Title: Hurrying Thru The Square
Author: Sayuyuki - sayuyuki@hotmail.com
Part: 1/?
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Warnings: Severe language! Liberal use of the f-word! ;) Angst! Slightly AU/After war kinda thing, WAAAAY OOC, I guess Duo and Heero kinda switch mentalities or whatever...Oh, yeah, forgot my favorite, SHONEN AI PEOPLES!!!! YA GOTTA LUV IT!!

Author's Notes: I really don't know what I was thinking when I wrote this...0_o. But...I will probably continue it, I mean I think I will, well...I really don't know. I'm kinda disappointed with it. I probably will tho. Out of principle. ;)


I'm hurrying through the square, as usual, what can I say? I don't like crowds. Never have. Something about 'em, makes me feel like you lose some of your humanity or something. God knows I have so precious little of left. Take the other day, for example, just the other day.

This kid, he's only fucking seven years old for Christ's Sake, seven years old, he gets run over by some semi or something. Or a truck. I can't remember. But I was there, I mean, I think I was. It's a little hazy. Maybe it wasn't yesterday? A week ago?

Naw, it was, 'cause I remember that godawful breakfast danish the diner served. What a piece of crap. Anyway, this little kid, maybe eight, probably seven, yeah, I think it was seven, he gets run over by this truck. Or was it car? Naw, a truck. I'm sure of it.

And I'm just standing there, outside the diner, watching. The 'meds arrive pretty quick, but there's nothing they can do. The little bugger's head was squished and all, you know? Kinda hard to make that boo-boo all better. And then they start coming around asking people if they want counseling for that. What a waste of dough.

But, you know, the worst part was I didn't even feel anything for that kid. I mean, I was like, 'Ick, gross, his head's all smushed!' But that was it. Total lack of feeling there. I mean, the kid died. But I was like, so? Kinda makes me wonder...

Well, come to think of it, I might've felt a little sick. But that was proabably just the damn danish. Must've been...

I mean, maybe I'm a little less of a monster 'cause I'm worried about my ethics - or lack of them, but I don't really think so. Either way you look at it, I'm the epitome of that freakish, souless, crazy, broken-soldier (Or useless soldier. 'Cause I'm that, too.) sterotype.

But, yeah. So I sure as hell don't need any crowds or groups or any shit like that - the stuff that kinda makes you feel like you're less of a person or something. Maybe. I dunno. I'm not feeling too well right now, catch my drift?

'S prolly all the people. Don't like a lotta people all together. But I'll quit now, before I end up circling back on my reasons like some stupid dog chasing it's tail or something. You know, that's one of the saddest things I'll ever see, maybe.

Probably not sadder than a little boy coming home from some stupid exploit only to see his entire family murdered and blown to bits, home in flames, but still, you know...I mean, it's so pointless. The stupid dog knows it can't get it's freaking tail, so what's the point of freaking chasing it in the first place? What a waste of energy. Time. Potential. Damn. I sound like him.

Anyway, like I said, the square's pretty packed. Beats the hell outta me, though. Square's usually packed, just not to this extent. Whatever, I dun really care. Social things are so pointless.

So, yeah, I'm just walking along there, good little Maxwell boy that I am (Hah! Good?! But, you did know who I was right? I mean, I left all the little hints there, you know? And if you couldn't figure it out, well, damn, I just told you. So you should know by now.) and the stupid fat ass mayor calls out to me. I try to ignore him, but damn, that fatty can be quite loud when he wants to be. Kinda like me. But, anyway...

"Duo! DUO! DUO MAX~WELL!" Yeah, I did decide not to change my name. Guess I got too damn familiar with it. A liability, I know, but who the hell would come looking for me anyway? 'Specially in a place like this. I'd always made it clear before that I was uncomfortable with opulent surroundings, still am.

"Why, DUO, look who came here to see you!" The mayor broadcasted, more like blasted, again to my hunched over form.

Damn the fates anyway for making him have such a loud mouth...

But I'm already pushing my way past the pressing crowd of the curious and admiring, richly dressed people. Guess I must look pretty under-dressed, huh?

I'm wearing my lucky jeans, probably about five years old...No changes, maybe I got a little skinnier, Heero always used to tell me I needed to eat more...

I mentally shug, putting the unpleasant memory aside. He made it clear I was none of his concern anymore.

Yeah, and I got this killer sleeveless on, (It's camo, and it reads 'Death is just a darker shade of camo' Corny, but...I like it.) it may be a little cool for it, but...

Well, fine, it's the middle of winter, but I can wear whatever I want to. Damn straight. Whatever I damn well want to.

