet. AU. Uh, I don't own GW. ::pouts::
DEDICATED TO: Dame Claire! :) Hope ya have a great B-day....
AUTHOR: Me, H-baka
NOTES: Thanks to Ry-chan, my *wonderful* beta-reader! ::glomps::


Quarte Raberba Winner, Lord of all the Shadowrealms, commander of countless hordes, sighed. This wasn't going how he planned it. Not at all. The human armies were supposed to stop in Arianna, not Lien! If they went there his portal would be useless, as would be his carefully-planned ambush. He had to find some way to steer them off their course... "Quarte! Do you realize where the human armies are heading?! Do you know what this could do to all my plans?!" Dammit. Not her. Oh, shadows, not her. Relena 'Peacecraft' was probably the single most powerful person in the underworld. Well, except for him. She ruled the vampyres, and she was a harsh dictator who delighted in cruelty. "Relena-sama. How goes things with the vampyres?" He asked smoothly, trying to deter her anger. "About as well as it goes with you demons, now tell me what you're going to do about all this?" She half-screeched at the end of her sentence. He inwardly chuckled. Pleasantries first, hm? "I'm sending a lesser demon horde for them to chase after --- they should follow right after it and into my trap. Are your vampyres in place?" He asked causually, feigning disinterest. If she hadn't ordered them --- She waved a hand dissimissively. "Of course they are." She said, calm once the prospect of victory was again clear. She teleported out of his camp, and he grinned. Their dark foces were going to totally decimate the humans and their allies, the forest faeries.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," Duo, a lesser human acoylate of Shinigami, whispered to his best friend, Hilde, as they prepared for battle. "A small demon horde pops up conviently right in front of our large army, and begins running. Towards a great place for an ambush. This is so a setup." Hilde just shrugged. "Duo, you're just imagining things. The demons aren't possibly smart enough to think of something like that." Duo brooded the whole time he checked his gear, worried that everyone was underestimating the demons...

Trowa Barton, commander of a rather small band of forest faeries, crept through the brush, looking for signs of any demon intrusion. He scanned the area throughly, looking for any traces of demons... vampyres. They could be surprisingly good at hiding themselves... He sighed, then ran a tired hand through his bang. There was nothing there. Not a single trace of anything. He flitted wearily back the way he came, towards the large army of human and partly faerie forces.

Heero Yuy smiled, deliberately letting his pointed teeth show. "All the better to eat you with my, dear..." He whispered softly to a young girl about his age. The terrified girl screamed, and started to run, but she was no match for him. He grabbed her arm, and laughed. "You can't escape... No one escapes me..." He said wickedly, and then his fangs sank into the pure alabaster skin of her neck, and he moaned in rapture. Being a vampyre had it's...perks.

The archangel, Wufei, was poring through tomes of knowledge, searching for anything on the elusive dragon, Shenlong. If only he could find it again! To unlock a dragon from the magical slumber induced a thousand years ago, one had to know what to do, and where to find one...Dragons had been missing for a long time from Aerth, and Wufei intended to rectify that. "Shenlong...Soon we will ride again!"

"Koi, what are we going to do about all this?" He asked, voice slightly raised in worry. "Nothing... Let the races destroy themselves... We'll still be here." A gentle, comforting one answered. "Not if they kill us... Immortality doesn't extend that far you know..." The comforting voice just laughed richly, prounouncing, "They'd never get close enough, little one, I'd never let them." The two held each other for a long time after, both silently contemplating their futures.