Title: Three Years of Lonesome - Fun
Author: Sayuyuki - sayuyuki@hotmail.com
Part: 8a/?
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Warnings: Shonen ai, language, after-war thing, uh...Oh yeah! OOCness abounds!
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I was a little weirded out when I first saw Pink - her hair was apparently how she got her name.

After Duo introduced us though, we started talking right away. I never thought I'd have so much in common with a girl whose style blatantly screamed 'Punk' - or was it 'Goth'? -Duo would know.

I furtively glanced over in his direction, to see how he was doing. Of course. To see if he was ok. Not to stare at his...

"Okay everyone, instead of beer at first, we're gonna have Gatorade!" He announced brightly, right then.

Pink swiveled around so fast I could barely see her move.

"WHAT did you say?" She asked dangerously, and I readied my gun, just in case. You never knew...

"Ummm...Well...IRIS!" he yelled nervously by way of excuse. Pink instantly relaxed.

"Oh...for Iris...But we'll have beer after that, right, Duo." She stated, rather than asked.

I could tell she obviously adored Iris; it seemed like everyone did. I frowned a bit.

"Um...Hey, Heero, lose the suit, ok?" He asked me, and I glanced down at myself. I'd forgotten I was wearing it.

I would have if...but. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Ah, Relena didn't...I mean..."

He scowled. "Relena didn't even tell you that-? Damn. Well...Some of my stuff is proably your size...C'mon."

Adam winked at me, and Pink whistled.

"Going to bed ALREADY? Dammit, remember, tonight is HELLOSOPHY NIGHT, not screw your friend silly night!" She yelled after his retreating back.

Duo turned around and glared at her. His cheeks were a bit red, I noted with surprise. Did that mean he still-?

"Pink-" He started angrily, but then thought the better of it. "You never do anything I say...What was I thinking?" He ended resignedly.

"Hell yeah, partner." She laughed giddily. Minutes before she'd been dead serious - Duo seemed to have the ability to make anyone relaxed...happy.

"Come on Heero. We'll leave these two lovebirds alone." He told me with an easy grin, and I almost melted into a pile of gooey mush.

We walked back toward his room together, Pink and Adam calling out suggestive phrases at our backs.

He opened the door noiselessly, proving that, beyond a doubt, he still retained his former skills. But I hadn't lost them, either...

I inwardly gasped at his bed...Oooh...Black-satin-oh-my-God....I will not hyperventilate, I will not hyperventilate...But damn. What a bed for-

"Heero? You alright?" He asked concernedly, waving a hand in front of my face.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I managed to say, barely forcing the words out.

"Ok...You just kinda spaced out there for a while." He said with a familiar grin. He better quit doing that...Unless he wanted a mess on the carpet. In that case...

"Here is is!" He announced, pointing grandly over to an antique clothes dresser. It was huge.

"Is that for all...your clothes?" I stammered, amazed at the size of the goliath piece of furniture.

"Nope." He said matter-of-factly. "That's only for the casual stuff." Then he gestured to an immense wardrobe, equal in size to the other.

"That's for my suits and dress clothes."

My eyes bulged. Damn, he must really love to shop. But then, with a start, I remembered that he always had - I'd just never noticed. Always too damn busy with that goddamn laptop...I sighed.

Duo looked over at me, but said nothing, maybe he was afriad to ask. He then bent over and opened a bottom drawer.

I licked my lips...I would give all the laptops in the world to see that again.

"Ok...Let's see...These are pretty baggy on me, they'll probably fit you. I mean, they might be a bit short, but..." He shrugged, a quirk of his lips. "I'm sure you'll live. Here's a shirt..." He said, mumbling, bending over once again to retrieve the aforementioned item.

I felt faint. Yummy...

He held up the shirt to me, thinking aloud. "Huh. I think that'll fit. But I bet you'll great in it." He blushed furiously, then said quickly, "I mean, a helluva lot better than I do in it. You know."

Internally, my heart sung. He still thought I looked sexy...Maybe he might be willing to forgive me if I...I ended the thought quickly.

It was a loose shirt, light blue in color, no decoration whatsoever. Whatever - he would look amazing even in a freaking potato sack.

He tugged his tie off in a loose motion, and laid it on the dresser.

My heart sped up. Oooh...More, please...

"You can take the bathroom - past the kitchen, the hallway on the other side of the living room, end of hall." He said with paracticed ease.

I nodded a thank you, then walked out of the room.

When I walked back into the living room, Pink and Adam were lying on the couch, kissing passionately.

