Title: Three Years of Lonesome - Thawing
Author: Sayuyuki - sayuyuki@hotmail.com
Part: 9/9
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Disclaimers: Not mine, ya'll KNOW!
Warnings: OOC, shonen ai, cursing, post-war, ...think that's all...
Author's Notes: OK. One more part, an epilogue, basically what happens after, then it's DONE....omg, omg....it'll really be done.


I wake up slowly, snuggling against the unaccustomed warmth. Ever since you went away, I've always been so cold at night...So cold.

I turned my face towards the source of warmth, like a radiant flower, reaching for the sun...

And then I realised it was you.

I backed away, quickly, so quickly, you might have thought I was sleeping with a rattlesnake.

The motion startled you, woke you up, and you sat up, facing me, blue eyes half-open, hair tousled...Oh my god, oh my god...I can't take it...

My throat choked up, and all I managed to say was, "H-heero?"

You stared, seemingly transfixed.

"Heero..." I asked you again, not understanding.

You ran a hand through your hair, mussing it up even further.

"Duo...This isn't what it looks like," You began, haltingly.

I laughed, and it was a choked up sound. "Heero...If this is what it looks like...Won't you stay this time...?" The last was said in a whisper, but you heard me anyway.

"Duo..." You said again, reaching a hand out to smooth my hair. Your hand was so soft, yet so strong...

"Don't worry...Don't worry...It's fine...Heero." I reassure you, gently, and you slowly trace the contours of my face.

I scoot closer back to you, and you put your arm around my shoulders, holding me, my source of warmth, my life. There are no explanations, and none are needed.

We've spent three years apart, three years alone, three years in suffering...Now is not the time.

I tilt my face toward yours, and you gently thumb my lips...I love you so much.

"Heero...I..." I want to tell you, I want to so bad...I want to tell you, I forgive you...you're my everything Heero, how could I have ever been so blind? I need you so badly...

"Shh..." You move your finger along my lips, again, shushing me.

I nod, slowly, my hair unraveling in it's braid. That captures your attention, and you leisurely stroke it, seemingly reveling in its soft, silky texture.

I lean back against you, your gentle warmth surrounding me...I sigh with pleasure.

No passion is needed for us to show eachother how much we love eachother. None...Later, later, maybe...

All is forgiven. I love you too much to let you go, ever, Heero...

Your arm stiffens, and I glance back at you...Did I say that outloud?! Oh, no, please, Heero, don't...

You loosen up again, and laugh...It's a joyous sound. "Ai shiteru, Duo...Ai shiteru..." You whisper in my ear, tickling it with your tongue.

I laugh myself, and for the first time in forever, forever...it's not fake.


Author's Notes: OK. There it is.