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Title: From A Distance

I watched over you
as you slept.
I touched your face
and my desire grew.

But I turned my head away
for you were innocent
and I was not.
And the words I longed to say

They remained locked inside.
I could never tell you-
I could only watch
But everytime I didn't, a piece of me died.

So now I'll leave
And maybe someday
We could be together
Or so I'd like to believe...


I heard you when you came
I felt you touch my cheek
And a lonely tear; Rolled down my face
for all I'd never have; like the rain

And saw you turn your head
away from me; Then I knew
you didn't love me. And I wished
for all the things that you have never said.

Even though I knew;
I'd still follow my He(e)ro to Hell and back
I'd do anything;
Anything but lose you

I guess I'll love you from
a distance; Longer and longer
until you fade away; Leaving my heart
scarred, bleeding, and pumping to a fractured beat.