My face burning, I moved past them without a word. Adam looked up at me, and
broke free of the liplock.

"Hey Heero! That didn't take too long!" He said, grinning from ear to ear.

I stammered.

He winked, then went back to his previous occupation.

"Aren't you concerned about Iris?" I asked curiously.

Two indifferent middle fingers were my only answer.

I shrugged, then went to the bathroom, quickly and efficiently changing. It only a minute; I wanted to see Duo's casual outfit, and I hoped to God it was something sleeveless...or shorts, shorts were good.

I entered the living room again, Duo was sitting on the couch, talking to Adam and Pink.

Oooh...Nice. He was wearing loose pants with a short sleeved shirt, hair down in a ponytail instead of braid...Oh God, he was beautiful.

When he saw I was there, he jumped up and strode over to me, holding his arm out expectantly.

I looked at him in confusion.

"The suit, Heero, the suit." He explained impatiently.

"Oh." Was my eloquent answer.

I gave it to him, and our hands brushed. I shivered involuntarily, and he looked at me quizzically.

"It's cold in here." I said by way of plausible explanation.

He smiled, then turned around and asked Adam to get up and fix the temperature.

Adam was just getting up when Iris raced past him and disappeared into the darkness of the hallway.

"Got it!" She exclaimed, voice floating out from the darkness.

Duo smiled again. Beautiful.

"She's so sweet..." He said happily, then raced over to his bedroom. When he came back, he didn't have the suit.

He was also flushed and breathing heavily. Damn, don't GO there, Yui.

"Ready for the Gatorade?" He asked, eyes shining with unusual brightnes...Uh-oh.

Apparently Pink and Adam noticed too.

"Eh...Duo?" They asked nervously.

He laughed loudly. "Gatorade is GOOD!!!! Right Iris?!"

She grinned up at him. "Yeah, Duo!"

He patted her fondly on the head, and I briefly envied her. But only briefly.



As soon as I made my proclamation, I grinned insanely, no doubt scaring the crap outta Adam, Pink, and Heero. However, my little 'Ris-chan wasn't as easily daunted. She grinned easily back at me, confident in my sanity and love. Not necessarily in that order, though.

God...Her sunny smile was so beautiful and innocent, childlike...I would fucking kill the bastard that ever hurt her.

I grinned even wider, knowing I would be able to protect her, and that there would never be anyone who could hurt her, not like Heero, not like when he...No, never. No one would ever be able to mar her perfect innocence. Not while I was still around anyway.

Adam cleared his throat nervously, breaking my beautiful reverie. "Duo...Ah..."

"Oh, don't worry, Adam! I'll even make it myself, you won't have to do anything!" I said, stressing the anything, and pretending not to notice the way his eyes suddenly bulged. Or the way his mouth dropped open. Or the fact that he became paler than a ghost on Halloween - nope, not at all.

"Duo! Don't you think you should give Iris a chance to make the Gatorade?!" Pink desperately suggested, face white, hands shaking a bit. Aw, darn. Looks like memory of my last little...fiasco with Gatorade had finally kicked in.

I pretended to think about it, noticing in my peripheral vision the ever-cute couple sweating. Heero was impassive, as usual, though he had been a lot nicer lately...

"Nope! I always make the Gatorade! Iris just likes to put the water in!" I shouted cheerfully. "It'll only take a few minutes anyway. Why don't you all wait out here, in the living room, and talk a little? Me and Iris 'll be in the kitchen making it." I added, with a cute smile that would have made even the most cold-hearted of Oz bastards melt.

They folded like a stack of cards. Weak, no challenge these days, not like when Heero was around...I was just too damn cute for my own good. Yup, too fucking true...

They three of them sat down quietly and without further protest on my beautiful leather sofa. I shook my head slowly. No challenge at all.

I looked over at Iris. "C'mon girl, let's get to making that Gatorade!" I said enthusiastically to her, making her entire face light up.

"Really?" She asked happily.

"Yeah, really, 'Ris-chan!" I said, then raced over to the kitchen in my socked feet, loose hair flowing down my back. I really love my hair...But sometimes it's just a bitch.

I was pretty sure I could feel Heero's stare on my back. Goddamn, what was up with him anyway?

When we got there, I skidded to a stop, and Iris almost plowed into me.

I patted her on the head again, then quickly pulled out my handy 10 gallon mix of Strawberry Kiwi Instant Gatorade Mix...Yummy.

"Ok!" I announced to Iris, as she stared intently at the container, head cocked to one side.

