Title: Dreams Suck

Disclaimers: None of this is mine except for the story. So don't sue! Remember the NO. 1 rule? Students don't have money. Only thing you'd get would be some battered doujinshis. And a stuffed crab.Thats multicolored.

Authors Notes: Hmmmmm....Been a while since I last wrote, ne? Anyways, this ficcie idea came up months ago but I never had the mood to do something with it till now. I must say, it surprised me the way I ended it...I soooooo bad wanted to make it angsty and evil---BUT I DIDN'T!!!!!!!!! ::dances for joy:: (When you're as screwed up as I am, you start to appreciate small non-angst stuff like that)


The words were spoken softly, but were tainted with the promise of impending menace. "Who are you Maxwell?" She had cornered him in a dark alley---if she so chose, she could dispose of him and no one would be the wiser. Until Heero missed him. Then all hell would break loose. And he knew she did not want that. Interrupting his train of thought, she asked once again, not working not nearly so hard as to control her voice and make it more pleasant-sounding. He found it all vastly amusing. Choosing to reply, he uttered, "It really isn't you who should be asking---Relena." She took a small step back, and laughed. "So you saw through my disguise? No matter. Even you--a trained gundam pilot--cannot contend with a bullet lodged amongst your ribcage." "True." he answered. "So tell me, truly, who are you? And while you're at it, tell me, why do you lust after my Heero?" she spoke arrogantly, confident that he would give in, relent, and tell her. He kept his silence. She whipped out a gun, and pointed it at him unwaveringly. "Tell me." She growled, her voice iron and steel, so unlike the Relena everyone else knew and respected. "Very well. I'd rather not have a large hole blown out of my lungs..." "Damn straight." She countered. "I am Duo Maxwell. A gundam pilot. Age: 15." He almost chuckled at her enraged expression, then thought morbidly, //I am the god of Death, the only god. I am// "Shinigami." Half-whispered, it was a hard phrase to catch, but still, che heard. "Shinigami?" she muttered, voice disgusted. "Yes, I suppose it would fit you." //It fits me more than you will ever know, mortal woman. More than you can ever fathom.// He continued, enjoying the sensation of watching her face turn redder and redder, "And as to why I "lust" after Heero, its because I love him. I love the way he reassures me when I'm frightened, kisses me, I love everything about him. And he loves me back." Eyes narrowing to mere slits, she whispered, "No...No, it's not true! The Heero I know loves ME! ME! I'M THE ONLY ONE HE LOVES!" He watched her impassively, thinking only, //I'm sorry, Heero, that I'll never get to take you to my home colony, L2, like I promised I would. I'm sorry for all the little arguments we've had, sorry for all the times I should've said something and didn't. Ai shiteru. I'll love you forever.// She set the gun's sights on Duo Maxwell, beloved of her beloved, and fired. Twice. Both bullets shot him, both in the chest. As he fell toward the dingy, dirt-scuffed ground of the alleyway, his eyes were wide open and unseeing. He seemed to fall in slow motion, or so it seemed to the terrified girl, who was sobbing with wild abandon. When he finally hit the ground, his eyes slammed shut, and his soul whirled up on its way to the abyss. In his last moments, Duo Maxwell had not thought of the hundreds of lives he had taken, or of the sorrow he'd inflicted, he had thought of all the good times he and Heero had had together. He died loving Heero. He died knowing he should not have been killed here, by a lovesick jealous girl, no, he should have been killed in Deathscythe---destroying enimies as he himself was destroyed. But that is not the way it happened. But he made peace with the fact, and departed on his way, not lingering behind. And she continued to wail, even after the ambulance came. Even after when the man said there was no hope---the boy had been killed on contact. She continued. Heero awoke, sweaty, from the ?dream? (no, it had to be a nightmare) and immediently sought affirmation that Duo Maxwell was indeed in the land of the living. He wrapped his arm tighter about Duo, and nuzzled the back of his neck. Duo mumbled, "Hee-chan, its only 7:00, there's at least 3 more hours of good sleep left..." Satisfied, Heero relaxed, and slowly drifted off to sleep...(Just as this baka author is about to!)

Author's Notes 2: God, it's about 1:00....Normally I stay up tons later, but for some odd reason this took all the energy outta me, what with my parents almost-waking-up-and-coming-in-here every 10 mins! Bleh. Hope ya'll liked it ::tired grin and thumbs up sign:: Sorry bout the suspense and junk......::topples into bed::