Title: 3 Years of Lonesome - Iris' Sidestory
Author: Sayuyuki - sayuyuki@hotmail.com
Part: Sidestory 1
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Warnings: Shonen ai, language, after-war thing, uh...Oh yeah! OOCness abounds!
Author's Notes: SCARY! Into the mind of Iris, remember she's 17, but...mentally unstable. ;) It kinda is a lil boring, for some people. Ya'll can just skip it, plus it's short. Sorry I couldn't get more out, very tired, stressed, I NEEDED a day off. >_< Don't worry, I'll get around to part 8 pretty soon...



I can't...remember much. Not a lot. Things happened. Lots of things. I tried, for Duo's sake, really, I did, but things. I mean, they happened, right?


Let me try.


There. There I am. At L2, where he was. So young, so bright. So pretty. So...human.

My hair - no, I was the same as I am now. Why dosn't he remember me? I was playing...Playing...Yes, playing.

And then bad people came. They were bigger, and older. Stonger. Yes. Bad. They tried to touch me. And do bad things. Because I was pretty...

"Hey, little girl, wanna come over here?"

"Yeah, pretty girl, c'mere!"


"Yeah, lemme touch that sweet-"

"What the fuck?!"

He came then. He hurt them, but I wasn't scared. I'd been through the Massacre of Malhari..Death in Kaelkae...Where? What? I don't remember those things...When did they happen? What...

He rescued me. He hurt them. I loved him when I met him. But I knew him before, yes! They told me so! They? ...I don't...Who are they? They...

He held me. And he said he would always love me. Then I went to a safe place. A church. It blew up like a nova, so bright, and I watched. So bright...

It burnt me, my skin, my skin. He held me. And I tried to laugh but couldn't. I loved him. He was so nice...

He cried, then, I'm sure of it. I saw him, but he didn't see me. I called to him, but he didn't hear me. They told me it was because I was dead, again, but I didn't believe them for once, see, and here I am now!

Here I am! I'm with him and he loves me! Now!

Then...there were other times. He wasn't there then. Lots of bad things happened. I didn't like it. People touched me where they shouldn't have. They hit me, too. What had I done?

I saw him. A lot. My name was Merri Nichelle. And I saw him at a learning place. It burnt up, too, and he was sad then as well. I told him not to worry, and he was surprised I was there, but he didn't know me.

I was sad. I left, and he called for me to come back, but I didn't because They said not to and usually I do what They say.

But They also told me to come Home but I didn't want to. Home didn't have Duo. Home was boring. They were not smart to tell me to come back.

They also said they needed to fix my head, but nothing was wrong with my head! Silly, silly, silly...

I saw him but he never ever remembered...

Now he does!

I came to the place one day, he was there, and I made him things I knew he liked!

He ate them, and I was happy. Then he took me a lot of places. Lots and lots of places.

He was running away. From a man named Heero. They told me that Heero was a nice man, too.

I like Heero. Heero and Duo forever and ever...I like them. They will keep me with them and I will love them both in one place.

That would be good.

But Duo is so mad at Heero, it hurts me. I know Heero did bad things but Duo shouldn't be so mean. Never, never, never...

Well, see, I remembered all that good stuff! Can I have some nice things, now?


Author's Notes: Told ya it was off-the-wall...