"Let's see..." I said, reading aloud. "Four scoops makes one gallon. Huh." I scratched my head, then absentmindedly asked Iris to pull out my gallon pitcher.

She grabbed it from one of my miscellaneous cupboards, and I silently applauded her. This was obviously one of her better days.

"Alright, Iris, do you want to put the scoops in?" I asked her nicely.

She shook her head however, as always, and stubbornly maintained, "I do the water, Duo! You should know that!"

I sighed and muttered good naturedly, "Can't blame a guy for trying, huh?"

She giggled and watched me dump in four heaping cupfuls.

"Ok, Iris, I'll let ya have a crack at her. Just fill the water up to near the top." I said with a slight smile. Iris didn't need any encouragement.

Right away, she picked up the gallon pitcher - was it a gallon? It looked a bit small...She then placed it carefully in the sink and turned the water on.

I turned away, facing the kitchen entrance, and strained to hear what Heero and the others were discussing. The running water was too loud a static, though. Just as I was turning back to Iris, I thought I saw her dump a little something extra in there...I had to be mistaken. Iris would never do anything like that.

"Perfect!" I exclaimed, grinning at her.

She blushed at my compliment, then wandered back out to the living room, job done. I didn't mind. It gave me a little bit to think about Heero - how I would handle his obvious intention of getting together again. At least that was what I think he wanted.

I pulled a plastic spoon out of one of my drawers, and lazily stirred the mix. Apparently, he now had an interest in me - I hadn't missed how he'd stared at me as he'd come out of the bathroom.

He hadn't looked so bad himself, either...I blushed. Dammit, why did I always have to do that? Hell, I was a fucking street rat, nothing should phase me...I growled imperceptibly, stirring the poor Gatorade to death. Damn. Did this mean I was getting more gentle? More refined? Fuck.

Maybe it was just a stage I was going through, just some fucking...something. Yeah. That was it. Just...something.

But...what would I do about Heero? Did I really want him back? I mean...I loved him three years ago, but...things change, right? Did I hate him? I shook my head quickly. Nope.

Of all the things I felt for Heero Yui, hate was not one of them. But - then. The $60,000 question is...Could I ever take him back?

Fuck. I didn't know. I stopped stirring the Gatorade, it looked just about done.

I grabbed five glasses from under the sink, then poured the Gatorade, all the while thinking about what I would do with Heero.

"Iris!" I called into the living room, after I was done. She came running, and I handed her two full glasses.

"Please take these out there for Adam and Heero, ok?" I asked her gently. She loved doing errands. I watched carefully, to make sure she went at a more sedated pace than she'd come in with...She didn't disappoint me.

I managed to grab the other three, and headed out there myself.

Heero looked up at my entrance, and I briefly cursed myself for giving him a blue shirt. Damn, how could I forget? He looked so fucking good in blue.

His eyes...Damn, I was drowning in his eyes. God, he looked so good...So touchable. Like a teddy bear or something, someone fuzzy and warm and nice and...Fuck. Why do I keep thinking-? He hurt me.

"Here's the Gatorades!" I yelled, and everyone winced. Even Iris. Hey, so I have a somewhat high voice? Fuck that.

I handed everyone their glasses, then took a long sip. I immediently spit it out, coughing and choking. Shit.

Pink looked ill, Adam was pale, even Heero looked a bit shaken. Iris was her usual self. Damn. Go Iris.

"Damn." Adam vocalized for all of us.

"What the fuck did you put in there, boy? Pure fucking sugar mixed with fucking alchohol? " Pink asked accusingly, wiping her face on Adam's shirt. Ah, how damn romantic...

"Damned if I know!" I yelled, making a face at the incredibly sweet/sourish taste. "This shit is worse than fucking sticky fucking cotton candy with fucking sour gummy worms on a fucking humid day!" I shouted, waving my arms up and down to illustrate my point.

Fortunately, I'd previously placed my glass on the coffee table before I'd started my little routine.

"Hey!" I suddenly thought aloud, startling everyone yet again. "I like that kinda shit!"

"NO!" Pink lunged for my glass, but it was too late. I'd already taken a huge swallow. I made noisy gulping sounds as I drank the entire glass down and Adam started to turn green.

"I'm scared now..." He whispered to Pink, glancing furtively over in my direction.

Yup, I was totally fucking crazy. This shit wasn't so bad after all, I thought, then put the glass down, wiping my mouth on my hand, and smacking my lips together.

Yup. It really wasn't so bad...Once you got...used to it...




