is my soul./

Quarte runs up to Heero and tells him that Duo is missing, along with his gundam, but you can tell that Heero isn't really listening.


After Quarte leaves, however, he shuts off the terminal he was working at and slowly walks over to his gundam. After what seems like an internal struggle, he gets in and takes off in the direction that Duo went.

/I hold on
to my memories/

As Heero pilots the gundam, his mind slowly goes over the better times that he and Duo have had. Without realizing it, his fist clenches and unclenches slowly.

/that fade
like dying

With a start, Heero realizes he can't even remember what Duo's favorite colors are, or his favorite foods. He appears expressionless on the outside, but inside, *Gomen, Duo*


He comes up upon Duo's target, and curses as he sees the melee taking place, Shinigami at the center. Angrily, he dives in, wreaking havoc amongst enemy mobile suits(1). After their target is destroyed, he turns on Duo, yelling, "BAKA!"

/but for you./

After he is done with his initial outburst, he quiets down and mutters an apology. Duo shrugs, and chatters on about nothing in particular, leaving Heero to brood. When they get back to the base, Duo heads over to his room for a nap, and Heero watches as he falls asleep. Finally, mustering up his courage, he pecks him on the cheek. Embarassed, Heero heads back to clean up his gundam. Duo pokes open an eye and smiles.


The End?