Title: Hellosophy Night Begins!
Author: Sayuyuki - sayuyuki@hotmail.com
Part: 7/?
Disclaimers: GR! NOT mine!
Warnings: Shonen ai, language, after-war thing, uh...Oh yeah! OOCness abounds!
Author's Notes: Not very much at all to this part, explains Iris and Hellosophy night.



I could've grinned when I noticed Heero's bitchy reaction to Iris...Priceless, absolutely fucktabulously priceless...I bet he would've shot her if...But let's not go there. Scares me sometimes, what he's capable of...Like leaving someone alone, hurting them past all limits...Nope, don't wanna go there, either. Safe topic, safe topic...Ah. Iris.

She's one helluva girl, I'll give her that. She's a little...Well, lemme give a little background on how I met her, first. We've been living together for two years, you know. But it's not what you think it is, really.

You see, after Heero left me, I couldn't function very well. He was my life, my universe, my everything, all wrapped up nice and neat in a little box with a fucking little cutesy red bow on it.

Eventually, I ended up getting a job; only because somehow or other, Wufei heard. And he came. I never thought that-.

Anyway. He got me a job, so I worked, I started eating again, because he nagged me so fucking much I fucking wanted to blow his goddamn head off, 'cept I couldn't do that 'cause he was my friend. I think. So I did what he told me to do. So he'd fucking shut up.

Worse than my goddamn mother - but then again, I didn't have one, so...

I got a job and everything, I had money to pay for the apartment, food, stuff, you know. One day, lo and behold, when I came home, there was this 15 year old white-haired chick, sitting right at my kitchen table.

I was pretty surprised. She, on the other hand, was calmly making a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

"Hey that's my favorite!" I'd exclaimed, flustered.

"I know." She'd said steadily, then finished putting the last slice of banana on the bread, and handed it to me.

"Taste it," She'd said, "It's good."

I tried it. It had been good, yeah, I remember that much. I'd taken a few more bites, then asked "Where did you-?"

She had finished my sentence, saying, "I came from Them. They changed me. You know, I used to be a planet, a beautiful planet. I wasn't able to sustain life, but it would've been soon..."

I had goggled at her.

"They downgraded me to a human being. Becasue...because. It really isn't something you should know. But I've read their files on you. I like you, Duo Maxwell. I think I'll stay with you."

I never did figure out how she knew so much. But she was...is a little unstable. Everyone loves her for it, though. She's so cute, so childlike sometimes...It kinda makes you wonder about her past...

Anyway. I took care of her, from then on. When I moved to this rich place, she came with me. And we met Adam, and Pink, but that's another story. A goddamn funny one, to be sure.

So here we are, still living together, after, what...Two years? Yeah, because she's 17 right now...and I'm...hmmm...21, I think. Haven't checked lately, does it really matter?

I waved my hand at Heero, explaining cheekily, "She's a little loco, you know? She means to sleep with me literally, not to have sex, or anything. 'Cause she's a kid. And I don't go for kids."

He glanced at her, curled up on the leather sofa, then said intensely, "That's how old we were when we...were together, Duo."

I laughed. It was a harsh sound, it startled Iris out of her reverie. "Heero, like you said, it meant nothing. Right, Iris-hon?" I asked, to gain easy support.

She disappointed me.

"No." She said quite firmly. "You two love eachother again! Now!" She jumped off the sofa and faced me, chin jutting out, arms crossed, the very picture of little girl cuteness.

Except she was 17...Sometimes I felt sorry for her. She glared at me, then stamped her foot impatiently.

Heero's eyebrows practically shot off into the atmosphere. I stifled another laugh.

"How did she-?" He asked questioningly.

"She knows a lot of things. A little bit like Quarte." I explained.

He nodded accordingly.

Another laugh stifled. Damn. I ought to start keeping score, ya know?

She pouted some more and my heart just went out to her. "Awww, Iris, don't worry, everything will be just fine!"

"Really?" She asked, lower lip quivering, eyes huge and watery. Ugh. Last thing I wanted was for her to cry...