I watched in morbid fascination as Duo downed almost the entire glass of pink Gatorade in one noisy swallow.

I was almost salivating, watching him like this. One more...Gulp. There. He was done. He wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand, then smacked his lips...Dammit, he was so sexy, and he didn't know it...

He looked kind of dazed, and I couldn't blame him. I'd felt a bit queasy, and all I'd done was take a single sip.

"Whut the hell? Whut's goin on...? Who turned all the lights off!" He yelled in puzzlement, then attempted to get up. I say attempted because as soon as he rose, he pitched forward, and would've hit the sharp glass coffee table - if not for my sudden leap off the ever-beloved leather couch. I barely managed to catch him.

Kneeling on the floor, I easily stood back up and made my way back to his couch - he weighed so little now...

Adam and Pink were staring, Iris was laughing...Iris was laughing?!

Wha-? I sniffed the air experimentally, just to confirm my suspicions. Alchohol, I was right. I glanced over in Iris' direction, and she...winked at me?!

Oh Dear Lord...What had Iris done?! How much alchohol had she put in there, and why hadn't I tasted it initially? I sighed, then glanced over at Pink and Adam...

"Adam, Pink...Iris. Would you all mind leaving a bit early...? I think the Gatorade's hit Duo a bit hard..." I said, with a straight face, ignoring Adam and Pink's sudden fit of giggles.

"Yeah...::giggle::...Sure! Get him safely off to...::giggle::..bed, now, ya hear?" Adam called over his shoulder as he slowly made his way over to the door, Iris and Pink in tow.

I heard them slam the door, but I was too focused on Duo for it to really register.

"Duo..." I whispered. "Duo..."

He looked up at me from his comfortable position in my arms. "Whatcha want...Heeeeroooo?" He asked, slurring my name in a sad imitation of how Relena used to act.

"Duo...I want you to know that I still love you...I want you back, Duo. I made a mistake and I want to make up for it, please..." I implored him, staring deep into his mesmerizing pools of clear amethyst. It might not be the best of times, but, he needed to know how I felt...He needed to know.

"I knooow...I wuv you too, dearie Heee-chaaan..." He said, burying his face in my shoulder, still laying in my lap.

He wrapped both his arms around me, and I froze, barely managing to breathe. God, it felt so right, so beautiful, so perfect...Was this heaven? ...If not, God had better start on some home improvement...

I brought my attention back to the precious bundle in my arms, curled up there just like it was where he belonged...

Which was a complete axiom.

He shifted, moving his arms around to encircle my neck, and whispering into my ear, "My hero...My Heero."

I shivered deliciously.

God, he was so beautiful, so ethereal, so...I sighed, transfixed at the sleepy contentment showing openly there in his eyes.

"Heeeero...Kin we goto beeed nooow...." He murmured against my shoulder, and I obliged him immediently by holding him in my arms and making my way easily over to his room, with the magnificent bed, not that I'd be using it tonight...I could always take his much beloved leather couch...

I laid him down gently upon the satiny surface, and prepared to turn around and go, when he rose up quickly and pulled me down next to him onto the bed in a tangled sprawl of limbs.

Surprised, I faced him. "Don't go..." He whispered. "Please don't ever go..." His voice had suddenly become steady, surprising me. I'd thought he was drunk...?

His eyes shone luminous in the dark, and I wanted to kiss him...But now was not the time. He needed my comfort and support, not the lust I felt whenever I saw him...

Instead, I twisted around to face him, and gently traced the contours of his face. I put a hesitant arm over his now-thin chest. I could feel every rib...Oh, Duo...I had to make it all up to him, somehow. Somehow.

When I noted no audible protest, I laid the other there, so that they were interlocking. He was so very beautiful...I couldn't believe he was letting me do this...

I could feel his heartbeat there, steady and wonderful, and then slowly, ever so slowly, his shallow breathing, indicating sleep, and everything was so secure and beautiful, like we'd always be together, forever and ever...

This time I wouldn't screw up...

With that thought in mind, I tightened my grip, carefully, and held him, drifting off to a sweet sleep, no dreams needed because I held one.


Author's Notes: I'm sorry, :( , I kno it moved too fast an sounded like crap, but I'm stressed (as usual!) so it was written quickly...

Btw, some story notes: No, gatorade mix does not come in strawberry kiwi, only lemon and orange. Also, it is entirely plausible that Duo could've really hurt himself falling, I've had to get stitches beacuse I've leaned to far back in a chair and it toppled and I hit a glass coffee table.