Title: Guessing Game
Author: Sayuyuki - sayuyuki@hotmail.com
Part 4/?
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Warnings: Language, shonen ai (implied, is yet to come! ...0_o!)
Author's Notes: Hahaha! That's all I have to say about this chapter. It's pretty short I guess, and I don't feel very good about it...It's like I'm writing differently somehow or something. >_< Yuck.


I laugh at that one, laugh out loud, and my laughter is joyous and pealing, beautiful and airy.

It took years to get it to sound that natural.



The three of us step out of the warm apartment building and into winter's icy grip. Brrr. Cold.

I glance at Duo, who's in front of me, and I'm just in time to see the minute shiver that passes through his tiny figure. Damn...If only I had a coat to lend him. There goes Boyfriend Moment number 6.

We stop at the waiting limousine, and I almost whistle in appriciation. What a beauty. Sleek...Kind of like someone I knew...

Duo ceremoniously releases Relena's arm and allows her to climb into the limo before him, with a quiet murmur of, "Ladies first."

He looks at me, then gestures grandly towards the purring black limo.

"Go on in Heero, I promise it won't kill you. Really." He says with another artificial smile for me.

I brush past him and whisper into his ear, "You can't keep pretending nothing happened, Duo." Then I slide into the car with practiced ease. Relena happens to really like limousines.

Following me, cool broken, movements jerky with rage, he slams the door shut. Hard. His knuckles are white and shaking.

As soon as the car starts moving, he grabs my arm tightly and growls to me quietly, so Relena won't hear, "Yes I can, you bastard."

I don't argue. He'll come around eventually, and I'll wait as long as it takes. Besides, he hasn't even heard what I have to say to him. What I've brought to offer him. Well, more like tempt, but still...

The limo arrives quickly at Bahama Breeze, but I'm acutely aware of each small, silent fidget Duo gives.

He seems more controlled, though. Actually, the word I'm searching for is contained.

Ever since Relena and I arrived he's been so...polite. It's almost scary. No rude questions like, 'What the hell are you doing here?!' No 'Fuck off, bastard, and get the hell out of my life,' No nothing. He seems more subdued.

The old Duo I knew would've been jumping up and down by now trying to figure out what we were here for.

But this wasn't the old Duo, I reminded myself sharply. I changed that. It's all my fault. He'd still be carefree and happy if it weren't for me. That part really hurts the most.

He opens his door smoothly and walks around to the other end of the limo, not even waiting up for me. He then opens Relena's door courteously for her.

I was getting a little sick of it all. When would he end the farce, give up this Duo-that-was-not-Duo act?

I sigh tiredly. This wasn't going at all like I had planned it. Duo wasn't...Duo anymore. He'd changed...a lot, aparently for the worse.

/What can you expect Yui, you fucking abandoned him! What's he supposed to act like? Was he supposed to wait around for you? To sit in that damn apartment where you left him until you decided to come back? He's rich and famous now, obviously. He's gotten over you. Give it up./

My pessimistic side was back from vacation. Damn.

No, I won't give him up. Ever. I love him. It took me three damn years to figure it all out, what it all meant, why I felt so empty, but now that I have, I'm not leaving until he comes with me. I love him. I can't live without him.

/Well that's a lie now isn't it? Because you've got along just fine for three years, right?/

I swear, one day I'm going to strangle that evil little voice.

Resuming my leisurely walk towards the entrance, I glance up and chuckle quietly at the fake palm trees. How charming.

For once, Duo walks with me, not in front. He might not be walking beside me, Relena was in the middle, but I could live with that. For now anyway.

A waiter leads us inside, and I inwardly gasp at how much it must've cost to build the place.

Everything inside...mahogany. My God, it must've been millions, for the structure alone!

That wasn't even counting the endless stream of original art on the walls, sculptures in alcoves.

Wow...I thought dazedly. Relena just might have taste after all. But, of course it was Duo who'd picked it, Relena had only agreed.

The waiter, Adam, (I could tell from the name tag.) grinned at us as he led us over to our table.

"Here we are, table for three, I'll be along shortly with the menus." He said, with a french accent. It figured.

Relena frowned slightly and I wondered why. Oh yes...I'd forgotten. My eavesdropping...Table for three? And Ruari was supposed to be here. Had Duo lied to us both?!

Duo sat down in his chair with feline grace, and at that moment, I ached to hold him. I missed him so badly...

"Ah, yes. The table for three. I will explain." He said with a mysterious smile, then lowered his voice even further.

"You see, in reality, Ruari B. Malachai is right here in this restaurant with us. Right now. Can you guess who he is?" He asked with a mischevious glint in his eyes, the first genuinely happy emotion I'd seen him express.

Duo crossed his arms expectantly, and leaned back in his chair.

Relena gave a little gasp, and squealed. Ouch. My ears.

"Really?! Oh my gosh! Where is he?!" She started looking around wildly, under the table, the ceiling, everywhere.

I snorted. Yes, I'm sure the famous Malachai would be on the ceiling, waiting to drop in. Really.

"Really." Duo said, eyes sparkling with mirth.

I had a sudden sneaking suspicion, and glanced over at him. He winked.

Oh-my-God-he-freaking-winked-at-me! Maybe this wasn't as hopelessly one-sided as I'd thought.

"Found him yet?" He said with a lazy drawl to Relena.

She turned towards him slowly and smiled at him. "Yes, I have. I know exactly who he is, Duo."

She had the exact same thought I'd had.

"Is it...Adam?"


Author's Notes: Hahahaha! Oh yeah. Surprised you there, I'll bet you thought Relena and Heero-darlin' were smarter than that. Well, they're not. Feedback welcomed!