Oh, yeah, and my feet are comfortably reclining in these totally kickin' mil reg steel toe boots...Dammit, I was a gundam pilot, better than your average Ozzie mindless creep. Why didn't I ever get steel-toe?

Anyway. He calls me over to him, and I strut on over, just for the hell of it. Gotta please that damn mayor, might get kicked outta town, ne?

He frowns a little at my lack of 'proper attire' (He knows I can dress good, he's seen me in a suit before. Damn those stupid functions anyway! But they were held in my honor, so...)

The whole town kinda views me as their little curiosity. Like a monkey. I don't care. Let 'em think what they will and to hell with 'em, hm? Yeah, that's it exactly.

So, I slouch on over, and mayor-boy's just burbling about the esteemed Lady this and the esteemed Lady that, I can't see around his bulk about who he's going on about, so I ask him what the hell this is all about.

I use nicer words, of course. I gotta a 'rep-u-ta-tion' now to keep up with. Damned hard thing to keep up with. Don't really see the point of it, but, hey, it gets me where I wanna be quicker. Sometimes.

He announces loudly, for the reporters, I guess, I hadn't seen them really till now, "Why, Duo, the Lady Relena Peacecraft, and her constant protector, Heero Yui, renowned soldier during the war, are here to see you!"

Okay. That one, hurt, I gotta admit. I mean, he told me where he was going, but...It wasn't so hard to think about it like that. I mean, Heero was gone, life went on...But now, seeing it. That hurt. Yeah. It did.

Did I mention mayor didn't know I was also a 'renowned soldier'? Yeah, but only Heero got to keep the 'renowned' title. I would just be his 'comrade'. The one behind the scenes? The prop? The one nobody notices. Heero was, and always would be, the 'prince'. Nobody cared about my pain, my sob-story, my fucking training, what I went through. What a bunch of crap. What a waste of time.

I almost walk away, but then, I remember my polite, cultivated image, and I summon up the biggest, fakest, shit-eating grin I can. "Why, what a pleasant surprise!" I exclaim, honeying my words. Making them sound so sugary sweet and so sickeningly fake.

The mayor steps aside, throwing his bulk about somewhere else I suppose, and then I can really see the 'Lady' Relena, and her 'Protector' Heero.

They really do make a good couple. Really. She's resplendent in her gown of pale lilac, so composed, so beautiful. Her hair is done up in an intricate braided arrangement. Probably cost her a pretty penny.

I chuckle drily. But when you're the Queen of the World you can afford stuff like that, ne?

Heero stands slightly behind her, but he outshines her by far. At least in my opinion.

He's wearing a suit, a freaking suit. It's a rich, dark blue, just the color of his eyes. Did I ever tell him how sexy he looked when he wore that color? I doubt it.

He looks determined. I laugh, quietly, to myself. Yes, they do make a good couple. A damned fine couple.

Sometimes I can be too masochistic for my own good.

I bow, slightly, and it looks elegant, I know. I've practiced enough, it looks should look fluid, graceful...

I take Relena's hand and press it to my lips softly. She can't help it if Heero loves her. Besides, she's a sweet kid, I...

Anyway. I grasp Heero's hand and shake it, (Smile for the cameras, folks!) with no inflection of feeling, totally ignoring him. Former lovers indeed.

The mayor is still standing there, all those people watching me, wondering why Relena Peacecraft would come and see me? Sure, I am pretty famous, damn famous in fact, but still...

"Lady Relena, Heero and I, we all go back a ways. We knew eachother...during the war." I explain, and smile briefly at the rotund, self-important man standing before me, then begin I begin walking slowly back to my apartment, Heero and Relena in tow.

The crowds quietly dissipate behind us. You know, that's one of the things I love about them rich people. They sure know how to beat it.

Damn. It's too quiet, alone with them, the memories, Relena's sharp click-clack of high heels on pavement...

We have relative privacy now, everyone's gone back inside to watch themselves appear on TV - like magic. Yeah, right.

No use hiding. Shit, this is gonna hurt.

"So..." I begin slowly. "What brings you here?"

"Oh." Relena said, smiling simply, (Damn, but she is beautiful!) "You could say I'm on a...mission for a mutual friend of ours." She winked, and I was more confused than when I had started out.

"Uhh..." I said, at a loss for words. (For once.)

Heero hung back behind us both, 'guarding' against danger. I almost laughed, really.

That was something familiar. Something I could cling to. Heero was, anyway. Him acting like this, it was almost like being back in the war again.

We eventually got back to my apartment, and I invited the two of them in. This was so not gonna be pretty.


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