"Everything will be ok, Ris-chan, alright? Heero and I will have a little talk in the bedroom, so we can work things out. Then it will all be fine." I reassured her.

Hah. Work things out as in 'You get the hell out of here and leave me alone right NOW.'

She scrunched her nose up. "But tonight is Hellosophy night! You promised, Duo!"

Oh, damn. I'd forgotten. "Heero..." I ventured.

"I understand." He said, resignedly, "I'll go." He turned around and walked towards the door.

"Actually, I was going to ask you if you wanted to stay, but..."

He came back over here so fast I thought he never even moved. Guess the Perfect Soldier wanted to stay after all.

I don't know why I invited him back, but something about it felt wrong... I couldn't just leave him all alone, to wander the streets...Or to stay and wait outside...Kinda like kicking a puppy, you know? But that was it. Really. Just pity.

"Duo," He said, looking at me with those swoony eyes, "What is 'Hellosophy' night?"

I smirked. "I invite our group, the Hellosophers, over, it's my turn this month, and we talk, have a few beers, hang out, chill, you know. You can join us if you want, you know. I keep a lot of beer." Another smirk.

He actually appeared to think it over...Woah, don't let your brain go on overload, Duo Maxwell!

"Sure, why not, what's a few beers?" I almost choked again, I swear. Dammit, I hate how he can scare me so profoundly by just saying a few words...

Iris piped in, "They should be here any minute, I called Adam and Pink."

Sometimes, she surprises me by doing stuff like that...I never really know what she can do and can't...Sometimes she acts totally normal and mature...Others...Well...

Heero swiveled to face her. "Adam is this group?" His voice was dangerously tight, kinda like those old spandex shorts he used to wear...I stopped myself before I drooled, or had an...um...involuntary hormonal reaction. In layman's...oooh...Lay man...How I'd like to lay a-oops.

Um, anyway, er, amateur's terms: one major hard on.

"Yeah, whatsa problem with that?" I answered crossly, not liking te fact that Heero appeared to have homicidal tendencies around all my friends.

Jealous...jealous...jealous...Ooooh, bad Heero!

"Nothing," He answered, smiling to himself, "Nothing at all."

I shrugged, and dropped the issue. Who knows what goes on in Heero's mind except Satan and...and...well...Heero.

Almost on cue, the doorbell rang. I knew that Adam and Pink would both be there, because she was living with Adam now. Oh, how sweet, romance blooms...Feh.

Iris raced ahead of me to get it, and I smiled indulgently and let her have her fun.

We only live once, you know...

Except for Wuffie, who believes if he doesn't become strong, or something, he'll be re-incarnated as dog poo for the next 200 years. Or something like that, I hadn't really been listening to him rant...That's what it sounded like, anyway.

Iris applied the tackle treatment to both Adam and Pink at once, managing that I how don't know. Must be one of those chick things.

"Hey Duo, what up?" Pink asked me, after extricating Iris off of her.

"Nothing much, Pink, how's it goin' for you? You and Adam ok?" I asked, concerned, hoping their relationship would turn out better than my previous one had. Oh, Heero...

Adam laughed, smoothed his rumpled shirt, and answered for her. "Everything's perfect, Duo-man."

I grinned, gave him a high five, then pointed over in Heero's general direction. "That's Heero. He's staying with me. Adam, you already met him."

Heero had his hands shoved deep into his pockets and he wasn't looking at anyone...The ground must be really fascinating, today...

Anyway. I introduced Heero and Pink, they hit it off ok, started talking about hair and guns and god-knows-what right away.

Hellosophy night had begun.


Author's Notes: Another flat and blah chapter. I promise it'll get more interesting, though. Next chapter should contain some of the following: Liberal use of the word f*ck, f*cked up gatorade which gets Duo hyper - it did that to me tonite - that's why I'm writing, not sleeping. Plus it made me punch some things you're not supposed to and to make a long story short I need a punching bag and my knuckles needed bandaids...>_< Let's see, what else...Hellosophy night should be fun to write, there will b lots of drunkeness and cursing and making up and out. But not for our unhappy couple. ;)