Disclaimers: Anou. Last time I was too tired to do them, but now I can! Nothing belongs to me except the poetry. It all belongs to some rich freaks from Bandai or Sunrise or something like that. Don't sue. I spent all my money on doujinshi. ;) Anou...there is some cursing in here....and shonen ai. What did you expect?! ;D ::mutters:: Don't wanna corrupt kids....::idea strikes:: Heee-yy! I AM a kid!! Oh! Ok, in that case....

I, Duo

Bitch clothed in frill---
Pure walkin' evil.
Yeah, she's got a voice that can kill
and ugly pools of limpid blue.
And you'd better run like hell
if you ever see her monstrous limo.
You might not wanna; but then you might not live to tell
of when you saw a demon stuck in human shape.
Yeah, you know, pink is her trace
but she still deserves to be shot,
'Cause I hafta look upon her ugly face.
And every time she yells, "HEEEEEEE~ROOOOOO!!!!"
I get really mad,
'Cause only I can say that.
So then I hafta act a little 'bad'.
'Teach the bitch lesson,'
the voice in my head would say.
And then I'd be ethical for a bit--but
C'mon, she deserves to pay.
I mean, there's no way she can have Heero.
You gotta admit, she's outta line
'Cause everyone knows
that Heero is mine.
I, Duo, love Heero.
Nyah, bitch!

Author's Notes: ::smothers giggles:: Ummmm...I have nothing to say...On second thought, Relena admirers---don't shoot!